Almost everyone dreams of traveling the world and seeing new places. You may eve be a seasoned travel pro. But, do you know your travel personality?

For individuals who are just getting into traveling, it can be difficult to find your groove and determine what type of traveler you are. More often than not, our personalities factor in to how we approach travel.

To know more about what kind of traveler you are, make sure to read about the various types of travel personalities that exist. Who knows, you might just figure out what kind of trip or holiday you should take.


What Type of Traveler are You

  • The Type A

There’s always that one friend who plans everything out to a tee. Type A personalities are those who want to maximize their days and see everything within reach – at a cost.

Most likely, they’ll have every second of the day planned out and may even have itineraries for everyone in the group. Once you have a destination booked, you’re inclined to launch into full planning mode.

From finding the best accommodations in the central district to booking tours from reputable vendors to even researching the dining establishments a country is known for, you’re certainly the person to go to.


With this travel personality, you may even find yourself planning clothes and preparing all the necessary documentation for you and everyone else.

While you may approach traveling with a go-getter mindset and an aggressive stake, it’s only because you want to make the most of your trip.

  • The Lone Wolf

Solo-travelling a la Eat, Pray, Love has seen a growing trend in the past years. Many people want to learn more about who they really are. These solo travelers tend to do a lot of self-reflection along the way.

If you’re the lone wolf, you can usually find yourself gravitating towards more peaceful and restorative places where you can ponder on wellness and philosophies.


While you’re open to meeting new people, you don’t necessarily invite them on your journey if you have this travel personality.

  • The Budget Traveler

Traveling and seeing the world doesn’t have to be expensive and this may just be what budget travelers and backpackers live by.

From scouring the depths of the Internet for affordable flights to scoring dirt-cheap accommodations, these are some joys you definitely partake in.

Backpacking and budget traveling is a serious commitment, a lifestyle if you will. This type of approach lets you focus on the things that matter. Your likely destination is the one you have been saving up for.

  • The Collector

With this travel personality, going to new places partly excites you because you’re most likely to leave with a new keepsake or souvenir in your bag.

Whether it’s a massive weaved rug, an antique jar, or a standard magnet, you travel with the goal to collect something that will remind you of that wonderful trip.

You take these mementos as proof you went to your goal destination. You may even take a precise approach when it comes to experiences you’ve been on. After all, you have the collection to show for it.

  • The IG Fanatic

Social media surely has taken over the world and Instagram remains supreme. From taking a variety of selfies in different angles to finding the right backdrop, this type of traveler wants to see the wonders of the country – and document it on their feed.

With the primary goal of curating their feed, these individuals normally find themselves always on the lookout for the most Instagrammable places. If this is the case, visiting Bali will certainly be up your alley.

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The Bottom Line

Now that you have seen the different types of travelers, we hope that you finally discovered – and came to terms with – your travel personality.

Whether you’re going to a local destination or going abroad, it’s best to factor your personality in order to have a fun and exciting time.