While regular boat trips take as much as 3 to 4 hours from Manila, a seaplane can get you to that paradise in just about 35 mins! Let AirTrav fly you to Puerto Galera and enjoy scenic views from above with all the time in your hands!
Manila to Puerto Galera in 35 mins: Flying with AirTrav Philippines | Seaplane Experience

What is AirTrav Philippines?

“AirTrav Corporation is a Filipino company that owns and operates air charter services in the Philippines. AirTrav PH has its very own Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) from the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines and also holds a non-scheduled domestic carrier certificate from the Civil Aeronautics Board. The company currently operates out of our very own hangar located in the Manila International Airport in Pasay City.” -Airtrav Philippines
Manila to Puerto Galera in 35 mins: Flying with AirTrav Philippines | Seaplane Experience
AirTrav Philippines is the newest addition in the seaplane and helicopter chartered flights from Manila. It caters three (3) main destinations as of this writing particularly Clark, Puerto Galera, and Coron. It’s also in talks with flights from Manila to Boracay so you’ll definitely be having the best time of your life and save so much time for your much-awaited vacation.
AirTrav is also partnered with Fridays Puerto Galera to give you that paradise experience you have been longing for so long. You may visit Fridays Puerto Galera website to see an overview of what experience you could get and how much it would cost you.

AirTrav Seaplane Flying Experience from Manila to Puerto Galera

If you have never been to Puerto Galera before, I highly recommend taking a seaplane from Manila to Puerto Galera via AirTrav. It’s completely a superb flying experience and you’d never want to take that option to ride a boat just to get to the paradise.
Manila to Puerto Galera in 35 mins: Flying with AirTrav Philippines | Seaplane Experience
Imagine this, a boat ride will take about 1 hour and a half from Batangas Port, not mentioning the travel time it will take you from Manila to Batangas Pier. Whereas AirTrav can get you to Puerto Galera directly from Manila to Puerto Galera in just 35 mins! That’s almost 5x faster than a regular car ride + boat ride to a prime paradise destination near Manila. You are definitely paying for more convenience, comfort, and safety. AirTrav Philippines


Getting to the Port

AirTrav PH boarding area and take-off site are located at Realship Yachts in Manila Bay, beside the CCP Complex. You may use Google Maps or Waze to get there easily.
Boarding is not that complex similar to an airport. AirTrav has a simple boarding lounge for passengers with comfortable seats and chairs. Upon arrival, you will be required to fill out a log-in form and that’s it. If everyone is already in the lounge and passengers are complete for departure, everyone is ready to go.

Flying to Puerto Galera with AirTrav Seaplane

Upon reaching the boarding area, we were also greeted by the pilot himself, Captain Josh, together with his two other co-pilots, Capt. Julie, and Captain Ray. We were escorted to the seaplane itself. Luckily, we’re the only passengers that day and the weather was quite awesome too. It looked like as if we rented the whole plane for ourselves! AirTrav PhilippinesManila to Puerto Galera in 35 mins: Flying with AirTrav Philippines | Seaplane Experience
Manila to Puerto Galera flights takes about a whole 40 to 45 minutes including take-off and landing which is about 5 minutes each from take-off at Manila and landing to Fridays Puerto Galera.
The seaplane can only take about 8 passengers per flight and each seat is a window seat. Every passenger has the chance to see what is below them, how small everything is from above, and how beautiful the scenery is from up above. You also could even see how the pilots operate the seaplane.
From up above, you’d be able to see the bird’s eye view of Metro Manila, Alabang, Cavite, Tagaytay, Batangas, and of course, the island paradise of Puerto Galera. The cars, the buildings, everything looks so small. Those skyscraper buildings in Makati are just like buildings on a plate design from an architect. It’s amazing and exciting all at the same time.
Manila to Puerto Galera in 35 mins: Flying with AirTrav Philippines | Seaplane Experience
You’d also be able to compare how the waters from Manila Bay totally differs from the waters in Batangas and Mindoro. Whilst we noticed that the color of Manila Bay is almost turning from green to brown, it’s entirely different to the navy blue and light blue hues of the bays in Batangas and Puerto Galera. What has Manila Bay turned into?
Nevertheless, getting to Puerto Galera has never been this fast and convenient. Thanks to AirTrav Philippines! AirTrav Philippines

Arriving at Fridays Puerto Galera

Manila to Puerto Galera in 35 mins: Flying with AirTrav Philippines | Seaplane Experience

Fridays Puerto Galera is an eco-friendly and a luxury resort in one of the private islands in Puerto Galera, Boquete Island that is.
After about 35 mins of flying from Manila, we have arrived and landed safely in Boquete Island via AirTrav seaplane. The flying was smooth and landing was not that rugged so it was a complete and perfect experience. AirTrav Philippines
We then checked in and had our lunch and enjoyed the facilities and amenities they have.
What I liked the most about Fridays Puerto Galera is how hands-on the General Manager is to their operations looking over the staffs and guests personally. We even had a complimentary evening cocktail in the resort together with the other in-house guests.
Manila to Puerto Galera in 35 mins: Flying with AirTrav Philippines | Seaplane Experience
That day, however, was a bit inconvenient for some guests because of a broken pipe in the mountains. The water supply was cut for a whole day but it was fixed by the next morning. The resort compensated for the loss of water supply thru the water containers provided by them.
Read this for the full review of the resort.


Puerto Galera to Manila via AirTrav Seaplane

Of course, when you took a seaplane from Manila to Puerto Galera, it is also great if you take the same from Puerto Galera back to Manila.
At 11 am the next day, we took off from Fridays Puerto Galera resort heading back to Manila. Procedures are pretty much the same. After 5 minutes or so, we’re already up in the air. The scenery from above is just amazing as it was from Manila but this time, you’d see more beauty of nature first than the buildings.
This is the best time to look at the other scenes you think you missed from the first flight you had and to recollect or identify the locations from up above, just like a bird.
Flying back was rather jumpy probably because of the clouds forming in the air that will soon be transformed into a rainfall.

Jane was pretty much excited and scared on the way back to Manila as the gravity is like pulling us down. If you have experienced Anchor’s Away from Enchanted Kingdom, it’s a little similar to that especially when the ship is from mid-air going down. Few hours after our flight, rainfall came. So we’re also glad that we didn’t get to experience flying while it’s raining, I bet that is scarier.
Flying is all about peace of mind and saving time. If you want to get into the paradise within a short span of time, AirTrav seaplane is the best option for you. There’s nothing to be scared of. If you love flying, this one’s definitely for you! AirTrav Philippines
Manila to Puerto Galera in 35 mins: Flying with AirTrav Philippines | Seaplane ExperienceManila to Puerto Galera in 35 mins: Flying with AirTrav Philippines | Seaplane Experience
“The company’s pilots undergo factory training in directly at Robinson’s manufacturing facility, making our flight crew one of the bests in the industry. Aside from this, our aircraft and pilots are insured by the country’s premier insurance firm, Pioneer Insurance and Surety Corporation for its airframe, passengers, cargo, and crew.” -AirTrav PH website
The statement above is true. Flying on a seaplane is much safer compared to an airplane plus AirTrav’s pilots are well-trained and will surely keep you safe when in-flight.
So if you’re one looking for the ultimate convenience, safety, and comfort, then check out AirTrav Philippines’ website and book your flight to paradise!
PS: Special thanks to AirTrav Philippines for flying us to Fridays Puerto Galera!

AirTrav Philippines

Head Office: 
268-A AYSN Building, N. Domingo St.,
San Juan City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Email: [email protected]
Manila Sales Office: +63 927 382 8883
To book and know their rates, visit their website.


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