The walls in your home might have started talking to you, if so, it’s time to virtually travel the world from home so you can get away. Despite the world still under pandemic restrictions, technology advancements now provide us with new ways to do the things we love without breaching safety protocols.
One among such inventions include virtual reality travel apps, which enable users to travel the world leaving home. Requiring no plane tickets, no time offs, and no physical contacts, it’s no surprise that these apps are now experiencing a tremendous boom in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
If you’re one among the many who wants to satiate their wanderlust without compromising health, turning to virtual travelling apps can be your best option to date. Below, we have compiled the best of these technologies that you may want to check out and download. If you are too busy to read and check these apps right now, you can bookmark this page using a bookmark app so that you can read it later.

Top Virtual Travelling Apps 

Google Cardboard

First on our list is none other than Google’s very own VR technology. Dubbed to be the “Google Cardboard,” the app brings virtual reality straight into your smartphone. As the name suggests, you need a cardboard viewer, into which your phone is to be inserted to enjoy different virtual reality.
All you have to do is download the app from Google Play or Apple Store for $15. Once you get the app, you can take advantage of its Earth feature, which lets you fly to wherever you want, whenever you ask.
On top of top, you can even look around the photospheres you’ve captured or go on an Arctic journey to admire the beauty of the northern lights and more – all while staying at home!

Ascape VR

If you’re after scenic virtual tours and terrific visual content, checking out Ascape VR should be on top of your list. Serving as a mobile platform that lets users travel the world in virtual reality, this app takes pride in its 360° videos, which enables users to explore scenes by simply rotating their smartphones in the direction they want to see.
Moreover, what makes the app an instant must-have is it doesn’t just offer superb visual contents on different destinations, but it also lets you immerse yourself in the places you’ll be visiting. Using Ascape VR, you can go snowboarding, underwater snorkeling, or skydiving in virtual reality! The app is currently available for both iOS and Android for free.



If you’re in for an adrenaline-inducing adventure, VeeR comes as the right app choice for you. From interactive movies, animations, Sci-Fi, travel, to documentaries, the app lets you experience a bundle of worlds right from your smartphone.
Among the activities you can experience include walking on a thin line stretched across cliffs, witnessing epic ancient battles, and taking a trip to dreamland. With the said app, you can also conveniently preview, bookmark and purchase titles to expand the cover of your adventures.
Fortunately, VeeR is currently available for both iOS and Android devices free of charge!

AccorHotels For Cardboard

Of course, for most travellers, no trip could ever be complete without exploring the best hotels in their dream destinations. With AccorHotels for Cardboard, users can now also witness and marvel at the most prestigious hotels in virtual reality.
From London, Paris, São Paulo, and more, the app lets you browse and experience the enthralling environments of the best hotels from different parts of the globe. From strolling through their luxurious lobbies to relaxing by their mythical pools, you’ll never run out of things to do and areas to check out while exploring hotels through this remarkable app.
On top of that, aside from giving you virtual reality, Accorhotels also works as a free multi-brand booking app for the AccorHotels group, meaning you can reserve and book on a number of celebrated hotels around the world without the need to leave the platform.
The AccorHotels for Cardboard is currently available for download for both iOS and Android


The Bottom Line

Ready to ditch the boundaries of quarantine and explore every inch of the outside world. Thanks to virtual travelling apps, you can now do so without compromising your health and the safety of those around you. So get downloading and take yourself on an adventure.