Mad Monkey Hostel has always been on top of our list when we are heading to places they also are located. Like in Boracay, where Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay is situated, we stayed for countless nights and more than twice. In Cebu, we stayed for a night at Mad Monkey Hostel Cebu City.

Mad Monkey Hostel Cebu City

Unlike their other properties in the Philippines, Mad Monkey Hostel Cebu City is not located near a beach, but in the heart of the city. But similar to other properties, a rooftop bar or poolside bar will never be out of their amenities and it is mostly what people are looking forward to especially during the scape of the night.
Primarily built for travelers and backpackers, Mad Monkey Hostel Cebu City is never short of things to offer for tourists, locals, and guests.

Check-in Process and Room Observation

When you have already booked online, the check-in process was rather easy. If you are a foreigner, you just need to present your passport and pay the required room key deposit, and you are off to your bed. If you are a local traveling from somewhere in the Philippines, just present your ID and the next thing is you walking to your own room.
You’d surely first notice the mural paintings when you walk by the stairs which adds accent to the overall aesthetics of the hostel.

As for our room, Jane and me had the Superior Twin, two beds for both of us. See our room photos below. This has two single beds, luggage storage, huge mirror, hot and cold shower, is fully air-conditioned and has basic amenities for travelers. The room is rather simple with quite a minimalistic approach which makes it clean and comfy. WiFi will never be out of their facilities because Mad Monkey Hostels are also designed for digital nomads, and alike.

Soundproofing wasn’t bad, but when you are inside the room, you’re going to hear some footsteps or voices talking when other guests are passing by. This was never a problem because we booked a hostel (not a 5* hotel) and in hostels, noises are quite normal.

We kind of checked-in late because we came from Bantayan Island before the day of our stay at Mad Monkey Hostel in Cebu City. During the night, we met up with a distant friend who once lived in Manila but now is residing in Cebu City.

After having dinner and drinks at Sugbo Mercado, we decided to continue our night at Mad Monkey Hostel’s Rooftop Bar, a place where most of the tourists (and some locals looking for some fun) hang-out during the night.


Rooftop Restaurant / Poolside Bar

One of the known signatures of Mad Monkey Hostels is having the poolside bar or rooftop bar in each of their locations. During the day, you wouldn’t even think that the bar is full of engaging and energetic people at night.
Here’s what the Rooftop Bar or Poolside Bar looks like during the day. It’s really chill and relaxing seeing the view from above, away from the horns and honks of the nearby road. If you are not keen on touring Cebu, you could stay here the whole day.

The food served at the restaurant are also fresh and priced quite well. One meal and you are good to go as the serving tends to be generous. Here’s what we had for breakfast.

Here’s what it looks like during the night and when the party is starting to happen. Gradually, people and flocks of them are going in one by one, making the bartenders and bar servers really busy.

The rooftop bar is also a great place to drink and hang-out with whoever you’d like to interact with. Some even find love (or company) here starting out with a few drinks to making out at the pool (yes, it happens, and it’s normal when you go to hostels with bar facilities). Just read the room reminders so you won’t get apprehended when you violated their terms.

Drinks at the poolside bar are also reasonably priced, and payment comes first before you get your drink. Same as when you order your meal, there is no room charge.
PS: Jane and I are not that hype for a party but we always make time and always get to enjoy parties held at Mad Monkey Hostels! It’s totally different!

Sinulog Slam

If Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay has Boracay Bomb, Mad Monkey Hostel Cebu City has Sinulog Slam!

Sinulog Slam is Mad Monkey Hostel Cebu City’s signature drink. I remember it as one of the best drinks I had because of the ingredients it has. It was sweet, creamy and of course, with a whole taste of liquor. It’s for you to find out but all I can say is “YOU DEFINITELY SHOULD TRY IT.”

Your first slam won’t be the last for sure but as you drink more of this Sinulog Slam, you’d get the taste of this demonic signature drink. The people I spoke with mentioned that most probably on your third slam, you’d get the full effects of the drink. What is it? It’s for you to find out.

Socially Responsible Mad Monkey Hostels

One good thing about staying at Mad Monkey Hostels is that they give or provide a fraction of their income to help with the communities in any way possible they could help. Every booking, every meal or drinks you buy at the restaurant and bar serves a good deed for you and the company. The fund will be used in providing health care and wellness, education for the children, help to the community, and a few others more.

When you book and stay with Mad Monkey Hostels, you also get to give.
Our stay at Mad Monkey Hostel Cebu City was definitely one of the many experiences we will surely remember.
You can book a room directly from their site or via booking sites like You may check the available rooms and rates here.