The world is finally starting to move again after almost four months at a standstill, so its time to travel to the best cities in Europe. With social distancing protocols in place and other safety measures, travelers can make their European bucket list a true story. 

From medieval towns, crescent-shaped beaches, and well-tucked alleys and historic plazas, Europe has a lot to offer travelers. Last year, the number of tourists ballooned to 538 million, accounting 50 percent of the world’s tourism. This shows how much people are attracted to European countries

Planning a trip any time soon? Here are some of the best cities to visit once the quarantine is over. Some of these cities offer not just a relaxing getaway, but also safe tourism practiced by the locals and authorities. 


Kerkyra, Greece

The city where the mountain and the sea meet, Kerkyra or Corfu is known for the beautiful island and its coastal areas. The area is studded with whitewashed villages and Byzantine churches that are remains from Venetian fortresses. 

It is a secluded island that’s perfect for a quiet getaway with family and friends. The best part of visiting Kerkyra is witnessing the vast rock formations and the azure-blue waters

Warsaw, Poland

When talking of Poland, some people probably recall Budapest as the biggest and most beautiful city. However, Warsaw is also a must-visit because of the historical old town and lively plazas. The cobblestone streets are perfect for a full-day stroll, witnessing quaint shops and museums. 


From the market square to royal castle and King Zygmunt’s Column, the landmarks are scattered all over the city. After quarantine, visiting Warsaw is great because of the lesser crowd

Bohinj, Slovenia

The place where the Lake Bohinj is located, Bohinj screams of nature escapade. It is somewhat secluded, and away from the crowds of the city proper, where mountains can be seen. Bohinj is a summer destination and tourists come here just to witness the clear waters of the Lake Bohinj. 

The paradise valley at the heart of the Triglav National Park is considered one of the oldest national parks all over Europe. It is worth to visit this place because of the Savica waterfall, Vogel cable car, and the St. John the Baptist church. 

Valletta, Malta

While Malta is not entirely famous, it is a hidden gem brimming with historical masterpieces. The city of Valletta is considered a World Heritage City because of the significant remains of Baroque architecture. 


Valleta is one of Europe’s smallest capital cities, considered beautiful walled city and a remnant of European Art. Many travelers describe this city as an open-air museum for the enchanting views and local scenery. 

Turku, Finland

The south coast city in Finland, Turku, is situated in the Aura River, where a medieval fortress remains intact. This city is dotted with great, historic buildings that make Turku an old town. With Old Great Square that acts as a former trade hub, the city showcases grand historic sites. 

Perched at the river mouth, Turku is not only beautiful but also has an awesome weather. Perfect for a tour of the past, the city welcomes tourists in cobbled riverside streets and 13th-century castle. This is one of the best cities to visit in Europe after the quarantine. 

Valencia, Spain

An underrated city that meets the Mediterranean Sea is Valencia, located at the southeastern Spain. The city showcases Gothic architecture that lines up the skyline, connecting neighborhoods. One of Spain’s hidden gems, overshadowed by Barcelona and Madrid, Valencia is absolutely stunning. 

From the contemporary City of Arts and Sciences to the magnificent plazas, and fun-loving locals, Valencia is truly one for the books. Additionally, it isn’t as populous as Madrid and Barcelona, hence, it is a perfect place to enjoy less crowded tourist spots


Europe is brimming with historical sites, UNESCO-recognized landmarks, nature reserves, and modern cities. Besides the tourist magnet cities like Paris, Rome, and London, visiting these underrated, hidden gems is perfect after the quarantine. 

Remember to follow protocols to ensure your safety when traveling overseas. For more information, visit the city council’s website for announcements.