After our tour on our first day in Bali, we were driving next to our villa by our lovely tour guide and driver, Panca. Panca owns one of the best tours companies in Bali, the Bali Customized Tours, hence, why we decided to take his service. Knowing that you’re guided by the best is an assurance especially when you are not in your home country.
NOTE: If you want to avail of his service when you are in Bali, let him know that we (Jerny or The Jerny) referred you so you could get a discount on tours. Contact them via Facebook.
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Tri Datu Villas in Ubud

Tri Datu Villas is an accommodation with jungle or forest view in the north of Ubud center. It’s far from the noises of the city so if you are looking for a peaceful getaway or vacation, this villa would be perfect for you. The villa is surrounded by forest and rice fields, and at night, all you can hear is the humming of the birds at the nearby forest. Tri Datu Villas Ubud
It’s composed of three (3) individual studios with full amenities sharing one infinity pool with an overview of the forest. Each villa has its own shower room with bathtub, kitchen, and bedroom. We happen to have been booked at Maitre D Studio.

Maitre D Studio – Tri Datu Villas

Maitre D Studio is located on the ground floor, located at the right of the infinity pool. It is fully equipped with kitchen, utensils, drinking water dispenser, a bathroom with hot and cold shower plus bathtub, and a king-sized bed with mosquito net. Facing the bed is the balcony facing the forest making a perfect backdrop of the scene like you are living within the jungle.
We totally loved the setup of our room. Imagine waking up in the morning with a view of the jungle and when you go to the balcony area, it’s full of fresh air and all you can hear is the birds singing and chirping. Going outside the room, you will see the beautifully crafted infinity pool facing the forest. Totally perfect for taking pictures, dipping and relaxing. Tri Datu Villas Ubud



Infinity Pool – Tri Datu Villas

One of the highlights of our stay was this infinity pool that is shared by the three studios. It’s a small infinity pool just enough for a quick dip but the color of the tiles was too good, you would want to swim after seeing it. The water isn’t that cold as well so you could take some time staying in the water. It faces the forest and that gives it a perfect impression of having a good time while in it.

A few walks down from the pool, you’d find reclining chairs where you can relax or sunbathe when the sun is out. Going down further is a place where you could practice yoga.    Tri Datu Villas Ubud

Experience at Tri Datu Villas

The moment we got there was a bit late because we had a tour with Bali Customized Tours. We arrived at around 4 PM and the check-in time was 2 PM. Unfortunately, there was no one in the villa when we arrived. So we had to call them and someone arrived after a few minutes, thanks to Panca for speaking for us.
We were then escorted to our room. The staff explained the basics of our room and it was surprisingly complete, like a house. It’s equipped with a kitchen, toilet, and bath with bathtub, and a king-sized bed with mosquito net. There are even a few fruits in the basket — apples, and oranges. What more can we ask for?

After settling our things down, we took pictures of the place and took a dip in the infinity pool. The water in the pool wasn’t too cold so I stayed for a longer time, just watching the forest in front of me. When hunger strikes, I went out of the pool, dried myself up and we started cooking for our dinner.
Since the kitchen is well equipped, we didn’t have any problems cooking for our dinner. There’s also a supply of drinking water so we didn’t have to buy for our own as the stores in the area are quite far. While having dinner, we also tried to watch television. I didn’t know any channels and I could not understand the language but I was able to browse all the channels they have, thinking there would be English channels, but there’s none. However, surprisingly, there’s a Chinese anime channel where Naruto Shippuuden is being played. I settled for it even when I cannot understand a thing. Tri Datu Villas Ubud
Jane headed to the bathroom to take a bath and I did the same when she got out. We both went to sleep early as we will be picked up by another tour guide from Bali Customized Tours to start our Day 2 tour.

Prior to Check-Out

We had not ordered breakfast because we brought some food from town. But if ever you stay here, the villa is offering breakfast. Just make sure to tell them the night before so they could prepare for it and bring it in the morning. You could either eat on your bed or eat breakfast by the pool. After making sure we left nothing of our possessions at the villa, we left at 9 AM to start the tour.
Check-out was no hassle. We just left the keys at the table.


How to Book Tri Datu Villas for your Bali vacation?

Via Airbnb only

  1. If you don’t have an Airbnb account yet, make sure you register via this link so you could get a discount for your stay. Click this link to registration portal. The discount coupon will only work on new accounts so make sure you don’t use an email that’s already registered to Airbnb.
  2. After registration, visit this link –  Maitre D Studio | Tri Datu Villas– and book your desired dates.
  3. The discount coupon will automatically apply upon checkout.



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