Taipei, Taiwan Travel Tips with an Extreme Tight Budget: Spend just ₱5000 for 4D3N Taiwan travel guide 4d3n

Contributed by: Jaybee Bernandino

Here’s how.
I have no plans to travel to Taiwan and not even in my priority list because I’m hooked on exploring the beautiful Islands here in the Philippines. If you want also to check my local travel guides just like our page.
When the Visa Requirements was waived for the Filipinos, I grabbed the opportunity. Please have in mind that Visa-Free Entry is extended until July 31, 2019 as of today. Taiwan travel guide 4d3n
The sample budget of ₱5000 is for tour, transport and foods only but it always depends on you if you will overspend, especially if you love eating like me. I tried almost every dishes and it’s so great! hoho.
In this article, you can check budget accommodation, tips and how to commute using MRT and where to eat and what to do in Taiwan.

My Top List Destinations in Taiwan


•Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
•228 Peace Park
•228 Memorial Hall
•Jieshou Park
•Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall
•Taipei 101
•Mount Elephant
•Din Tai Fung Restaurant


•Shilin Night Market
•Modern Toilet Restaurant


Day 3: Outskirts of Taipei

•Taipei Zoo
•Maokong Gondola
•Tamsui Love
•Lover’s Bridge
•Fisherman’s Wharf
•Ximending Night Market

Day 4

Departure to MNL

Here are Jebschap Ph Travel Tips that will help you maximize your budget in Taipei:

(i) Where is the best place to change your Money?

•It’s better to look for money changer at Metro where the rates are good. NAIA Money Changer also have good conversion rates if you don’t have enough time. Taiwan travel guide 4d3n
•If you will bring cash I’d suggest you NOT to bring PH₱ instead bring USD. Sometimes they don’t accept ₱ in Taiwan & it’s better to bring USD to maximize it’s conversion rates if you will go abroad.
•They only have money changer at the Taoyuan Airport. Money Changer outside the Taoyuan Airport is relatively hard to find. So better do your monetary transaction either at NAIA or TAOYUAN.
•Other option is to activate your ATM prior to your departure and withdraw at any ATM Machines in Taiwan.


(ii) Airport Transfers

•All the international flights are departing to Taoyuan International Airport.
•I’d suggest you take the MRT instead of Bus. Taiwan travel guide 4d3n
Travel Time: 40mins
Fare: NT160.00/Way
Operational Hours: 6:00AM-11:00PM

(iii) Where to Stay?

I often preferred hotels or accommodation near the Bus Terminal or MRT Station to save time and energy and for convenience. Taipei Main Station is like the Cubao of MNL from here you can go easily around Taipei.

Recommended cheapest hotels near Taipei Main Station:

1. Chia Rong Hostel (Highly Recommended Spot)
You can book at or Agoda
Price: ₱1,131/Night (Private Room)
2. Homey Hostel
You can book via or Agoda
Price:₱900/Night (Bunk Beds)
*They also offer private rooms
3. Taipei City Home
You can book at or Agoda
Price: ₱957/Night (Bunk Beds)
*They also offer private rooms
4. Main Inn Taipei 梅樓驛站
You can book at or Agoda
Price:₱713/Night (Bunk Beds)
*They also offer private rooms

(iv) Where to eat?

I can downgrade everything but not the food, because the food is life for me haha! I listed all the carinders (Classy Karinderya) of the night markets and all the authentic Taiwan restaurant, up to the weirdo restaurants in Taipei. Taiwan travel guide 4d3n
Taiwan is not only the home of authentic Chinese foods but also offers different cuisines. 7/11 Store also offers a lot of delicious foods and it’s cheap. You can save a lot if you will eat there but at least you must try one of these restaurants once you visit.
1. Din Tai Fung
Land Mark: Near at Taipei 101 Bldg
2. Modern Toilet Restaurant
Land Mark: Near at Shilin Night Market
3. Shilin Night Market
Land Mark: Near at Jiantan Station
4. Yan Ping Night Market
Land Mark: Near at Daqiaotou
5. Kao Chi
Land Mark: Near at Dongmen Station
6. San Ho Yan
7. Jin Feng
8. Ximending Night Market
Land Mark: Ximen Station


(V) Tours in Taipei / Taiwan

•Most of my Taipei city tours are via MRT so just look at the itinerary below on how to get there.
I’d suggest you book your outside Taipei tours at KKday or Klook it save a lot of money if you will travel alone. They offer day tours for Jiufen, Yehliu & Shifen tour for ₱1,792/Pax. Sometimes KKday is giving promo codes or discounts just search it in their FB page to get the promo code. I got mine at 50% off. You can book online or download their mobile app to book your tour. Check also the other services and tours they offered. Taiwan travel guide 4d3n
Check Jiufen, Yehliu, and Shifen tours below:
KKday: Day Tour from Taipei: Jiufen, Yehliu, and Shifen 
Klook: Taiwan’s Northern Coast 
Klook: Northeast Coast Scenic Day Tour
Klook: Jiufen Village and the Northeast Coast 
Klook: Yehliu Geopark Shuttle Bus from Ximen


(VI) Taipei Travel Tips

Book your hotel ahead of time at, it’s free of charge.
Download MAPS.ME. It’s like Waze wherein you can use it offline to mark and find the place you want to go, it’s hard to use Waze here because mostly the places written in the app are Chinese characters.
Book a 4G wifi for rent online either at KKday (Wif Rental) or Klook (Wifi Rental) the rent is ₱150/Day.
•If you will go to other Cities like Taichung or Kaohsiung book the unlimited ride HSR access for 3Days at KKday or Klook via online for ₱3000, you will save a lot of money than buying it per ride. Look for the promo code sometimes they have ₱1000 disc promo code for that.
Buy also an EasyCard, it’s like the beep card in the Philippines and it’s reloadable you need it because you will do a lot of MRT rides and it’s so convenient to use because you will just tap it in every MRT ride and if you will buy something in the shops in Taipei especially in 7/11.
Don’t buy pasalubong at Shilin Night Market because it’s like a tourist trap the price of items there are usually 5x high in comparison to other night Market go to other Night Markets like Ximending instead if you will buy pasalubong. Taiwan travel guide 4d3n
Many items are cheap in Shifen than Jiufen but there’s a lot of choices at Jiufen.
•Try Taiwan’s Best the Pineapple Cakes, Nougats, Gay Cakes, Oyster Omelet & Milk Tea!

