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Ximending is one of the busiest streets in Taipei as it almost has all the goods and products you could ask for, one of the largest night markets in Taipei, and one best hotel to stay within Ximending grounds is amba Taipei Ximending.
The amba Taipei Ximending lies within the fashionable area of Wuchang Street where shopping malls and designer shops are lined up. It’s not hard to find and a perfect place to explore one of the biggest night markets in town. Within 5 minutes, you can reach the MRT Ximen station — hassle-free.

amba Taipei Ximending

amba Taipei Ximending review -
The amba Taipei Ximending is a newly refurbished boutique hotel that lies within the center of Ximending. It’s the first amba boutique hotel establishment before amba Taipei Songshan and amba Taipei Zhongshan from which all focus on travelers looking for creativity, connectivity, and conservation.
Amba Hotels are also socially responsible thru the use of eco-friendly materials, crafts, and all natural products, helping the local community and being an advocate of building a healthy and sustainable environment. They are partnered with Two Acres, a socially responsible Taiwanese brand, that supplies their bathroom amenities and needs, which helps in giving second chances to people who have formerly committed issues with the law.

amba Taipei Ximending: Review, Experience, and What You Need to Know

amba Taipei Ximending review -
If you would like to stay at a place where you can definitely go shopping and hoard pasalubong, then this hotel is where you should certainly stay.
Getting to this hotel was relatively easy if you are using Google Maps to get directions from MRT Ximen Station to the hotel. We were accompanied by a taxi service because before heading to amba Taipei Ximending hotel, we had our tour at Yangminshan.
To get to the hotel lobby, look for Eslite Spectrum Wuchang and proceed to the end hall. Use the elevators and press 5th floor. The amba Taipei Ximending covers the 5th floor up to the 10th floor of the establishment with 160 guest rooms and 6 room categories to choose from.


Hotel Lobby and Check-In Process

amba Taipei Ximending review -
The hotel lobby of amba Taipei Ximending is quite large and nice that can accommodate large groups for check-in. One distinct trait noticeable is the art in itself. Every corner is picture-worthy. They even have a wall with a portrait made of stickers that you’ll be amazed when taking a closer look. The ceiling is industrial – composed of bare pipes  – perfect for the artsy type of place that the hotel has.
amba Taipei Ximending review -
Facing the front desk are tables and chairs that can be used also as a lounge where you conduct your own meetings. With a ceiling so high, the area is lighted with ample natural light making it a good place to hang-out for a while.
We also had a lot of stuff because we brought all our bags with us to the tour so we really wanted a quick check-in process and the front desk did not disappoint. We handed over our passports and paid the check-in incidental deposit. A few minutes later, they handed us the keys to our room.

Extra Large Room

We were designated with an Extra Large Room that is 36 sqm big, definitely not an ordinary room.
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amba Taipei Ximending review -
On entry, easily noticeable are the bathrobes hanging on the corner after the tables and chairs. One great thing about amba hotels, they always are bathrobe ready no matter what kind of room you stayed in.
There also are welcome snacks and drinks then a few minutes later, a pizza came in with salad courtesy of amba Taipei Ximending, what a way to welcome guests!
On the other side of the table is the meant-to-be oversized wash area. They made it like that for the purpose that their guests could fill the spaces with their own belongings. Underneath is where the towels, the mini bar, the safety box, and the notable amba slippers are placed. These slippers are like a perfect take home gift for yourself.
One each side are the separate shower and toilet. The toilet on our room was quite the ordinary, nonetheless, cleanliness is we are after and they clearly have it. The shower room is similar to what we had previously, with a hot and cold feature, you know it’ll be lovely.

Bedroom Area

amba Taipei Ximending review -
The next division of the room is where I saw one of the conservation strategies they had. A drum was split in two to make a new fixture – that’s pretty awesome I say! They made it into a table and was partnered with a sofa that could be extendable as a bed.
Across the sofa is where the bed lies. In front of it was the television, where I had watched Netflix movies all night. You know, even when we get to busy exploring the town in the day, I still get a chance to relax at night by watching favorite shows.
amba Taipei Ximending review -
The room’s bedroom was nice with a minimalistic design. It was rather simple I can say but that’s the kind of simplicity you would want for yourself and your partner. With the nice application of night lights, it’ll make you relax and fall into sleep in place or get intimate.
One good thing also is that the noise from outside couldn’t get in your room. All the noise that Ximending generates cannot penetrate the walls. Aside from the relaxing night lights, the silence is what can make you fall asleep fast.
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amba Taipei Ximending review -


Here are other Extra Large Room features:

