Water makes up to at least 71% of the Earth’s surface. No wonder why there are so many gorgeous beaches and sceneries we can find all over the world, name it, from black sand to white sand beaches. For people who love to travel a lot, the beach is a great source of energy and go-to place when we need sun exposure and much enjoyable vacation.
Going to the beach is actually good for everybody! The salt water helps soothe aching joints, the sand makes a good natural exfoliator, the sun gives us Vitamin D which is needed by our body, the waves helps us relax and work out at the same time, it relieves us from mental stress, and most of all, you get to enjoy the company of others and or yourself.
Since travel bloggers have a wide range of knowledge regarding where to go best, we asked for their most recommended and favorite beach that they have been to. Here are their recommendations for the best beaches in the world that you should go at least once in your lifetime (not in particular order).

1. Perhentian Kecil in Malaysia

According to Allan of More Passport Stamps
“Perhentian Kecil is an idyllic tiny island just off the coast of mainland Malaysia. Running down it’s West Coast is Coral Beach. At each end of the beach is a hotel for those looking a luxury, and dotted in between are campsites for those looking to save money. The atmosphere is friendly, the fish are abundant and the sun is in the Goldilocks zone! This has to be one of my favorite beaches in the world because you can kayak, snorkel, SCUBA, swim and frolic all in one warm, sandy, not overcrowded beach. Also, for the more adventurous, you can walk through the thick jungle behind the beach inland. I had planned to stay here for a few days but extended my stay as soon as I arrived, and I know others that have done the same. Coral Beach offers you everything you could want from a beach, all in one perfect location.”

2. Warwick Long Bay Beach in Bermuda

According to Henry Wu of This Life Of Travel
Follow his adventures on Instagram: @humminglion

We’ve been to our fair share of breathtaking beaches and azure waters, but nothing could have prepared us for the stunning pink beaches of Bermuda. One of our favorites was Warwick Long Bay, just a short drive from the Fairmont Southampton, with its pastel beaches that ran for miles and seemingly had barely a soul, minus the random jogger or tourist here or there. There are several limestone coves all along the Bay which make for fantastic all day hangout spots. With the Gulfstream flowing between North American and Bermuda – the resulting weather here is fantastic all year round. Additionally, there isn’t an official rainy season, and when it does rain, they are quick outbursts that are over before you know it. Peak temperatures during summer are 85 F with a cool breeze at night, while temperatures during winter hover around 65 F at it’s the lowest point. Perfect temperatures and clear blue water – what more can you ask for?

3. Morjim Beach in Goa, India

According to Chandresh of Family on the Wheels
Follow their adventures on Instagram: @enthralling_ventures

GOA: Also know as Party capital of India, it’s is a place known for its beaches, nightlife, parties, and love for life equally among Indians and International travelers.

Morjim Beach: This beach is quite unique in itself, the sand is shiny blackish, fully absorbed with sea water. You’ll spot numerous beautiful, orange purple colored shells on this really clean beach. Few locals there made us aware of the breeding seasons of sea turtles & their presence on the beach during the winter months. This place is also called “Little Russia”, due to many Russians inhabiting nearby.   Although shacks are limited here, even the restaurants are less this beach is a stopover to relax, and applaud the nature. Being a government protected official nesting place for  Olive Ridley Turtles, who knows when you might be surprised with a guest appearance by them.  Best Beaches in the World

4. Montezuma Beach in Costa Rica

According to Demi Johnson of Around the World with Her
Costa Rica has both a Pacific and Caribbean coastline, so it is no surprise that the country has some of the best beaches in the world. One of my favorites is beautiful Montezuma, a tiny town on the Pacific Coast. Montezuma Beach is an idyllic stretch of sand with clear blue water and is not too busy. However, the real draw of this beach and what sets it apart from others around the world is the turtle hatchery. Run by volunteers who watch the hatchery 24 hours a day, this little guy on the beach is a must visit attraction at Montezuma Beach. Every night, rangers patrol the beach and collect any eggs which have been laid by the Olive Ridley turtles. This prevents poachers from taking them and selling or eating the eggs. The eggs are then kept in the hatchery away from harm until the tiny turtles emerge. Every afternoon, the volunteers release the baby turtles. You can watch as these tiny babies take their first steps, and run towards the ocean before being swept away by the waves. It’s a beautiful sight and something that really makes Montezuma beach a special place.

5. The Baths in the British Virgin Islands

According to Chris Christensen of Amateur Traveler

My favorite beach is in the Virgin Islands, the Baths on Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands. The Baths is a typically beautiful Caribbean beach with azure blue waters. It is nestled in among an array of very large boulders and it is these boulders that make the beach so memorable. If you approach the beach from the land side), you have to make your way through a sea cave through and under these large boulders. So by the time you even get to the beach you have had a great experience. The Baths is also extremely popular with sailors and there will likely be a number of sailboats moored off the beach. It is not a particularly large beach and the water in the main beach gets deep rather quickly so snorkeling is best left to confident swimmers. Some visitors will never find the beach and some will just choose to find a private boulder to sun themselves on. However you approach the Baths, you will remember it. Best Beaches in the World

6. Dunas de Maspalomas in the Canary Islands

According to Joanna Dąbrowska of Over Here
Follow her adventures via Instagram: @overhere_travel_blog


The Canary Islands are a sunny all-year destination. They are perfect for sun lovers, beachgoers and all outdoor aficionados who look for stable pleasant weather and picturesque landscape.

