Big Sky Nation Travel Wifi

Every traveler’s need nowadays is to have a great connection while on the road. In a world where online work is already going on and where people keep on posting status updates in social media, one would really need an on-the-road connection, anytime, anywhere. That’s where we found Big Sky Nation to be the best in this field.
We went to Sapporo a few weeks ago and as a person who does online work, we definitely need some wifi service that could work anytime and anywhere. We have spent nine (9) days in Hokkaido area, covering Sapporo, Niseko, Otaru, and Chitose. It was a relaxed trip and it was awesome. You know, as we travel, we learned that’s it’s better to travel slowly than go to places only to take pictures. We take home memories, photos are a plus.
So we have received the Big Sky Nation Travel Wifi two (2) days before our departure. It was sealed and comes with its own pocket-sized bag and a USB Type-C cord. They also mentioned using the Travel Wifi in the country you will be going as it is where it’s been set to. Big Sky Nation Travel Wifi

The Travel Wifi Provider You Need for Every Trip

When we arrived at the New Chitose Airport Terminal coming from Manila, we immediately turned the wifi on, and in less than a minute or two, the connection is already working. If I am not mistaken, the travel wifi speed at the terminal is about 100 Mbps and you connect the travel wifi device for up (five) to 5 devices. So basically, after turning the travel wifi on, we just put in our backpack and get connection seamlessly wherever we go. Convenience at a 100% rate, every time!
Before heading to Sapporo, I went to Chitose first to check on Lake Shikotsu. I even broadcasted an FB live video using the travel wifi while it was snowing. If you are a first-time traveler to Sapporo, you must visit Lake Shikotsu, the views are totally amazing! At Lake Shikotsu, the travel wifi speeds drop to almost 50% but that’s still 50 Mbps! More than what’s enough for what I need. Big Sky Nation Travel Wifi
A few days more and we headed to Sapporo and visited Mt. Moiwa and the town of course. The wifi was just in the backpack and giving us a seamless connection. Since we will be Hokkaido prefecture for a few days, we also visited and spent so much great time at Niseko, the favorite part of our trip. Big Sky Nation Travel Wifi
Niseko was just really different. We found the winter vibes we were actually looking forward to in there, hence, we visited Hokkaido. Sapporo snow was already melting and you can only feel the cold breeze. During our first few days, there was still snowfall in Sapporo but that didn’t take long.

Big Sky Nation Travel Wifi Speed

As recorded, here are the Big Sky Nation Travel Wifi speeds.
New Chitose Airport Terminal: up to 100mbps
Chitose (Lake Shikotsu): up to 50mbps
Sapporo (Mt. Moiwa, other locations): from 15 Mbps to 50 Mbps
Niseko: from 15mbps to 50mbps
Otaru: from 3mbps to 25mbps
As you see, the connection becomes different depending on location, but still, it could give you the best connection you could get from a travel wifi device. Really recommend this Big Sky Nation Travel Wifi as it gave us the best experience we could have in terms of being connected 24/7. Big Sky Nation Travel Wifi


Charging the Travel Wifi

During our usage, it took us around 12-18 hrs before draining the battery of the device. There are lights in the device indicating the battery level so before LED goes off, you must charge the device to continuously use the connection.
The device comes with a USB Type-C cord that you can use to charge the device. You can charge it using your phone’s charger head, or plug it in on a laptop’s USB slot. If you have the new version of laptops, you can use the colored USB port (blue or yellow) to charge anything even when the laptop is shut down.
Availing Big Sky Nation Travel WIFI + Promo Code
To avail of the service, simply go to the Big Sky Nation website and look for the service you need to rent.
PROMO CODE: THEJERNY (15% discount on rental services at Big Sky Nation)