After having visited A Square, approximately 20 mins away is where we were headed next.

El Masfino Hotel and Resort: Your Exclusive Getaway Up North

El Masfino Hotel and Resort is located within the Royal Northwoods Golf and Country Club, only 1-hour drive away from Manila.

Why it’s your exclusive getaway? It is a 5 minutes drive from the gate of Royal Northwoods Golf course. If you’re going to walk, it will take about 20 to 30 minutes of your time. The resort is within the golf and country club itself.


Upon arriving at the destination, we were welcomed by the staff. In every resort and hotel, aside from the cleanliness, amenities, and facilities, it’s the hospitality that matters the most. In this resort, the staffs were all smiles and their politeness was overflowing. You can already feel the warm aura. And I have heard that most staff in the resort have been employed for years, which talks big about how good the management is. They do take good care of their employees.


The resort has a total of 20 rooms to accommodate guests. Sixteen (16) Deluxe rooms and four (4) Suite rooms.

We were then given our keys to the room. Deluxe Room 103 was designated to us and joining us were Maddie and Chams, two gorgeous ladies with travel and lifestyle blogs.

The room, Deluxe Room, is good for a maximum of four persons. To which, even when we are four in the room, it’s still quite spacious, and more spacious if we are only the two in it. Each Suite Room has twin double beds and you can still request for an extra bed.


I personally loved the interiors. The room has a warm feeling when you’re inside. So homey! The colors are fully complemented with black. The room also has a television set with cable tv, air conditioner, it’s own bar refrigerator, a couple of drawers for your items, a cool looking lamp (I loved this one!), and more. The lights, when lighted up, boost the room with warm colors. If your aim is to relax, it will definitely give you that and your sleep success is also on high.

One good stuff about the room is also the bathroom. Space in it was truly maximized. It doesn’t feel claustrophobic at all. Also, the shower area is a clear glass panel with hot and cold shower. We totally loved their bathroom. If only the two of us were in the room, I’d definitely stay longer in the shower area.

El Masfino Hotel and Resort Facilities + Amenities

Talking about the resort’s facilities, they definitely are boasting of a lap pool and wave pool. Cool, right? For only 300 pesos entrance on a day tour (peak season), you get to experience both.

We toured around and checked the area out. They also have these facilities best for team building. Aside from the swimming pools, they have a biking path, jogging path, picnic area, volleyball court, tennis court, billiards, basketball court, and KTV. The volleyball court would feel like you’re on a beach volleyball setup.

The resort has obstacle courses as well along the picnic area for physical activities. You may opt to slide, climb, or swing in the activity area or playground or just plainly enjoy the overall view of the resort.


They have Spa area too but the day we were there, they were all booked so we didn’t get a chance to experience that, but we would love to!

If you’re on a day tour and you don’t want to pay Cabana rental, you may opt to stay at the picnic area where trees are giving you shed from the sun.

Adrenaline boosting activities, you ask? They have that as well! You can rent the bicycle or the dune buggy for that. The road to enjoy the dune buggy is just outside the lobby area but still within the grounds of the resort. Enjoy and hone your driving skills while viewing the greenery of the place! You would even see cows or carabaos within the area or drive onto the muddy or the rocky part of the course. Your enjoyment is up to you!

Our Unique Experience in Driving

Not all resort would get you to drive a golf cart yourself, but this is an exception (or maybe we’re just lucky). Just before our tour in the golf course, we’re fortunate to have been spoken with Mr. Antonio Pancho, the builder of the property. And he permitted us to drive a golf cart on our own! Also, he mentioned to give us a practice play of golf in the morning!

Driving along the golf course on our own golf cart is one of a kind. We get to see the overall view of the resort and the golf course, take photos in a while and drive back again. It’s awesome to see the greens in the golf area, the setting, the dunes, and even the sunset. I let Jane drive first and I to be the one to drive back to the lobby.

After touring around the golf course, we head next and look forward to driving the dune buggy! We weren’t able to take great photos because it was already halfway dark. Plus, the first ones who drove the dune buggy enjoyed it a lot and even extended their experience which left us (Jane and me) a very little time to drive it our own and experience it to the maximum we could. But still, it’s a driving experience we couldn’t compare with anything. It’s still one of the best. Again, I let her drive the dune buggy first. I love seeing her eyes sparkling when doing things the first time. 🙂

It was definitely a great experience and the most unique among all our experiences in the resort.

Night Swim and Other Activities

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After the dune buggy experience, we stayed a little in our room and prepared ourselves for a night swim, while others are in the KTV area, singing their souls out from happiness.

We actually thought the water would be so cold and that we’d get up soon, but it was different. The water was pretty warm, like in a hot spring, it would make you stay in the pool for long. Jane isn’t the person to stay in the water when it is freezing cold. She definitely loved staying in the lap pool because the water was so warm, she didn’t even shake for a chill feel. We even played a little basketball shooting in the pool and we both enjoyed it.