My favorite island is Gran Canaria. It is the warmest and least windy of all Canary Islands.


Gran Canaria is especially famous for beautiful beaches. The majority of them are situated in the south of the island.

The most interesting place for basking in the sun is Playa del Inglés – a lively sea resort located close to the famous Dunas de Maspalomas. This sandy desert-like beach has been protected as a nature reserve since 1987. Best Beaches in the World

Dunas de Maspalomas is perfect for long walks. The area covers whopping 404 hectares (1,000 acres) and is the biggest beach in the Canary Islands. One can even break a sweat there as some of the dunes reach 15 meters. If you need a workout, then Dunas de Maspalomas is a perfect place for you.

The place is so vast that it is great for tourists looking for a getaway. There are no crowds and it is easy to contemplate the amazing nature in peace and quiet. Also, Instagram influencers will be happy about this beach – Dunas de Maspalomas is one of the most picturesque areas in Gran Canaria.


7. Cape Cross in Namibia

According to Jenny of TraveLynn Family
Follow their adventures on Instagram: @travelynnfamily


Cape Cross in Namibia is known for its stinky seals. Tens of thousands of seals congregate on this headland to socialize, jostle over space and feed on the plentiful fish. There is a walkway that takes you right up close to them. We found their comical walk and arguing, to be absolutely hilarious. Best Beaches in the World
But just a stone’s throw away from the seals, but far enough from the smell, is one of the most beautiful stretches of beach. The sea is a bit too rough and chilly for a leisurely swim, but it’s a spot where you feel a million miles away from anywhere. There are no shops or cafes but there is a basic campsite here (no power or running water) should you wish to stay overnight (which is what we did), or a lodge a short walk away. If you do camp, don’t leave any food out overnight as there are lots of jackals around; you’ll see their footprints on the beach in the morning. If like us, you are traveling Namibia with kids, this spot is perfect for an overnight stay between the Skeleton Coast and Swakopmund. 

8. Pfeiffer Beach in California

According to Victoria Watts Kennedy of Bridges and Balloons
Follow her adventures on Instagram: @bridgesandballoons

Pfeiffer Beach is one of the most beautiful sights on California’s iconic Big Sur coastline. The secluded beach is home to Keyhole Arch, a huge rock with a hole at the base where the waves come crashing through and you can catch a glimpse of the horizon beyond. It’s an incredible spot for sunsets. The sand at the beach has a purple tinge, created by the interplay of different minerals, getting more purple, the further north you go. Go there to hang out and soak in the beauty of the Big Sur coast.
The beach can be reached down the 2-mile Sycamore Canyon Road, just off Highway 1. Be aware that there is limited parking, so you may not be allowed down the road to the beach if the parking lot is full (there’s an attendant at the top of the road). Put the route into your sat nav ahead of time as the road is tricky to spot and network coverage is scarce.
Read more in my Ultimate California Road Trip Itinerary.

9. Playa Conchal in Costa Rica

According to Sally Pederson of Luxurious Lifestyles 
Follow her adventures on Instagram:
Playa Conchal in Costa Rica is my favorite beach on the Northern Pacific side of the country. A small hill with giant rocks protruding out into the ocean is the only thing that separates this 4 km beach from the neighboring Playa Brasilito to the east. This large rock area is the most popular place for snorkeling in the area. The crystal waters make it a great place to find various fish. The beach area around the rock is made of up of broken sea shells. The interesting thing about this is as move further down the beach away from the rock, the shells become smaller and smaller until it is like powered sand.
Playa Conchal can become a  very beach. Lots of locals and tourists enjoy the area. However, if you are going you will want to pack a cooler and bring drinks and food with you. There is a large resort with security guards hidden behind the trees, but other than that, there are no buildings. Sometimes there will be some locals selling food they are barbequing and others selling beer and water along the beach, but don’t count on it. Just like every touristy place, just outside the hotel, there are many locals selling everything from wood products to jewelry and beach blankets. Water sports rentals are also available.

10. Whitehaven Beach in Australia

According to Dave Anderson of Jones Around The World
Follow his adventures on Instagram: @jonesaroundtheworld
Australia is an absolutely massive country with gorgeous cities, coastlines, and is home to over 10,685 beaches.  While some may think it would be a difficult task to pick a favorite, I actually think there is no competition for which is one is the most beautiful!  Whitehaven Beach, located in the idyllic Whitsundays, is easily my top place to visit in the entire country!  I’ll never forget my first visit to Airlie Beach & The Whitsundays.  I took a full-day seaplane tour ride over Whitehaven Beach and landed right on the ocean and swam to the beach.  The water is the perfect color, pristine temperature, and the sand is so soft and white it’s magical.  There are plenty of day trips through the Whitsundays and the Great Barrier Reef, and I think it’s one of the best things you can do in the country!

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