Traveling is food for the soul they say and usually, it is. However, choosing the perfect destination can be challenging. You have to consider various factors to ensure a safe trip. 

To ensure a safe trip you need to check on factors like crime rate, weather patterns, health concerns, and unrest in your chosen destination. 

If you plan to travel and want to know about the safest tropical places to travel, it is better to consider the factors concerning safety. Learn about the common factors to think about for safe travel and know the safest tropical islands to visit below: 

Discover the Safest Tropical Places to Travel
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Factors to Consider for Safe Travel 


Review the crime rate of the region. According to a report, about 28 million visitors of the Caribbean are rarely affected by violent crime per year. 

Plus, reports of crime are generally confined to inner-city neighborhoods where a small number of visitors are observed. 

Just as in every place, it is also best to be careful. In your accommodation, vehicle, etc., try not to leave valuables unattended. Moreover, it is often advised to hire local guides whenever traveling far off the beaten path.



Track the weather of the place you visit. Shoulder seasons are periods between the high and low seasons of the travel destination. 

Though these seasons are the beginning and end of bad weather, they are usually taken advantage of by many tourists because fares tend to be low. 

Tropical storms happen from June to November and may become a concern while traveling. Peak season, however, actually falls between August and October. 

Therefore, the best Caribbean islands to visit will usually not have poor weather at the start and end of the season.



Examine your health if you are fit to travel. Before any trip to the Caribbean, it is recommended that individuals see a doctor prior to find out what type of vaccinations you may need. 

The Caribbean authority itself has a list of vaccinations you need to have. On the other hand, there is no need to worry if a traveler becomes sick during a visit because the region has excellent healthcare.

Safest Caribbean Islands to Visit


Barbados is an independent British Commonwealth nation, considered as one of the safest Caribbean islands for families

The tourism industry is a big part of the island’s economy, and the locals are said to be some of the friendliest in the entire Caribbean. It welcomes around 1 million visitors annually.

Several family-friendly beaches along the west are famous for their white sand and pristine turquoise waters. Besides, Barbados offers delicious cuisine, a variety of activities, and a luxurious interior with quaint gardens.

Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos is a British Overseas Territory, included in the top list of safest Caribbean destinations. It is a family-friendly destination that has around 40 different cays and islands. It is home to the finest beaches, including the world-famous Grace Bay Beach.

The island offers some of the best shops and restaurants within the entire region. In addition, it boasts many private villas equipped with secure and elegant facilities for a large number of travelers every year. 

Another reason that makes Turks & Caicos safe is that it only has occasional bad weather conditions. 

St. Barts

Saint Barthelemy is a French Overseas Territory popular for first-class and wealthy tourists. Also called St Barts, this place is renowned for being the most exclusive island in the Caribbean.

No wonder it is listed as one of the safest destinations in the region. This island offers travelers some of the best marinas and beaches for tourists, plenty of shopping and dining, and more.

Discover the Safest Tropical Places to Travel
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The island has almost no crime reported. Also, it is common for their residents to leave their homes unlocked and unguarded. Though, travelers must still be cautious with their valuables even if the island is considered safe.

Bottom Line

A journey to the best tropical destinations will surely be a memorable experience once the restrictions lift. Travel destinations have made efforts to apply safety and hygiene measures for the tourists they expect in 2021. 

All governments have travel safety warnings, so be sure to check your government website before booking a flight.