The common mistakes you had better avoid when you study at home

Studying at home: pros and cons

There are many alternatives where you can study. Some people like studying in groups like schools, universities, and outer courses. The other ones prefer studying at home rather than in any other places. Nowadays, home studying is very popular, as it has many advantages.
How to Study English at Home -
First of all, you are inside your habitat, so the brain does not feel uncomfortable. Moreover, you do not have to spend time on the way to the studying institution, so you can more time to study.
Usually, there are fewer distractions at home, and you do not obligate to hurry. For example, if you faced some difficulty with the topic, you can give it more time and pay more attention to it. However, when you study at home, it may be difficult for you to use your knowledge and skills in practice somewhere outside. Furthermore, you may not have a teacher or a tutor to ask anything you cannot understand on your own or to get the feedback on your essay writing.

What are the common mistakes you should avoid?

Generally, people who study at home are prone to make the five more common mistakes. Those mistakes can be extremely harmful and keep you back from becoming an English speaker. Look at them and make sure that you do not do the same.

When you study at home, you do not follow the first basic studying principle that states that you should study in the places completely free of distractions. In a classroom, using cell phones is forbidden as well as eating, watching TV, or listening to the radio. Students are supposed to stay focused and concentrated, to memorize the studying material. If you prefer home studying, you have to do the same. Find the area where you can relax and focus to make the studying process faster and more effective.
The next shared mistake is to read subtitles instead of listening. To practice reading is very important, but you also have to improve your listening skills what you cannot do with subtitles. The very useful suggestion is to watch a movie or any other video for around three minutes, put in on a pause, and write down everything you have heard. Such practicing also will come in handy for your paper or essay writing.

Some people discover many studying techniques that help to make the process easier to get more from it. However, they do not practice those techniques. For example, if you know that writing diaries can improve your paper writing, just do it. You will not get any advantages from just knowing how to learn if you do not learn that way.

The other mistake students make – they do not make a specific time for studying. Habit can be a very good assistant for you. If you study every day at the same time, your brain will nudge you to do it constantly. Even your friends and family will remind you when it is time to study.
Finally, the students often study English conservatively without finding the best way for them to study. It is a huge mistake, as each person is unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses. Consider them when looking for the best way to learn English. Some students can study at home when the others prefer classrooms as they can get the speaking and the writing help during classes or order professional writing services from experts online. Maybe for you, it is better to study through watching movies and writing essays instead of looking over grammar handbooks. Try several ways to choose only the best.


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