7 Things We Love About The Seashore Beach Club Batangas (That You Will Love too!)


7 Things We Love About The Seashore Beach Club Batangas
(That You Will Love too!)

The Seashore Beach Club, strategically located at Brgy. Calubcub in San Juan, Laiya, Batangas, is a fairly new membership resort that boasts a total of 2.5 hectares of land that is rich in flora and fauna. Even though this exclusive resort is recently developed and was just introduced to the public just this year, The Seashore Club’s President, Mr. Arnel Mindanao, has been in the industry for over 20 years, with a deeper experience in promoting investments through real estates, which means The Seashore Beach Club was built through years and years of experience coupled with hard labor of work.

1. The Seashore Beach Club has Aqua Play Inflatable Adventure

Aqua Play Inflatable Adventure
Photo by Rizanoia

Yes! Ladies and gentlemen, there is an Aqua Play Inflatable Adventure at The Seashore Beach Club. For all southies out there, you don’t need to go as far as Zambales to experience this fun inflatable adventure because Seashore Beach Club has it!
The Seashore Beach CLub - Aqua Play Inflatable Adventure
Photo by Rizanoia

Boasting their highlight of 40-meter high floating slide coupled with your adrenaline rush and screams, this will definitely give you the best feeling ever! Also, aside from the inflatable slide, you will also get to enjoy other inflatables that will test your strength and mind you, patience too. But this will definitely make your stay worthwhile and memorable! Don’t dare miss this when at the Seashore Beach Club!

  1. The Seashore Beach Club offers investment and relaxation

As mentioned above, The Seashore Beach Club is not your ordinary resort. It is a membership resort that actually makes you earn money while you relax along with its benefits.
If you fell in love with the place and eventually decided to invest at The Seashore Club, you will have the privilege to enjoy these: profit sharing, income referral, free stays with your family, big discounts, unlimited profit sharing and more!
For more information, you may call the number that we added below.

  1. Water Activities


Photo by Rizanoia

Aside from the Aqua Play Inflatable Adventure, we highly suggest you try the resort’s water activities as well! They have the famous banana boat, parasailing (you don’t need to go to Boracay now to experience this!), pedal boat, kayak, fly fish (favorite!), snorkeling, jet ski, fly board, paddleboard, and hoverboard!
If you are really into adventure and adrenaline rush, you should try their Fly Fish!

  1. Location, location, location

With just 2 hours and 30 minutes drive from Metro Manila, you will get to experience clean air, cool sea breeze, and relaxation at its finest. If you are a beach lover and you prefer a much secluded, quiet, but fun kind of beach, this is definitely for you. We love that the Seashore Beach Club has everything in one place that we need that makes us forget the noise and the city’s hustle and bustle.

  1. You can get to the place hailed in a helicopter!


Photo by Rizanoia

Well, hello rich kids! We love how The Seashore Beach Club wants their guests to be in the resort in a snap of their fingers because they are offering a ride with their helicopter! So if you have the means and the money to ride the helicopter to the resort, by all means, go and tick that off your bucket list!
Powered by Smart Sky Travel, you definitely could visit The Seashore Beach Club hailed by a helicopter from Pasay to Batangas and be there in under an hour! You can now travel in style!


6. The Cabanas with Center Pool

Photo by Rizanoia

Photo by Rizanoia

Photo by Lagaw Travelogue
One of the more inviting areas in The Seashore Beach Club is their Cabanas with a pool in between. A relaxing area to stay while you earn indefinitely when you invest. Launched during their 3rd Anniversary celebration, The Seashore Beach Club has opened their cabanas to the members, soon to the public.

7. Events with El Jardin de Zaida

Photo by Rizanoia

Photo by Rizanoia

El Jardin de Zaida is The Seashore Beach Club’s partner when it comes to events such as weddings, birthday, and any kind of celebration, etc. With eleven hectares of lush sprawling greenery and an infinity pool that’s totally inviting, you can never go wrong with El Jardin de Zaida. None of the other resorts and venues nearby compare.

How To Get To The Seashore Beach Club

Via Manila: Take the usual route, the South Luzon Expressway and exit at Ibaan/San Jose. This is the very end where it connects to Star Tollway which you will need to enter. Right after paying at the tollgate, follow the sign to Ibaan (turn left).
Once there’s a sign ‘Alternate Route to Lipa,’ turn left and once you see the Petron Gas Station, turn left. Look for the way going to San Juan until you see the San Juan Municipal Hall. Once you get to the place, there are a number of resort signs which signals the road to Laiya.

The Seashore Beach Club Details

Address: Barangay Calubcub, San Juan, Batangas
Contact Details
San Juan Office:
Alabang Office:
Website: https://theseashore.ph
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheSeashoreOfficialPage/
If you thought The Seashore Beach Club is just another new resort in Batangas, we definitely suggest you try and visit the resort and see what are they offering. Who knows, you will fell in love with the place and invest as well.



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