Failing an emissions or smog test is a real pain. Not only will you need to diagnose and repair the problem, but you’ll have to wait and take the test again. Here are a few tips that will help make sure your vehicle passes the first time.

The Basics

There are quite a few things on your car that you can quickly asses and repair on your own, helping you meet emissions requirements without costly service visits. These include:

  1. Make sure the gas cap isn’t cracked and seals well.
  2. Replace the air filter.
  3. Check tire inflation (so the engine doesn’t have to work harder to reach testing speeds).
  4. Look into fuel additives to help clean carbon buildup.

These are relatively easy fixes that go a long way to get your car in shape for testing, and you can earn points on auto parts and maintenance supplies while prepping your vehicle at the same time.


Shop Calls

If you’re really worried your vehicle isn’t going to pass or if there are indicators that it won’t, bring your car to a mechanic and have those issues taken care of. Make sure you get any dashboard lights checked out, especially if the “check engine” warning it lit.
Getting a tune-up and oil change a couple of weeks before testing is another option, and if you let your mechanic know you’re due for emissions they’ll pay special attention to the catalytic converter and oxygen sensor, too.

Understated Upkeep

The best way to ensure your car is going to pass is to keep up with its maintenance schedule. It was established by the manufacturer specifically to keep your vehicle roadworthy for as long as possible. It will also let you know if you need a car battery charger or starter replacement by catching those problems early.
Don’t wait to fail an emissions test before taking steps for next time. Head to your local automotive store and get the tools you need to keep your car on the road today.


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