For the first timers in abroad prepare the ff:

1. Round Trip Printed Airfare Ticket
2. Printed Hotel Voucher
3. COE-Certificate of Employment
4. Approved Leave Form
5. Printed Itinerary
6. Passport & Gov’t I.D.

4Days 3Nights Taipei Sample Itinerary


8:30 AM Departure to Taoyuan
10:35 AM ETA Taoyuan Airport/Clear Immigration checkpoint
Pick up of the Wifi Modem rented online. (₱586.00 for 4Days via KKday)
Buy Easy Card and Reload.
12:00NN Lunch
1:00 PM Check in Taiwan travel guide 4d3n
1:30 PM ETD to Taipei Main Station. From airport go to Basement Platform. Fare is NT160.00
1:45 PM ETD to Chiang Kai Shek. From Main Station take the green line sign to ask for (G-13/Beimen Station) drop at (G-10/Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall Station) then exit at Linsen south road. Fare: NT 16.00
3:00 PM Walk for about 100 meters to Jieshou Park and another 100meters to 228 Peace Park then go to NTU Station to ride the MRT. Taiwan travel guide 4d3n
4:30 PM Ride the MRT at NTU (R9) Station to Xiangshan drop at R3 Taipei 101 Station. Fare: NT16.00
You can walk from there going to Elephant Trail or go back to MRT (R3) to Xiangshan (Last Station) then hike for less than an hour to the peak of Elephant Mountain. Bring foods and water, then wait for the night view, it’s amazing to take photos of their City Lights, it’s like the Peak Tram in HK.
8:00 PM Back to Hotel and get some rest it’s really tiring because I did a lot of walking but if you want to go in the night market you can go at Ximending Night Market that is the nearest from there.

Day 2: OUTSIDE TAIPEI TOUR: Jiufen, Yehliu, Shifen

(I Booked Online at KKday it’s a joiner tour)
7:00 AM Wake Up Call
8:00 AM go to Taipei Main Station E1 and wait for the Kkday Tour guide in front of 7/11 you can have a breakfast there or take it out than eat at the bus.
8:45 AM Meet Up ETD to Yehliu Park
10:00 AM ETA (1Hour Photo op)
11:00 AM ETD to Shifen Old Street to Shifen Falls
1:00 PM ETD to Jiufen
4:00 PM Back to Taipei
5:30 PM Arrival at Taipei/Back to Hotel
8:00 PM ETD to Shilin Night Market. Take the MRT red line from Taipei Main Station and drop at Jiantan Station then walk from there to Shilin Night Market.
10:30 PM Back to hotel. Please be minded the MRT closing time is 11:00 PM, just in case you missed you can grab a taxi.

Day 3: Taipei

9:00 AM Wake Up Call/Breakfast
10:00 AM ETD to Taipei Zoo & Maokong Gondola. From Taipei Main Station take the red line MRT and drop at Daan Station and then transfer to Brown Line MRT to Taipei Zoo and drop at Taipei Zoo Station (Last Station) Taiwan travel guide 4d3n
10:55 AM Buy a Taipei Zoo Ticket. Entrance Fee is NT70.00 or just go straight to the entrance gate and tap your easy card.
11:00 AM Explore Taipei Zoo ride a shuttle to go around, Fare: NT5.00 and there is a free shuttle going to Gondola.
1:00 PM Ride a Gondola to Maokong Station NT80/Way
1:30 PM ETA at Maokong Station. You can go back to Maolan Station or ride a bus from Maokong Station to Taipei Zoo MRT. The bus is passing in front of the Ice cream Tea Shop outside Maokong Station. Fare is NT15.00
2:00 PM ETD to Lovers Bridge. From Taipei Zoo station take the red line MRT going Tamsui Station (Last Station) Fare: NT44.00. Transfer to BUS #26 outside the Tamsui Station near at 7/11. Drop off at Fishermans Wharf Fare: NT7.00
3:00 PM ETA Fishermans Wharf/Lovers Bridge. Evening view here is fascinating so wait for it.
6:00 PM ETD to Hotel
7:00 PM Rest
9:00 PM ETD to Ximen Night Market. Take the blue line MRT drop at Ximen Station then exit at #6

Day 4

Depart to MNL
Counter Check Inn of Cebu Pac & PAL-No.5
Counter Check Inn of AirAsia -No.12 Taiwan travel guide 4d3n
Sample Expenses
KKday Tour(Jiufen,Yehliu,Shifen) ₱1,792/Pax (50% Off)- ₱896/Pax
Easy Card NT120 (₱228)
Easy Card Reload for All Transpo, Entrances etc. NT800(₱1520)
Foods & Others NT1240 (₱2356)
Total: ₱5000 Taiwan travel guide 4d3n

Check out these discounted offerings from KKday and Klook:



*Note: Hotel & other budgets e.g. pasalubong is not included on this computation. Just choose above if where do you want to book your accommodation depends on your budget and level of comfort then just add it to your expenses. Also, prepare for the travel tax amounting to ₱1620 if you didn’t include it to your airfare.


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