Makati Central Square is one of Makati City’s oldest malls. Formerly known as Makati Cinema Square and was owned by the Rufinos.
According to MCS officials, the mall showed its face to the world back in April 1982. The main aim of creating this scenic and aesthetic place was the revolution, they wanted to have a place of their own. A place where they could watch films and movies. They did not have cinema halls of their own back then. Cinema halls were mainly found in Makati CBD and other places which led to the birth of Makati Cinema Square.
The original idea was to build cinema halls but with time, the ideas changed and the people responsible wanted to make the place livelier. So, they added “toppings” to the project and built restaurants, shops, bars and sports centers such as bowling and billiard centers.
Makati Central Square is a beautiful and peaceful place to make friends, reunite with family, dine, and shop.
Recently, the place had undergone renovation aimed at making the customers more satisfied with the services. They have catered new restaurants, hobby places, and fantastic shops. The Underground Gallery is also a new addition to Makati Central Square.
There is a lot to do in Makati City Square but these are the activities you shouldn’t miss out:

Underground Gallery Makati Central Square

This is the among the latest developments in Makati Central Square. If you are an art lover, you would want to check on works of art by famous artists during exhibits. You might also have a hands-on experience with the local’s generosity by getting access to free finger food and a beer or two. This place is located at the second level of the mall.

Akitaya Japanese Restaurant

If you are looking for a place to dine and have an awesome time with your family or partner, then the recently opened Akitaya Japanese restaurant is the place to be. There is a variety of foods to choose from, but I would suggest you try Kiritanpo Nabe. Kiritanpo Nabe is comprised of Japanese local ingredients such as Shirataki (Japanese noodle), Maitake, Enoki (Golden mushroom), Shitake (Japanese mushroom), miso, and Negi (chicken leeks). The ingredients are then boiled in a sophisticated manner to produce a mouth-watering delicacy. Makati Central Square.


Makati Square Arena

The place is an open area step away from a little tiangge. The place offers Muay Thai, kickboxing, arnis, and mixed martial arts (MMA) classes both for groups and individuals. It even caters to the busy Makati worker by offering walk-in training for only ₱500, and brief workouts called Fitness Blast, a 45-minute workout for ₱300. If you want to develop your skill, then this is a place you would want to visit.

Armscor Shooting Center

If you have always wanted or wished to learn how to shoot or develop your shooting skills, then you should visit this place. They have what it all needs to provide the best services including experienced instructors and state-of-the-art equipment. Makati Central Square.

Kodanda Archery Range

An indoor archery range built for newbies, amateurs, and professionals who want to have and a little thrill. The word Kodanda is a Hindu Sanskrit word for “He who has a Bow”. It was inspired by Hindu mythology that tells the legend of The Great Rama who has a bow named Kodanda. If you want to have some fun with friends and colleagues after work, you should visit the Kodanda Archery Range.


Arnesto (Mang Andy) Swiss Watch Repair

Well, I know what you are thinking, what has watch repairing have to do with fun? Well, the fun part is that this is the place to go to when that pricey watch starts to clunk out. Some watches are too special to risk losing them. The place has been repairing watches since 2000 which makes it more interesting. The place also sells very beautiful and expensive watches. Makati Central Square.
Now you know what to expect during your next stop at the ‘new’ Makati Central Square but there still are a lot more to see. Make time, head to the new Makati Central Square and check the latest in store for you!

Do you have olden memories at Makati Cinema Square, now Makati Central Square?



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