Announcements come everywhere whenever there is a promo seat sale from our favorite airlines. But the question is how fast can you book those limited promo seats for your next travel?


One thing that I am proud of for being a budget traveler is that I get to catch those low fares (or piso fares) that I want whenever possible. Our backpacking (where we went to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia) flights were just a fraction of our total expenses.  Tips to Book PISO FARE
The cheapest that I have booked so far for international flights was when I solo traveled to Malaysia where my flight ticket only cost me about Php 900++ (USD 18++) roundtrip. Our Taiwan ticket only cost us about 4000 pesos for two and our recent Japan trip only cost us about Php 5000 roundtrip good for two.
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Imagine how far can you go if you have the advantage to book those flights? So here are my top seven (7) ultimate tips to booking that piso fare you wanted! If you’ve been following us on Facebook, these are the tips that I always post plus an ULTIMATE BOOKING HACK.

Tip#1: Use the “one-way” option to filter promo fares.

This tip could get you an estimate of how much will it cost to fly towards another destination. If you see a fare so low, there’s a high chance a return flight is also on sale. So use two browsers if possible, one for the “going to” and one for the “going back from”.


Tip#2: Search for flights using One (1) adult only. The chances of promo fares appearing at a single seat are 90%. 2 seats 70%.

One of the best hacks here. If you are flying solo or two, this is very easy. But if you are flying with many, you’d have to book them one by one just to make sure you get each one a seat even when the flight times are all the same. Tips to Book PISO FARE

Tip#3: Register as a member of the airline website so you can always book 1 day ahead of the scheduled promo release (only if applicable). Tips to Book PISO FARE

This especially goes to almost any airline. There are “members only” exclusive sale for registered users, so make sure you are registered to get the deal you want and book with priority. AirAsia usually has this feature.

Tip#4: Book during midnight around 1 am to 4 am.

Because 12:00 am is too heavy for the server traffic. Every single one is trying to snag a deal and there will be lots and lots of server downtimes. One hour later, the volume of people would eventually go down as everyone (or at least a few thousands) need to go to sleep to wake up early for work.


Tip#5: If you are using Chrome, use a regular browser and an Incognito browsing mode for more chances of getting a promo fare!

Not everyone knows this but yeah, this is super effective!  Tips to Book PISO FARE
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Tip#6: Incognito mode preferred especially during peak hours.

If you are booking during the daytime and or when there are lots of people on the internet, Incognito or InPrivate browsing should be considered.

Tip#7: Ready your CARD DETAILS or better use Paypal for faster check-out on their website! Tips to Book PISO FARE

Never forget this especially when you are already on the check-out process!

ULTIMATE BOOKING HACK: Use SkyScanner App to book cheap fare flights. Download the app here:

Believe it or not, most of the fares I was able to book locally and internationally are coming from the SkyScanner app. This app scans every airline and displays the cheapest flights possible. This also saved me a lot of time and a lot of effort! Download the app because there’s less congestion than the web version!


Click here for the SkyScanner website
and check for promo flights.


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