I still could remember a few of my first blog posts in this blog where I just took photos of everything, raw and unedited. We think that photography is just about capturing photos and enhancing the subject on the foreground, but when you get to the gist of real photography, that’s just a small part of what photography does.
As a travel blogger, photography is an amazing tool for creating awareness, narrating stories, and understanding communities, cultures, and countries, even just in pictures. We make scenes in our stories be sought after and with photographs, it adds spice to what we have composed. One of my friends posted a photo of a beach in Bali populated with garbage and that photo created awareness to people in the community that started beach cleanup drives.

Travel Blogging and Photography

Sometimes, even professional bloggers are still in fear of pointing their camera to a subject by the fear of invading other people’s intimate moments. One of the best ways to ensure that we overcome this fear is by being sincere, by building a mutual relationship with the people by showcasing your motives, reasons, and goals. Travel Blogging and Photography
Also, a single photo helps in recollecting travels details even after years. It is a blissful feeling to see a particular place through a picture when you have not returned to for years.  As time goes, one’s memory about certain events and places weakens so one needs to fall back on photos to remember everything.

Azure Staycation -
Taken at Azure Residences

Travel Blogger’s Essential Traits 

Photography is no doubt a very brilliant form of artistic expression. Although social media can make one feel like a pro, photos of food and selfies are not as close to the profession.
A good travel blogger most possesses these essential traits as related to photography.


Technical Skills

Must possess excellent technical skills. They must have a good understanding of their environment and in particular be familiar with camera operations. Also, should be used to using photo-editing software to make better enhancements on a photo but not on an excess scale of editing.


Must have a great creative ability to make their pictures unique. Their work must draw attention amongst the hundreds of pictures that consumers come across daily. In this world where you can take photos anytime and anywhere, you should be able to direct their attention to a photo you have captured.

Subject Knowledge

Travel blogger who works on fields or trips must have a subject or environmental understanding. For example a visit to the wildlife park, one must understand animal behavior so that they understand how, when and where to locate their subjects. Reading beforehand or asking a knowledgable companion truly helps. Travel Blogging and Photography


Interpersonal Skills

Must have the ability to work and relate with people. They must be able to keep their subject relaxed and gain their cooperation for better results. Interpersonal skills also help you with marketing yourself that you are good at what you do and people should also look at your works.

Patience Travel Blogging and Photography

One is ought to be patient and pays attention while taking pictures. If not conscious while behind the lens, it’s likely you will miss or not take into cognizance some of the magic events happening right next to you. That said, they should also seem to know just when to act and possess incredible reflexes when one subject moves.

Commercial skill

Having possession on all the other skills mentioned above, there is a need to commercialize their work. One needs to have commercial skills to earn a regular income out of blogging or photography. To achieve this, they must create a bond with individuals or organizations that show interest in their work.

Villa Elma: Hidden Nature Getaway in Lucban, Quezon | Travel Guide 2018
Photo was taken at Villa Elma in Lucban, Quezon

Writing Tips as a Travel Blogger

Travel blogger must be able to write their memories of the places they have traveled to. This does not have to be exotic or far-flung but should be interesting and attracts readers. It is expected for a travel blogger to have these writing traits. Travel Blogging and Photography

  • Good memory: Each time we recollect something from our memory, we recreate what happened from a moment of the past. It’s best to help keep our memory sharp.
  • Written goals: This is a great reminder that you can use to keep yourself abate even when stressed pertaining to writing a trip experience.
  • Set a Reminder: Sometimes we get carried away by things not related to the trip purpose thereby losing track of what is most important. To be on track, it is advisable to put down a reminder that will serve as a guide to what you should write about.
  • Clear thinking: You cannot hold many thoughts in your head at a time. So it is helpful to write down your feelings, facts, and thoughts about your trip. Having it written down makes it easier to find new connections to a moment and gives you an overview of what happened.

Conclusively, as a travel blogger, you have to take photography seriously and must possess the mentioned qualities. One must also be able to complement the photos by writing great content that will help readers in answering the questions they have in mind. Travel Blogging and Photography

Photo was taken at Floating Cottage in Guimaras

In addition to the traits and qualities mentioned above, it’s also suggested to join photography events, conference, and workshops to further enhance your skills in photography.
The Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation is pleased to announce Photoworld Asia 2019, an international photographers’ conference, on January 31- February 3, 2019.
The conference will be attended by RC Sustiguer, Geli Blanco, Vivian Valdez, Andrea Genota, Peachy Hernando, Rachel Lobangco, Shaira Luna, Joan Bondoc, and Jaja Samaniego to tackle topics about photography, social media, and advertising.
To register, simply call the numbers (02) 524 7576; 528 0371 | 0966-985-3755 or 0919-331-0483.
10% discount is granted for seniors, students and women delegates.
Travel Blogging and Photography


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