Gone are the days when mobile gamers are not considered real gamers. With more powerful processors available for mobile devices, users are now able to play more demanding games on their phones and tablets.

From casual platformers and gacha-style apps to 8-bit and even full-fledged RPGs, players on mobile devices definitely have a lot to choose from.

Because of the immense variety of apps in app stores, you might be looking for an easy way to find new games. Well, get ready for some good news because you can download an app that can help you find the best ones.


Discover New Games on Mobile

Top 5 Apps that Let You Discover New Mobile Games

1. GameTree

Dedicated to gamers, this application is designed to help you find new games. Using your profile, this app recommends the best apps that fit your tastes, no matter how underground or hidden they may be.

It uses an accurately predicted rating system, which introduces you to a game and lets you assess if you like it or not. This way, you can save yourself from the hassle of buying the app only to end up not liking it.

Aside from this, GameTree also lets you meet people who share your passion for mobile gaming. Who knows, you might even find friends for life!


2. TouchArcade

Those who have iOS devices can use TouchArcade to find games you have not played before through various criteria. When you visit the site, simply go to the hot games page to browse the most popular titles on the site.

The best thing about this is that you can sort through the list depending on your preferences. You can choose to browse free games or you can look for paid ones. You can also filter the list to see the latest apps in specific genres.

3. Google Play Games

Android users can make the most out of their downloads using Google Play Games. The great thing about this app is that you can play a demo of the games you are interested in with Google’s Play Instant technology.

With this feature, you can play a small portion without installing the game on your device. If you like the game, you can simply purchase or download it. It also gives you recommendations based on your history.


4. Play Store And App Store

Whether you are an Android or iOS user, you can definitely find brand-new titles in your respective store.

You can simply navigate your phone’s store to see new titles. Filtering and sorting search results can also give you more refined recommendations on the best mobile games.

One excellent way to find titles similar to those you’ve liked is to go to the info page of that particular game and see more apps similar to it. Read the details and watch the previews, if there are any, to get a clear idea.

5. GamePlan

Evaluations and assessments from experienced gamers is definitely a great resource. Some only like playing titles recognized by reviewers, while others simply like knowing what to expect.

GamePlan can give you such reviews and recommendations. This app contains games that are on Metacritic, a website dedicated to reviewing games, movies, and other similar content.

Keep in mind that this is dedicated to console titles such as PS1, PSP, and Nintendo DS and others.

However, you can emulate these titles on Android by downloading an emulator, extracting your legal copy of the game and transferring it to your phone.

App to Discover New Games

The Bottom Line

As a gamer, it is important to find the best games you can play on your Android and iOS device. Using these apps helps you wade through thousands upon thousands of titles to find that precious gem.