When someone mentions a luxury destination for vacation, our first thought is connected with a bunch of money. At first glance it sounds real, but does it really have to be that way? Believe it or not, it very much depends on your own. There are countless opportunities to visit some genuinely luxurious resorts and ski resorts at an incredibly affordable price. Affordable Luxury Travel Destinations
There are several ways to afford yourself a luxurious holiday without having to devastate your wallet:

  • Book your desired destination several months earlier.
  • Look for last-minute flights.
  • Avoid hotels on the coast. A few minutes of walking to the beach won’t overburden you, but it will help you to relieve your budget.
  • Come on vacation with your friends and book the house together.
  • Choose to stay a bit farther away from the center where the most luxurious hotels are located.

There is a way. It’s all about your resourcefulness. I will recommend you some luxury travel destinations in the USA you can get for the affordable price.

1. Orlando, Florida

Every child has heard about Orlando, with the most popular theme park in the whole world. You probably believe that you need a fortune for all these attractions and crazy rides your children would want when step in that magical world. Affordable Luxury Travel Destinations
And just when you thought you couldn’t afford such a luxury, Disney decided to make a pleasant surprise every parent could only dream. There is a plan for providing free dining which will help you save a lot of money during Disney vacation your children want so badly.
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Also, they offer Disney Springs, a new attraction which concludes fantastic live entertainment and celebrity-chef restaurants for free. Universal has supported this nice idea with Citywalk, an activity which allows you to check out many excellent shows and famous restaurants without spending a cent.
You can pick out a decent hotel there for an affordable price of approximately $169 for a bedroom suite with a kitchen. The other option is to book the beautiful accommodation at enchanting ‘The Courtyard’ at Lake Lucerne, near to the Amway Center. It is also convenient for those who want to be in the center of the nightlife this town offers.



2. Marfa, Texas

Many movie stars like Matthew McConaughey simply adore visiting artsy town Marfa in the middle of the Wild West we know so well thanks to Westerns. I know that this sounds like a costly vacation, but even you can’t afford a private airstrip, this journey doesn’t need to be beyond your capabilities.
I recommend you an intimate place such as Saint George. If you prefer history, spend a night at Elizabeth Taylor or James Dean suite in the cute, almost 90-year-old Hotel Paisano, where those movie stars acted in the movie ‘Giant’ filmed here in 1955. However, it is also possible finding accommodations for $45 to $80 per night somewhere else. Affordable Luxury Travel Destinations
Be sure that this lovely artist center is worth visiting. Discover mysterious red, white, or blue Marfa Lights or rent a glider to admire the area from the height. Don’t miss visiting the Presidio County Courthouse and go to the bar to try a cocktail or good old whiskey. When it comes to food, you should try burrito in Ramona Tejeda’s home for $6-7 to experience real satisfaction.


3. Maui, Hawaii

Maui is smaller and more budget-friendly destination than the Big Island. At this popular tourist location, you can feel a taste of real Hawaii. Come to enjoy magnificent wildlife, unique history, and fantastic local culture.  Affordable Luxury Travel Destinations
Dive with the sea turtles, play golf along the coast, and dance with hula dancers. Or just come during winter and spend a day on the beach overviewing the migration of humpback whales. This spot is perfect for a family vacation thanks to kid-friendly attractions and the sea that is safe for swimming and diving.
For a family, I recommend you the resort – Travaasa Hana. Book the inclusive package at an oceanfront suite for $725 per night. Plus, if you have always wanted to visit Oahu, the pricier destination in the US, you can spend your vacation on Maui and book a one-day excursion to that lovely island.


4. Miami, Florida

When someone says Miami, the first your thought is probably connected with – money. The secret desire of every one of us is to spend at least a week at any time of the year in this well-known, beautiful place under the sun, with a colorful cocktail in hand.
Pick out South Beach for your honeymoon, discover a city behind Biscayne Bay, play basketball, ride bikes, or go on a Jet Ski tour. Or simply take a look of the island from the sea. Book a bedroom suite overviewing the Atlantic Ocean, spend a day on the beach, or just relax on the resort pools.
The price of your apartment will directly depend on the view. You have to pay approximately $300 – $500 a night for an ocean view room during a summer season, but there are many pocket-friendly options you can find on the net. Affordable Luxury Travel Destinations
For dinner, my recommendation is a Cuban restaurant Havana 1957. Along with classic cocktail or spiced golden rum, try their roast chicken in delicious Cuban gravy. Finish your dinner with a rum soaked yellow cake and enjoy the feeling that you are the king of the world at an extremely affordable price.



5. Puerto Rico

Welcome to the Caribbean tropical island Puerto Rico. This territory, located southeast of Miami, is actually a US commonwealth, which brings the excellent advantage for tourists who like exotics at an affordable price. Almost all flights to the island from the US are cheap.
Although the hurricane Maria caused extensive damage to the island in 2017, it has been wholly restored today. You can expect full enjoyment on their magical white sand beaches, 15th-century Spanish forts, golf courses, and the world-famous casinos.  Affordable Luxury Travel Destinations
Go to the Caribbean Rincon to enjoy surfing, get married, or come to spend your honeymoon here. Play golf or visit El Yunque Rainforest in the Rio Grande. Book a charter to Icacos Cay or experience a memorable night tour of Laguna Grande in Fajardo.
There are 78 municipalities in Puerto Rico, and each of them is a story in itself. Therefore, no matter how many times you visit this paradise island, you can always have the impression that you are at an entirely different destination. The excellent budget-friendly accommodation offers are a great advantage, but you can feel like a rich man while walking through the luxury resort at the same time.
Find a good hotel in the warm, tranquil town of Isabela from $63. As for the food, Puerto Rico is a real Caribbean’s dining Capital with cuisine influenced by Tahino Indian, American, and Spanish. Whichever restaurant you choose, you can’t go wrong.
One more thing! This beautiful island is the place that hosts probably the best mixologists in the planet. Grab your cocktail and enjoy!


 Affordable Luxury Travel Destinations

Useful Tips for International Travelers

If you are a resident of one of the 38 countries covered by the visa waiver program established by the US government on January 12, 2009, you can visit this great and beautiful country without a visa and many additional bureaucratic complications.
All passengers who have valid ESTA approval (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) can come to the US for business reasons or as tourists, and stay there for 90 days. ESTA is an automated system, and you should be prepared for pre-screening before boarding. That way, the authorities control your eligibility to arrive in the US.  Affordable Luxury Travel Destinations
Keep in mind that it is valid for two years and you need to check ESTA status on time to make sure that you won’t have any inconvenience at the border. Along with this approval, you only need a passport with a digital chip and specified security features. Welcome! Affordable Luxury Travel Destinations


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