Just a little story of my foolishness, I was left with a little mouth injury. It’s because I was making the basketball a floater by clamping it between my legs. What happened next was that the ball rocketed upwards hitting my chin, forcing my mouth to close, leaving my mouth with a very little blood because my teeth hit the inside of my cheek, leaving a small wound. So the lesson has been learned, that you should really be careful when making a basketball a floater. LMAO! Update: The inside of my cheek is okay now, don’t worry. 🙂

In the room that night with other two ladies, we were preparing to sleep, but before that, we also had a movie night. Because the TV has cable channels, we were able to watch Avengers: Age of Ultron and White House Down under the FOX channel. God knows what time I was able to force myself to sleep. I even got up after a short sleep to shut the TV down because Maddie fell asleep while the TV was on.

Breakfast and Golf Play at El Masfino Hotel and Resort

They have plenty of choices for a breakfast at the clubhouse dining. I opted to have the Filipino Breakfast, Beef Tapa, served with garlic rice, egg, and coffee. I asked for a poached egg. Whilst Jane asked for the Crispy Adobo, served with egg, garlic rice, and coffee. Both dishes are worth 175 Php. The meals were sumptuous and tasty. For their price, it was more than worth it. They also served a few slices of melon, pineapple, and watermelon.

With their attentive staff, you will be served more than you deserve.

Not only they are serving Filipino dishes but some Korean, Japanese, and Chinese cuisines too. The menu has a variety of choices and everything is served and cooked only when ordered so you are sure that the meal is served hot before your eyes.

The great food and the conversations we had at breakfast are enough to start up the day. After breakfast, a few of us head to take some rest, or did some more activities, and prepare for check-out whilst the five among our group including me opted to go for the real golf experience.

All of us had no experience in playing golf. So we were assisted to the golf practice area and a golf professional taught us the basics of handling the gold club and hitting the golf ball correctly. He also taught us the proper position and some basic of golf playing.

The cost of this activity is 1000 per hour. The golf practice is best for people with no experience in playing golf. It takes a lot of effort and discipline before you can hit your first ball perfectly. In order to hit the ball and land it on the longest distance possible, you have to calculate your speed, your strength, your force, your timing, and many other factors. If you think it is easy, it’s not. That’s why golf is mostly played by professionals. That is why golf is known as a rich man’s sport.

Verdict and Overview with El Masfino Hotel and Resort

El Masfino Hotel and Resort will definitely please you, your pocket, and your eyes. Their rates are affordable, that’s why Koreans, Japanese, Chinese and alike the premium market are often booking their facilities. Not only you could enjoy a scenic view and the resort’s greenery but you can also do a lot of things whether you are traveling solo, with family, or with friends.

You could enjoy these things in El Masfino:
-a cold swim during the day
-use the playground for physical activities
-enjoy yourself in the wave pool with your favorite inflatable buoy
-picnic with family and friends at the picnic area
-play basketball, billiards, and or volleyball in the activity area
-drench yourself in sweat while finishing the obstacle course
-drive and see every inch of the resort with the dune buggy
-play golf on the golf course site
-jog in the break of dawn
-do biking from morning ’til the afternoon
-use the KTV room to entertain yourselves
-order and eat every time you want at the clubhouse dining
-relax your body by availing the Spa packages
-movie night at your room via your favorite cable channels
-swim at night and still feel warm
-simply relax and sleep or see the stars at night


As a couple, we loved how the room was designed to be so homey and warm. Personally, we really liked the way the bathroom was designed too especially with that clear glass of shower area. The bathroom is really for couples, at least for my taste.

You could do a lot of things in this resort. If the word complete is not the word, then it’s definitely more than that.

Just one thing you cannot do freely at will is to post updates on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Since the resort is exclusive, it’s exclusivity includes minimal access to the online world as the signal isn’t too great for SMART subscribers, but better for Globe users. But hey, if your aim is to totally enjoy and temporarily disconnect from the online world, then El Masfino Hotel and Resort is the place you should go.

All in all, El Masfino Hotel and Resort is a place you, your loved ones, your friends, and your family will love. We are a couple and we loved it!

El Masfino Hotel and Resort - http;//

They have recently opened their facilities to everyone. Previously, it’s only a resort for members. But the market is changing and so should the resort.

Good news! You can enjoy their facilities at a day tour for only 300 pesos during peak season and 250 pesos only during the non-peak season. Also, Cabana is just an option. You may use the picnic area for free if you don’t want to avail the Cabana. Rooms, activities, and other rates are posted below.

Another good news! They have a PROMO this July! 30% OFF on all published rates for overnight accommodation.

Rates at ElMasfino -
Published Room Rates

How to get to El Masfino Hotel and Resort

El Masfino Hotel and Resort is now open to everyone, members, and non-members. But the best way to get to them is to contact them first. If you’re commuting, you can take a Baliuag bound bus in Cubao (75 PHP) and alight at Baliuwag Town Proper. From there, hire a tricycle and tell them you’d go to El Masfino Resort inside Royal Northwoods Golf and Country Club. Make sure to get the tricycle driver’s cellphone number so they can deliver you out from the resort as there are no public means of transportation from the inside. Remember that El Masfino Hotel and Resort is an exclusive resort.

For more information, inquiries, and reservations:
El Masfino Hotel and Resort
Coral na Bato, San Rafael, Bulacan
(044) 892-0655
(044) 892-0692
Fax: (02) 445-5658
Mobile: +63917-542-1866
Email: [email protected]
JULY Promo: 30% Off on all published rates for overnight accommodation