Dubai is an amazing place thanks to the combination of ancient and modern marvels. It took decades for the coastal city to transform from a desert area to one of the most modern cities of the world where tourists from all around the world are eager to visit. Dubai has fewer deposits of oil and gas as compared to other emirates of UAE and this proved a blessing in disguise for the city as it forced the rulers of Dubai to start transforming the city into a hotspot for tourists. As a result of this transformation, now thousands of tourists from all around the world visit the city every year.

Finding Dubai Deals

Dubai Travel Deals And Do Dubai On A Budget -
There are several places of interest to visit in Dubai. There are tall skyscrapers including the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa while Ski Dubai and artificial islands are really wonderful manmade places built in the desert city. If you are fond of shopping then The Dubai Mall, Gold Souk and Dubai Spice Souk are few places to visit. Then there are theme parks and beautiful beaches waiting for the beauty lovers. There are so many tourist attraction places in Dubai that even 90 days will prove too little to enjoy the fun.
Dubai is a desert city where the weather remains pleasant from October to April. Most of the visitors travel to Dubai during this suitable time, while many events and festivals are also held at the same time. It means that the time to visit Dubai has arrived. Interested people from all around the world are arriving or are planning to start their trip to Dubai.
This is also the time when different travel companies appear with cheap Dubai travel deals in order to lure tourists from all around the world. These travel agencies provide complete packages for tourists including Dubai visa services, flights, hotels, land and marine transport. Tourists have the option to contact these travel agencies to get travel deals or they can search for themselves to get separate services.
You can know about different components of travel deals here below.

Travel Visas

Dubai Travel Deals And Do Dubai On A Budget -
Travel visas for Dubai are available with the sponsorship from travel agencies, airlines and hotels. Out of the many things to do in Dubai, you certainly will have a lot of time depending on your stay. The duration of the tourist visa is from 30 to 60 days while visit visa can be obtained from 30 to 90 days. Dubai exempted citizens of 30 European countries to obtain a visa before their arrival and they can obtain the visa for 90 days after their arrival in Dubai while citizens of few other countries (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Japan etc.) can get a visa for 30 days after their arrival in Dubai.


Flight Deals

Dubai Travel Deals And Do Dubai On A Budget -
Several airlines provide cheap flights to Dubai from various international destinations. These flights are also available during the visit season (October to April). Sometimes, these airlines made agreements with travel agencies, while you can also use internet get information about the deals provided by various airlines. If you are trying to visit Dubai in the winter season, then you may have to search for cheap deals because large numbers of visitors are available to airlines in the season and many of them don’t need to offer cheap flights for visitors during this season.
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Dubai Travel Deals And Do Dubai On A Budget
Unless you have a destination in Dubai, you will have to stay in a hotel during your stay in Dubai. Again, you can contact a travel agency that will provide your stay in a hotel according to your travel period or you can directly get information about cheap hotels through the internet. It is always advisable to get complete information about hotels suitable for your accommodation according to your budget before your landing in Dubai because finding such hotels after your arrival can prove unsuccessful and this may result staying in an expensive or low standard place unnecessarily.

Land Transport

Dubai land travel -
The sole purpose of tourists and visitors in Dubai is to visit beautiful and amazing places in the city. As mentioned above, there are a number of wonderful places to visit in Dubai and the visitors would like to visit as many places as possible. If you are visiting Dubai through a travel agency then it is more likely that transportation facility may also be available in the deal. But if you are travelling on your own then there are several modes of land transportation available in Dubai.
The cheapest is the Dubai Metro that has fixed charges and its route covers several important locations. But if you are visiting the places that are not in the route of Dubai Metro or if you want to maintain privacy then you can get private taxis that are present in large number in Dubai. Smartphone app-based services like Careem and Uber are also doing a lot of business in Dubai for providing best service in affordable fares.


Marine Transport

Dubai marine travel -
Dubai is home to world-class beaches and you can avail complete fun of the blue water of gulf by using water transport services available in Dubai. Many travel agencies also provide such service in their packages. Apart from that, you can get ferry service, boats and yacht service for water transportation around the city. Using this water-based travel mode is simply amazing. Thousands of passengers and visitors use ferry service every year. Private boat and yacht services are also available in Dubai at various rates. You can also choose such services according to your budget.

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