10 Advices for Visiting America

Millions of adventurers and explorers visit America, the land of opportunities every year. Most people think they know much about Americans only to discover later that they have only scratched the surface. Most Americans study abroad and they also realize how much they don’t know about other countries.
Adapting to a new culture takes time. In most cases, people from other countries get confused when they land in America. Anything can turn ugly at any time. To avoid making your travel a nightmare, we came up with ten pieces of advice for visiting America. Taking your time to learn about these bits of advice will save you a lot of time and energy in the long run.

1.    Don’t infringe on personal space

Personal space is not just important for Americans but for everyone. Infringing an American’s personal space may lead to confrontation or a show of disrespect such as pretending to check messages on the phone or simply looking away. If it gets worse, they’ll put on their sunglasses. Americans treasure their personal space. A conversation can turn ugly when someone enters their personal space. Again, always keep your eyes to yourself and never speak in restrooms.

2.    Don’t creep on women

Staring at women makes them extremely uncomfortable. In fact, they’ll call the police on you if it gets serious. You should either walk straight to a woman and tell her what you want or look away. When you stare at her, she sees you as a stalker.
Also, don’t mistake a woman’s friendliness with emotional attraction. An American lady will help you in any way she can because she wants you to enjoy your stay in America; not because she loves you. If you try to corner her to go out with you, you’ll be surprised. Most American women are usually armed so take care.


3.    Do not compare your country to America

According to college papers online and best essay writing service, every American loves his or her country. In fact, they think it’s the best in the entire world. Some won’t say it but others will. It’s important to keep your opinions to yourself despite the circumstance. If you start telling other people how your country is better off than America, they will definitely advise you to go back.

4.    Always be on the move

If you are not moving, you should move to the side. Americans don’t like it when they have to move around you. They want to focus on the movement of all. Americans get irritated quickly when you infringe their personal space by trying to block their progress. When walking, always stay on the right side. When people approach you, they’ll want to pass you on your left. Therefore, it’s good to keep your lane to avoid any confrontation.

5.    Don’t try explaining what football means

Americans hate it when someone tries to lecture them on the virtues of football. It’s quite unfortunate that soccer and American football share a name but that won’t prevent an American from watching the Dallas Cowboys. If you start joking about American football, you’ll be pitied and looked at with contempt. Also, showing that weird face when Americans get excited about Super Bowl or baseball will get you cornered.


6.    Terrorism is not taken lightly

Never make jokes about bombs or terrorists. Americans are very serious when it comes to such matters. You don’t want to spend your night in a cell just because of a joke. Americans always remember what they’ve been through with bombs and terrorists.

7.    Tipping is crucial

Most foreigners never tip in their country. If they do, it’s because they’ve been treated exceptionally well. Things are different in the US. Most waiters and waitresses are not paid enough so they have to survive on tips to live comfortably. When you go to any restaurant in the US, the general expectation is that you tip regardless of your present circumstances.
If you fail to tip anything above 20%, you are sending a clear message that you did not love the service or the restaurant. If you were served well, don’t accidentally say the service is poor by failing to tip. In a restaurant, don’t call the waiter or waitress by clapping or snapping. That’s disrespectful. Make eye contact with the waiter or waitress to get the service you want.

8.    Americans hate being touched

According to best dissertation service, you should never touch people you don’t know. You can shake hands but avoid hugging or kissing people. Hugging and kissing should be reserved for the people you know well. If you approach someone and he or she takes a step back, you are probably too close. If someone complains about your distance, just take a step back. A 1-meter distance is good. Also, on a crowded train or bus, look after your limbs.

9.    Do not discuss politics

Do not discuss politics or talk about political candidates in public. You can take a side when discussing with your close friends and family. If you discuss politics or try to support a political candidate in public, you’ll be seen as an outsider trying to impress his or her opinions on other people. And this won’t be taken lightly. Just go with the flow. Enjoy the conversation but don’t take anything personally.


10. Don’t discuss gender, race or healthy eating

Don’t start joking or sharing your opinions on gender or race. Most countries don’t agree with how the US deals with gays, lesbians and other minority groups. You should simply smile or nod when other people start discussing these sensitive topics. This also applies to eat habits. When you start discussing eating habits and obesity openly, someone in the crowd is likely to get irritated. Save your comments and opinions for your family and friends. Fat people don’t like being described and so neither skinny people. People will hate you for judging them according to their looks.


America will be a wonderful place if you can blend easily with the people’s culture and environment. Knowing what to do when visiting America will definitely give you an edge over other travelers. With these pieces of advice, you’ll avoid unnecessary confrontations and inconveniences.