Amadeo, the Coffee Capital of the Philippines, has been known because of the varieties of coffee products they produce in Cavite. It’s also the primary product of the place where we spent our weekend, The Coffee Estate.

The Coffee Estate

The Coffee Estate review -
The Coffee Estate is a privately owned townhouse turned vacation-house-for-rent/resort. The owner of this resort also owns two branches of coffee shops – Olivia’s Coffee – in Amadeo, Cavite. The family has been in the business of coffee making even before Amadeo has been known to be the Coffee Capital of the Philippines.
This property is perfect for family bondings, barkada trips, couple vacationers who like to have the exclusivity factor.

What to Expect at The Coffee Estate

1. Instagramable Corners

Almost every corner of The Coffee Estate is an instagramable feature for your feed. The patio on the 3rd floor, the view at the top floor, the swimming pool, the garden, even the entrance to the property is carefully landscaped.


2. Lighted Pool and Jacuzzi

Beside the pool is a Jacuzzi to which you can relax while you drink and sip a good glass of wine. It’s a temperature-controlled jacuzzi but we didn’t get to experience a heated one as I’m not sure about the controls, lol. Anyway, you definitely will enjoy as bubbles are coming out from the bottom of the jacuzzi.
The pool and the jacuzzi could both be lighted at night making it a luminescent area at the dark. More Instagram shoots for you and your friends. Mind you though, the water could get cold at night. The water isn’t stingy as well unlike other pools with what we know has too much chlorine.

3. Videoke/Karaoke

Yes, while you’re checked-in at the resort, you can use the karaoke/videoke machine for as much as you want. However, the ordinance about having videoke sessions after 10 pm is prohibited still applies.

4. Cold Breeze and Amazing Sunset

The Coffee Estate review -
The Coffee Estate is located five (5) minutes away from Tagaytay, so there’s definitely a shot of cool breeze anytime after 6 pm until the morning. The sunset, when the weather is good and the clouds are clear, is a stunning view.


5. Wellness Spa

Yes, they also offer wellness spa services. Choose between Full Body Massage and or Full Body Coffee Scrub.
As for us, we opted to avail the Full Body Coffee Scrub for a new experience. From your head to toe, the coffee scrub will be applied. The effect? Super energized and smooth skin (like a baby, seriously!). Coffee Scrub is a must try!

6. Comfy Sleep and Relaxation Guaranteed

There are two rooms available for those who’d like to rent the venue. It comes with two queen size beds and you can also ask for additional mattresses. Do take note that only the 3rd-floor rooms can be accessed. The 2nd and 1st floor are private areas for the family use.
The resort is quiet and very calm at night where you can hear the birds chirping and the crickets singing. If you close your eyes and open your ears, you would only be experiencing the nature and the happiness it brings in the silence.

7. Bring tents for a camping experience

The Coffee Estate review -
If ever you exceed the minimum pax allowed or you prefer to room outside, you may bring your own tent and sleep in the grassy fields of the resort. Believe me, it’s a great nature experience.

8. Smells of coffee everywhere

The resort is surrounded by coffee fields. Also, Olivia’s Coffee is created in their very own coffee store/production area. When they roast the coffee beans, you’d definitely be sniffing the great coffee aroma.


9. Play basketball or other sports

The Coffee Estate review -
There’s a basketball court just after you enter the property premises. You can definitely play basketball or volleyball in this open court during the day. This area is also best for team building games!

10. Catering Services

If you don’t like to bring in food, you can definitely avail of their catering services. The food will be served while it’s hot and guess what, your head cook is Chef AJ Senido, the celebrity chef who appears on TV. Chef AJ was a student of the famous Chef Boy Logro.

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Other Information:

∴ You may cook and grill in the cooking area.
∴ Their store is located just outside the property. You may buy pasalubong or coffee products directly to them.
∴ You can bring in food with no additional charges.
∴ Best for family gatherings, barkada outing, team building, group get-together, as the price is fair for what the property can offer.
∴ As mentioned, only the 3rd floor is accessible.
∴ Swim at the pool anytime you want, no time limit. The pool is 5 feet deep.
∴ Children should be accompanied by an adult.
∴ Ask them to open the jacuzzi’s temperature control and other features for you.
∴ They advise not to drink liquor on the 3rd floor to avoid accidents from people going down the lawn area while drunk.
∴ At the moment, they are not offering walk-ins except for ocular purposes.
∴ It’s also a PET-FRIENDLY resort.

How to Book The Coffee Estate

The Coffee Estate review -

Option 1. Book via Airbnb.

1. You can book The Coffee Estate via Airbnb thru this link [].

DISCOUNT: Get up to $30 off when you register thru this link and book your accommodation at The Coffee Estate using the same email. The discount is automatically applied upon payment/checkout.

2. Check-in time is 2 pm and check-out is 12 pm the next day.
3. Exact location information is provided after a booking is confirmed.

Option 2. Book directly with them.

1. You can reserve the property to a preferred date of yours via a phone call or messaging them thru email.
Contact Number: 0925-6866-363 (Irah)
Email address: [email protected]
2. Rates are the following:
P12,500.00 – Overnight stay (2pm to 12pm) – Good for 20 persons
P150.00 – price per head in excess of 20 persons
P2,000.00 – price for a couple room (weekdays only)
3. Exact location information is provided after a booking is confirmed.

Other offerings:

The Coffee Estate review -
Olivia’s Coffee also offers “coffee seminar”. The Coffee Seminar is held at the main Olivia’s Coffee (coffee shop), 5 mins away from the property. It aims to promote awareness of coffee types and tastes, and what Olivia’s Coffee is about.
Their Head Barista, Nathaniel Tolentino, who, by the way, was also a student of EARIST Cavite, will be the one to explain what are the types of coffee there are, how to make good coffee, how to preserve the taste of coffee, how to slurp and spread for coffee tasting, coffee cupping, how to distinguish Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica coffee, and also a promotion of their own blend, Via’s Blend.

If you need to visit or book for a coffee seminar, please contact 0925-6866-363 or email [email protected].

How to Get to The Coffee Estate

1. If you’re coming from Manila, ride a bus heading towards Trece Martirez or Indang, and drop off at McDonalds Manggahan. [Fare: ~P50.00]
2. Cross the street and look for jeepneys heading to Amadeo. Tell the driver to drop you off at Olivia’s Coffee in Bucal. [Fare: ~P23.00]
3. Once in the coffee shop, tell the staff that you will be checking in at the resort. They will pick you up at the coffee shop to the resort.

Olivia’s Coffee
Phone: 0925-6866-363
Email Address: [email protected]
Address: Bucal, Amadeo, Cavite