Maculabo Island Travel Guide: Paracale’s Hidden Paradise

During our Bantayog Festival tour, we also had the privilege to visit one of the Paracale town’s hidden paradise. We were originally supposed to head to Calaguas Island, an already known island in the province of Camarines Norte. The Calaguas Island had already made its way to fame online for its powdery white sand beach tagging it as one of the best in Luzon.
On the other hand, an alternative island getaway is just waiting for tourists to open their minds about a new destination, Maculabo Island.

Maculabo Island

Maculabo Island is located only around 30 to 40 minutes from the town of Paracale or from Pulang Daga Beach. It is also known as “Macolabo Island”.
maculabo-island-paracale-s-hidden-paradise-travel-guide maculabo-island-paracale-s-hidden-paradise-travel-guide
Not known to many, Maculabo Island also sports powdery white sand similar to what Calaguas Island have so it’s a good alternative to those who do not want to endure an exhilarating 2 hours boat ride to the known paradise. However, there are not many people knows Maculabo Island and there are a few boatmen who’d like to deliver guests to this destination.
At Maculabo Island, there also is a spot where it’s like the Binurong Point of Catanduanes or a place similar to Batanes because of its highland-like scenery at one end of the island. It’s a 30-minutes to 10hour walk from the docking point but it was really hot that day and we didn’t have much time as we went there at around noon time, so the sun was really high.
maculabo-island-paracale-s-hidden-paradise-travel-guide maculabo-island-paracale-s-hidden-paradise-travel-guide maculabo-island-paracale-s-hidden-paradise-travel-guide maculabo-island-paracale-s-hidden-paradise-travel-guide
We only went there for a few hours and weren’t able to stay for long because we had another itinerary to focus on (for Bantayog Festival) and an overnight stay was not entirely possible due to an itinerary that is not well fixed.

What to See and Expect in Maculabo Island

The island has comparable sand to Calaguas Island making it an ideal alternative when Calaguas Island is not available.
A view that’s very beautiful from afar and a very fine white sand at the shore. It’s a picture-perfect island.
A paradise that has not yet been told by many so it’s still a virgin island.
There’s a small community on the island so everything you do, you still need to make sure that you are within their rules. Do not do anything harsh.
The boat ride to Maculabo Island will not be smooth. Since it lies in the Pacific Ocean, expect huge waves and a bumpy ride.

Boat ride to Maculabo Island

Homestays, I think are available, but for now, we do not have contacts yet.
You can rent a tent though, either at the island or at the Pulang Daga beach. Just look for a person and ask.
The winds are quite raging when it’s around 3 PM onwards like a minor sandstorm is happening. Protect your eyes. The little sands could really hurt.
Thanks to Dermplus for protecting our skin from harmful UV rays!


maculabo-island-paracale-s-hidden-paradise-travel-guide maculabo-island-paracale-s-hidden-paradise-travel-guide maculabo-island-paracale-s-hidden-paradise-travel-guide

How to Get to Maculabo Island with Contacts

Pulang Daga Beach

If you are coming from Manila, you need to ride a bus to Daet.
From Daet, take a bus again or a van bound to Paracale. Drop off at the Terminal or the Paracale Municipal Building.
We actually went to the Paracale Municipal Building and from there, we took at a tricycle to Pulang Daga Beach.
From Pulang Daga beach, we were escorted by the Tourism Officers to a resort or drop-off for the boat bound to Maculabo Island (it’s actually a special service so you have to contact anyone from below contacts)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Before going to Maculabo Island, you need to coordinate with the Tourism Officer of Paracale or the following people below.
BOAT and TOUR: Pulandaga Calaguas Adventures (Owned by Ms. Shiela Andrade – for Maculabo and or Calaguas Island)
FOOD: Calaguas Villas Resort Assisted by Kap Alma Ramos of Maculabo Island
Paracale Tourism Office/Officer: Mark Adano Zamudio (0938-408-7859)
Boat Provided by Ms. Shie

The beauty of Maculabo Island is still yet to be discovered so let’s help preserve its beauty and not exploit the island in some way that the communities in it will be harmed.


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