DIY Osaka-Kyoto-Nara-Tokyo Japan Trip

DIY Japan Travel Guide

Contributed by: Hanna Alzate-Lopena

DIY Osaka-Kyoto-Nara-Tokyo Japan | DIY Japan Travel Guide

To convert JPY to peso just divide it by two. 


Airfare (Jetstar) MNL – Osaka ₱4900 with 20kgs baggage
Travel tax ₱1620
Breakfast at Manila airport ₱150 PHP
Upon arrival at Kansai airport bought SIM card for mobile data only for 7 days @ 4000 JPY
Bought KANSAI Pass for 3 days 5000 JPY (Pwede gamitin papuntang Kyoto and Nara stations)
1 day Osaka pass tour 2300 JPY (may discounts kasama for tourist spots sa Osaka area)
5D4N accommodation at Hotel Chuo ₱8265php / 2pax = ₱4132
Lunch 500 JPY at the Shinmaya station
Dinner 500 JPY  in Dotonbori DIY Japan Travel Guide
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Kyoto: Day 2

200 JPY breakfast (Convenience Stores)
500 JPY unlimited bus within Kyoto area
500 JPY lunch
800 JPY snacks
600 JPY illumination lights(During Autumn only)
Tour around Arashimaya (Free)
450 JPY dinner


Nara: Day 3

Used our Kansai pass to Nara station then we went directly to Nara City Tourist Information Center
Visited Todaiji Temple, Isuien Garden, Nara Park, Kofukuji Temple, and Yoshikien Garden by bike.
380 JPY Breakfast DIY Japan Travel Guide
1000 JPY Bike rental (Nara is small you can tour the whole area by bike)
150 JPY food for the deer
800 JPY lunch tuna resto Maguro Koya
Dinner treated by a friend
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Osaka: Day 4

250 breakfast noodles near the train station DIY Japan Travel Guide
700 JPY entrance Tsutenkaku Tower entrance
700 JPY lunch Okonomiyaki Tsuruhadhi Fugetsu

Universal Studios Osaka: Day 5

400 JPY Breakfast
14000 JPY Universal studios Japan express (7000 JPY non express)
1700 JPY lunch USJ (pricey ang USJ compared to USS)
180 JPY Hotel Chuo to USJ train( not covered by our Kansai pass)
170 JPY USJ to Namba
Buy Universal Studios Japan Ticket
Buy Universal Studios Japan Express™ Pass 4: Standard or The Flying Dinosaur


Osaka-Tokyo: Day 6

₱2900 Jetstar plane from Osaka to Tokyo (cheaper than bullet train around ₱8000 )
800 JPY breakfast
800 JPY lunch and snacks
5400 JPY 3 days subway unlimited and roundtrip airport transfers (kasama na pabalik Narita)
200 JPY Shinjuku Gyoen Garden pass DIY Japan Travel Guide
800 JPY dinner at Shinjuku Ootoya resto
250 JPY Shinjuku to Kawasaki Odakyu line

Tokyo: Day 7

250 JPY Noborito station to Shinjuku Odakyu line ( Stayed at our friend’s apartment in Kawasaki area)
700 JPY Ueno lunch
600 JPY Ueno Zoo
350 JPY Shibuya to Noborito (going home)


Tokyo Mt Fuji:  Day 8

350 JPY train Odakyu to Shibuya
3600 JPY roundtrip bus to Kawaguchi from Shibuya
3260 JPY lunch in Kawaguchi (treated our friend since he accommodated us from Dec 8-12)
350 JPY bus to lake Kawaguchi
700 JPY snacks in Kawaguchi DIY Japan Travel Guide
150 JPY herb garden to Kawaguchi station

Tokyo: Day 9

400 JPY breakfast 711
Disney Sea 7400 JPY
Odakyu Noborito to Yoyogi Uehero 240 JPY
Yoyogi to Nijubashi-mae station free
Nijubashi transfer to Tokyo station Keiyo JR to Maihama 220 JPY walk 14 mins to DisneySea
Beckers burger in Maihama 590 JPY
Dinner 500 JPY
Buy Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea 2-Day Pass


Last day in Tokyo: Day 10

Train to Narita (covered by the pass bought when we arrived in Narita)
Lunch 800 JPY airport
Tokyo-manila ₱6250 CebPac w 20 kgs baggage
Dinner Philippines ₱100 PHP
Total: 64,910 JPY or around ₱32,455php
International fare MNL-Osaka, Tokyo-Manila ₱11150
Travel tax ₱1620
Hotel Chuo thru credit card ₱4132
₱150 breakfast day 1
₱150 dinner day 12
₱2500 Japan visa
Overall total: ₱ 52157/pax
Less around ₱3500 for universal studios ordinary ticket
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Total Expenses: ₱48687

We bought express tickets to avoid long lines from rides especially the harry potter rides.

For pasalubongs/Souvenirs/Shopping: DIY Japan Travel Guide

Even the cheapest magnet can cost you 300-350 JPY
Souvenirs from USJ or Disneyland are extra pricey too. Harry Potter set of 4 magnets are around 2800 JPY
Wands cost 4900 JPYeach
At Daiso Japan, you can buy a lot for 2000 JPY (better quality compared sa Daiso PH)
Sweater in USJ @ 1700 JPY the cheapest
Uniqlo priced 490-990 JPY when on sale
For Onitsuka lovers, limited edition shoes can cost 14000 JPY above
Royce chocolates around 660-2000 JPY
KitKat matcha 1 big box around 1500 JPY DIY Japan Travel Guide


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  1. Buy Tokyo Disneyland or DisneySea 2-Day Pass
  2. Buy Universal Studios Japan Ticket
  3. Buy Universal Studios Japan Express™ Pass 4: Standard or The Flying Dinosaur
  4. JR Kansai WIDE Area Pass (Kansai Airport Pick-Up) 
  5. Japan Prepaid 4G SIM Card 
  6. Japan Unlimited 4G Portable Wi-Fi Rental
  7. Kyoto Kimono Rental – Maiko-Henshin Studio Shiki


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