Your smartphone can be your best friend when traveling. Now that almost everything is digital and you can do so many things with a click or swipe, having travel assistance apps help minimize the hassle of planning trips. However, these days, there are almost too many apps to choose from.

There are a number of apps you can download to book flights, accommodation, tours, and car rentals. Moreover, there are also assistance apps that help one navigate through the train system of a foreign country. These apps can be extremely helpful when you are traveling in unfamiliar areas.

In this article, we are going to find out about five travel assistance apps that can help you on your next adventure. Whether you are traveling with your friends, family, or by yourself, having these apps on your phone can make your vacation a breeze.


5 Travel Assistance Apps

What Are Travel Assistance Apps?

Travel assistance apps are essential tools that help travelers make the most out of their trips. Some apps provide language translation to easily understand the signs and packaging of goods. There are also apps for navigation, helping tourists find their way into a new city or country. Food recommendations? There are also apps for choosing the best restaurants in a certain location, with helpful insights from other customers.

Overall, these apps help travelers with common things such as booking a ride, finding the best route, choosing restaurants and more.

Top Five Travel Assistance Apps

If you are traveling soon, make sure to download these five travel assistance apps to have a worry-free trip.


1. FLIO (iOS, Android; Free)

Navigating through airports is simply tiring, not to mention, time-consuming. Because of the huge space, finding your way sometimes seems impossible. To ditch the hassle, you can simply download the FLIO app.

FLIO is an all-in-one companion for more than 300 airports around the world. The app provides users with terminal maps, boarding pass scanners, flight trackers, directions for shuttle buses, and more. This app also provides booking options for parking and even lounge access. So, the next time you are in a hurry, use this travel assistance app to find the assigned gate for your flight.

2. Google Translate (iOS, Android; Free)

Visiting other countries means communicating with locals who are not all English speakers. Burn the language barrier by using the Google Translate app. Considered one of the most helpful apps, this tool lets you translate words or sentences from one language to another.

Whats best about Google Translate is the visual translation feature, which uses your phones camera to translate texts and signage. The app recognizes 103 languages and, with a data connection, you can enjoy two-way voice translation.


3. XE Currency (iOS, Android; Free)

When traveling abroad, you always tend to compare prices when shopping, dining in restaurants, or purchasing tours. One great app to help you convert currency is XE Currency. This app supports every national currency worldwide and rates are updated daily.

XE Currency also helps you send money abroad and provides alerts for the best rates available. Even if you are away from a Wi-Fi connection, you can still enjoy a number of features, including the currency converter.

4. TripIt (iOS, Android; Free w/ In-App Subscription)

Organize your travel itinerary and other documents in one sweet app. TripIt lets users organize and keep itineraries, tickets, hotel booking info, car rental reservation, and more. It is an all-around app for keeping things organized.

As a number of apps, TripIt is free but there is also an in-app subscription of $49 for the Pro version. This version allows you to enjoy added features like real-time flight alerts, baggage claim info, and updates on loyalty reward programs.

5. WeChat (iOS, Android; Free)

In some countries like Dubai or China, some messaging applications are blocked. WeChat is a safe social media and messaging app to use when you are traveling. The best part is, the app supports payment through e-wallets and has games available to play too.

Five Travel Assistance Apps t


In todays digital world, it is important to have essential tools to travel safely and hassle-free. Make sure to download one or more of these travel assistance apps to make yourself comfortable throughout your trip. hfkhfdskf h