After a long day of exploration and traveling in an unfamiliar place, the evening is one of the best times to have yourself relaxed and pampered off. So we also had this while staying at Memoire Palace Resort and Spa.
According to reviews, the spa that the resort had was one of the best in town, in terms of service, and aesthetics.

Memoria Spa

Memoria Spa has got to be one of the best spa treatments I had in my life. It was actually should’ve been for two people as a couple-massage session, me and Jane, however, Jane don’t really allow herself to be touched by someone else (except me) so massages are a no-no. With that in mind, I’m going to enjoy the massage for myself.
memoria-spa-experience-at-memoire-palace-resort-and-spa memoria-spa-experience-at-memoire-palace-resort-and-spa
When we got into the spa, a calming ambiance presented itself. A reception area with high ceiling and a chandelier so grand, the staff looked at us with delight. They asked us about our identification and confirmed our scheduled massage for the night. The staff then has taken us to the second floor where the massage will take place.
The attendant gave us hot tea and sweet potato chips as a small snack.
memoria-spa-experience-at-memoire-palace-resort-and-spa memoria-spa-experience-at-memoire-palace-resort-and-spa
Since I am the only one getting a massage, the attendant asked me to change clothes and my underwear to a disposable one. Good thing I know about this kind of policy so I’m kind of used to this. She also had me change my clothes to a bathrobe. I imagine Jane changing to see-thru underwear, she’d be in shock. LOL
She had me seated first, put my feet in warm water with aromatic oils, washed and massaged it for a few minutes while I am sipping a glass of hot tea.

One-Hour Full Body Massage

After the foot massage is done, she asked me to lay on my chest on the bed. I asked if she could do hard massage which she did.
While Jane is on the couch watching how the massage is done, I asked her if she could take some photos.
The massage was very relaxing, plus with the aromatic oil she used, I think that was lavender, it made me almost fall asleep. That time, my upper body, especially the wing area of my shoulder is not feeling well, probably due to carrying heavy bags from our trip. The massage went well, and I felt relief on my shoulders after the back massage session.
Next, she asked me to lie flat again but this time facing the ceiling for a frontal body massage.
She also worked up on my shoulders and legs, and oh boy, that massage was very relaxing. Like all the tensed muscles on my body were gone, not all but yes, I felt really good after that. If I could sleep in that room, I really would.
The attendant also kept asking if the massage was okay or if it hurts or just fine. At least they still are thinking about the welfare of the guest rather than just execute the work they have to do.
After the massage, I also had the option to use the sauna, but that needs to be set up first and might take a while so opted not to since we also are scheduled for a dinner at The Stage 1960s.
Once everything was done, I change back to my clothes and went back to the reception for some final arrangement. They asked if everything was okay and if the body massage was good, so I told them it was one of the best massages I had. I was really delighted.
Once again, before we left, they gave us a tray with hot tea and snacks, this time were fried banana strips coated in sugar.
If ever you would like to experience the massage they are offering, feel free to contact them or the front desk. It’s a service that this hotel offers and is really great experience to feel how massage is essential for the people of Cambodia.


Memoria Spa also offers the following Spa packages:


Hydrating Package | 2hr/30min

Calm & heal dry sunburn, smooth silky skin, rejuvenate, regenerate inner flow and relax your body & mind.

  • Remedial Organic Coconut & Moringa Body Polish
  • Relaxing Body Massage infused with lavender, peppermint and coconut oil.
  • Organic Hydrating Face Glow

Sensual Indulgent Package | 3hrs

Relaxing aromatic floral bath & fruit plate for each, with a bottle of sparkling. The treatment includes:

  • Organic silky skin body polish
  • Relaxing Swedish massage with heart blossom oil
  • Organic Nourishing Facial Glow.

Ultimate Escape-Spa Suite | 4hrs | 30min

Great way to relax with herbal tea & essential oil steam bath; stay rejuvenate the harmonization of your body, mind & soul.

  • Rejuvenating Body Scrub 30min.
  • Relaxing Shear butter body Massage 60min.
  • Hot oil Scalp massage & Energizing Bath 45min.
  • Organic Deep cleaning face glow.
  • Enjoy Dining menu, a bottle of sparkling wine for each, free flow of beer and selection of pastry with coffee or tea.

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