8 Tips for a Great Vacation Experience in Vietnam

Vietnam is a very beautiful country. Perhaps you plan to go to Vietnam on a vacation. Let’s give you some tips that will help you spend your time even better and make your stay very enjoyable. Vietnam is unmistakably a place where you will enjoy your vacation but you need to know some things to make your experience an unforgettable one. You should know things about finance, accommodation, feeding and some safety tips that will help you with your travel to Vietnam. Let’s equip you with the tips.

  1. Check and ensure your visa and other traveling documents are intact

Without a valid visa, you can’t stay in Vietnam, immigration officers will ask you to tender your visa, so be prepared for this. They take visa matters very serious here for tourists. Make sure you check everything before you travel, else you won’t have even a single day to spend in Vietnam. I’m sure you don’t want the immigration officers to send you back. The only way to avoid such embarrassment is to ensure all your traveling documents are intact. travel tips for Vietnam

  1. Carry cash on you and don’t overly depend on ATM

Do not overly rely on your Mastercard for transactions in Vietnam. In most Vietnam markets, you might not be able to transact using credit cards the way you can, when paying for custom essay writing and other stuff. So, you need cash. Also, ATMs are not available in rural areas, which means you can’t withdraw money when you go to the rural parts. You’ll need to pay for various services and buy things so you can’t do without money. The best way to save yourself from financial embarrassment is by carrying some cash with you.

  1. Be extra careful on the busy roads

Nearly all the roads in Vietnam are extremely busy. You must be very careful, especially when walking along the roadside and also when you want to cross the road. Never expect the road to be completely free of vehicles before you cross unless you plan to wait forever. Cross the road slowly, but make sure the drivers see you. Be ready for this, so that you don’t get frustrated when you encounter very heavy traffic anytime you want to cross the road. travel tips for Vietnam

  1. Never buy anything without bargaining the price

    Photo courtesy of Hưng Nguyễn Việt via Unsplash

As a foreigner, you may not be familiar with the bargaining in Vietnam, so you may simply agree to pay the first price the seller mentions. Doing so could make you end up paying about 8 times or more of the real cost of the item. To avoid situations like this, you should learn how to bargain. Things are cheap in Vietnam, but you won’t realize this until you start to bargain. You will save extra money to buy other things and maximally enjoy your vacation when you bargain well. travel tips for Vietnam

  1. Watch out for the best hotel when lodging into one

There are different grades of a hotel in Vietnam. This is one of the peculiarities we have there. You are the one to ensure you lodge into a very good one with modern facilities. The cost of the bad ones is not so much different from the good ones, so why choose a bad one? Don’t forget you want your vacation to be great and bad accommodation can mare everything and make your experience bitter. You must, therefore, avoid this by staying in a standard hotel.


  1. Feel free to eat street food

    Photo by Frankie Shutterbug via Unsplash

Street foods are in all corners and they taste so delicious. Little wonder some people refer to Vietnam as foodies’ paradise. Street food is great for your appetite and luckily, it’s pocket-friendly. Vietnam street food will make your experience a wonderful one.

  1. Stay smart to avoid scam and theft

You need to be very smart. Watch out for individuals who might want to scam you or steal your belongings. Some people may want to defraud you, seeing you as an inexperienced foreigner. Some may as well steal any item you leave carelessly while you are not watching. Your vacation can immediately turn sour when they steal your belongings. So, it’s your duty to play safe. travel tips for Vietnam

  1. Be open to fun and make new friends

    Photo by Tuấn Trương via Unsplash


People of Vietnam are very friendly, but you should learn how to make friends with people in no time. Your vacation can’t be fun if you spend it in isolation. A renowned tourist at UK Best Essays advises that travelers should make true friends with the people they come across. Take time out to make new friends and have fun. There are various tourist attractions in Vietnam, you should enjoy your vacation while it lasts.
After spending time in Vietnam, you’ll discover it’s worth visiting more than once and in various places, you can feel how it can be different. Vietnam is a very interesting, friendly and comfortable country for traveling and recreation. Apply the tips above and you’ll tell good stories of Vietnam! Vietnam travel tips

travel tips for Vietnam

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