Our Bacolod getaway wouldn’t be so much exciting if we didn’t put Guimaras on our way. Even though Guimaras is a separate island east of Negros Occidental, it didn’t stop us from journeying to a resort which our friend, Cai, is managing, Nature’s Eye Resort. It’s been months since he invited us to go to the resort but December is the only time we will be visiting. We’re actually hoping to see him there, unfortunately, our schedules don’t match but time and experience aren’t wasted.

Nature’s Eye Resort

Nature’s Eye Resort is a beach resort by the coast of Nueva Valencia in Guimaras with a few cottage villas but with definitely amazing sceneries and views especially the ocean plus the sunset. Once you get there and see the surroundings, the tiring travel on getting there will surely be forgotten. The resort is also standing the cliff so you’d get to see spectacular views of the ocean, the surrounding seas, and lands.
Coming from Bacolod, we headed straight to Guimaras so you can imagine how much time we have spent just to get to the resort. When we’re near the property, we were picked up by one of the resort’s staffs, Brando, collected our bags and lead us to the resort. From the pick-up point, there will be a short trek (8 to 10 minutes).
We stopped by resort’s dining area for a short break and rest. The dining area also serves as the customer lounge so we waited a bit here as they are still preparing the room and making sure that everything’s clean and working okay. After a short while, Brando leads us to our room where we will stay, the Cliff Cottage.

Cliff Cottage

The Cliff Cottage is a simple yet very spacious room that is standing on the edge of a cliff, hence where it gets the name. It comes with a wardrobe cabinet, a king-sized bed, a small table, a fan, and an air-conditioner. On the outside is where the outdoor comfort room is located. Yes, outdoor. You will take a bath, poo, and pee one with nature. Tissue papers and soaps are provided.

No worries though, the resort is very safe and surely no one will be able to see you. The outdoor area, even though open, is covered by the trees and its leaves plus it’s on the highest point.
The Cliff Cottage requires you to walk a bit further up and down from the main gate so for some people, it’s going to be a short and tiring walk, but walking is a good form of exercise and this villa gives you that boost you need.
It has one of the most gorgeous views you can find in the resort and the island.



Nature’s Eye Resort Experience

Our experience at Nature’s Eye Resort was superb. No wonder how it got its status in TripAdvisor as the number one resort in Guimaras.
For a couple like us, alone time is truly preferable and everywhere in this resort is a possible alone time. Heck, even if you are not the only people checked-in for the night, you will feel like the resort’s all yours. There only are a few cottages in this resort so there’s no way that the resort will be crowded. There’s a different kind of romantic atmosphere in the area.
The cottages are also further apart so you can sleep and rest in silence and or do all the private things without even anyone noticing.
Its beach is not the type where you could run freely so make sure that you wear feet protection in the waters as it is rocky. There also are cliffs where you can jump from and enjoy the cold seawater.
The sunset is totally mesmerizing and the beauty of it is a delight from the beach. You should check it out by yourself. The sunset can also be seen from the above all the cottages so you won’t surely miss it unless you are asleep.

As for the food, they are serving the meals fresh and newly cooked so better chump on everything while it’s hot. We never got hungry during our stay and if you have food requests, you can definitely tell them and they’ll see what they can do about it. Manang Indang’s cooking was superb!

The mobile signal, however, is a drawback and is only enough to make calls and texts, sometimes weak to non-existent especially in the cottages. As for 3G/4G, there is a little signal in the dining area and is better during the day. At night, the signal almost disappears as well.
If you want to disconnect to all the stress your work and the city life brings you, give Nature’s Eye Resort a visit and feel all revved up especially when you get discharged from the world in order to connect with your loved one, yourself, and nature.
You know the saying ” Disconnect to Connect “, ” Less is More”. Experiencing Nature’s Eye Resort is like experiencing paradise.



What to do in Nature’s Eye Resort

There’s not a lot to do in the resort but you can definitely give Island Hopping a shot.
Island Hopping adventure will bring you off the coast’s caves, beaches, and sceneries you’d enjoy. Our boat guide, Kuya Dudoy, was amazing. He brought us to a lot of places during our tour. I forgot all the names of the places but here are some photos that you can probably keep track or check when you visit and do this activity.
The pictures above were where we spent a few minutes snorkeling. The tide was a bit higher than expected so we weren’t able to get into the sandbars in the area but we’ve enjoyed swimming and checking corals and fishes nonetheless.

The above pictures are taken in Taklong Island, a National Marine Park Reserve in this part of Guimaras. There are comfort rooms and a store in this area. They have a tower where you will be able to see the 360-degree view of the area and a view deck to see the 180-degree view of the sea.


This was the most enjoyable part of the island hopping, a visit to the Floating Cottage. Kuya Dudoy, our tour guide, said that it was previously owned by Former DENR Sect. Gina Lopez. The Floating Cottage has an entrance fee of 50.00 per person where you can spend an entire day.

How to Get to Nature’s Eye Resort

From Bacolod to Guimaras:

1. From Bacolod City, ride a jeep going to Ceres South Terminal.
2. From Ceres South Terminal, ride a bus heading to Sipalay or Kabankalan and make sure to tell the driver to drop you off at Pulupandan (crossing). Travel time is around 1 hour to 1 hour and a half. Fare is about 70.00+ each.
3. Once dropped off at Pulupandan (crossing), hire a tricycle and tell them to drop you off at Pulupandan Wharf (to Guimaras). Travel time is about 10 minutes. Fare is 20.00 pesos each.
4. Once in Pulupandan Wharf, register yourselves and wait for the boat to depart. Travel time is about 1 hour and fare is 95.00 pesos.
Note: The ride could get bumpy so make sure that you have motion sickness pills handy.

Pulupandan Wharf (Negros Occidental) to Tumanda Wharf (Guimaras) Boat Schedules

8:00am – Early trip   |    12:00pm – Last Trip

From Guimaras (Tumanda Wharf) to Nature’s Eye Resort

The most convenient and fastest way to the resort is thru a tricycle. There are jeepneys around but it was easier for the tricycle to get us to the resort.
• From the wharf, you may ask tricycle drivers around to get you directly to the resort. The person who drove us was Kuya Michael. You may contact him in advance at 0909-361-2331. The fare is 500.00 pesos per way. He’s also kind and prompt, very friendly to tourists.
He was also the one who picked us up from the resort back to the wharf. Travel time is 1 to 1.5 hours.


Going back to Bacolod

We contacted Kuya Michael prior to leaving so we have enough lead time to wait for him or him to wait for us. He was already outside the resort when we got out. Same way goes if going back to Bacolod.
1. From the resort, hail a ride to go to Tumanda Wharf.
2. Register yourself and pay the boat fee of 95.00 pesos each and wait for departure.

Tumanda Wharf (Guimaras) to Pulupandan Wharf (Negros Occidental) Boat Schedules

9:00 am – Early trip    |    3:00 pm – Last trip
If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message or comment down below.

Nature’s Eye Resort

Brgy. Tando, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras Island (282.94 mi)
0907 757 9055 
FB Page:


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