  • FREE Hi-Speed WiFi access to all levels
  • Sony BRAVIA Internet TV
  • Universal Power Outlets
  • Writing Desk
  • Eco-Friendly wood flooring
  • Hypoallergenic pillows and blankets
  • Electric Kettle

More rooms at amba Taipei Ximending

amba Taipei Ximending review -

The Smart room and the Medium room is one of the most booked hotel rooms in amba Taipei Ximending. The smart room is 22 sqm big while the medium room is 3 sqm bigger.
Medium room could have one king-sized bed or a twin bed depending on what the guests would prefer. A queen-sized bed is designated for the smark room.
The loft room is one of the biggest and that’s better be booked when you have a big company staying in a single room.
Each room has basically the same features similar to every other room. Check out the photos.

Chiba, Tingba, and Tianba

amba Taipei Ximending review -
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Chiba and Tingba can be located on the 5th level of the hotel while Tianba is located on the ground level aligned with the other shops in the street.
Chiba was where we had our sumptuous breakfast, buffet style. The interior was playful and fun making every single visit pleasant. You can check more about Chiba here.
Tingba is where people are encouraged to chill-out especially on Fridays where live band and singers are invited to perform. The aesthetics of the place are kind of artsy and we got there, was nautical. With boxes transformed into a treasure box, this place will surely make you take a lot of pictures with it.

Remember: ‘Ba’ was the hotel reference name from ‘amba’
Chi is a Chinese phrase meaning ‘to eat’. Ba was the hotel reference name from ‘amba’ – combined together, forming Chiba.
Ting means ‘to listen’ in Chinese, forming Tingba.
Tian translates to ‘sweet’ in Chinese, forming Tianba.
amba Taipei Ximending review -

Attractions near amba Taipei Ximending

Our stay wouldn’t be complete when there is nothing to see in the area. Here are nearby attractions that make WESTGATE Hotel one of the prime locations to stay when in Taipei.
1. Ximending Night Market – since the WESTGATE Hotel Taipei is located in the Ximending area, you wouldn’t be able to miss the sparkling lights at Ximending Night Market. Just a few meters away and you’ll be in a different scene where it is livelier with the overwhelming crowd. This one of the many night markets in Taipei almost has it all, from fancy stuff to the delicious food offerings, almost everything you could think of, you could find here!
2. The Red House – or also known as the Red House Theater, is a historical site located in Ximending. It was built in 1908 during the Japanese rule. It’s just across the other street from the hotel.

WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
The Red House

3. Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall – located about 2 kilometers from the hotel and are two stations away from Ximen Station. To get there, ride the MRT Ximen Station (Green Line) and get off at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Station.
4. Longshan Temple – one of the oldest temples in Taipei and just one station away from Ximending. It’s also one of the famous temples in Taiwan due to it being near the city center. To get there, ride MRT Ximen Station (Blue line) and get off at Longshan Temple Station.
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5. Bo Pi Liao Old Street – you can get here via a short walk from the Longshan Temple.
6. 228 Peace Park – is a historic site and municipal park located near the hotel. The park contains memorials to victims of the February 28 Incident of 1947, including the Taipei 228 Memorial that stands at the center of the park and the Taipei 228 Memorial Museum.
7. One Piece Mugiwara Store – One store you should visit if you are a fan of the hit anime ‘One Piece’.
One Piece Mugiwara Store -

Day Tour from Taipei

Travel Hack # 1: We didn’t miss the opportunity to check for experiences outside Taipei. We availed of the following while we were in Taiwan via KKday.
Why avail from KKday? Their startup is based in Taiwan so they have the best partnership for their tours (and cheaper too!).
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1. Taipei City Sightseeing Bus Tour

Get to see the popular spots of Taipei with KKday sightseeing bus tour.  A cheap and easy way to enjoy the whole city and see the famous and latest attractions in town. Our comprehensive review and experience to be posted soon. Book here.

2. Day Tour from Taipei: Jiufen, Yehliu, and Shifen

Get to adventure and see for yourself the following: Jiufen Old Street, Yehliu Geopark, Shifen Old Street, Shifen Lantern, Shifen Waterfalls. Our comprehensive review on this day tour package from KKday to be posted soon. Book here.

3. Taiwan Northeast Coast Day Tour

This is the tour I’d really like to experience but due to the lack of time, we weren’t able to do this. I wish we could go back soon and experience the Northeast Coast of Taiwan. I’d like you to avail this for a different Taiwan experience. Book here.

4. KKday Express Shuttle Bus: Taipei 101 Observation Deck – National Palace Museum

We availed of this for a hassle-free experience. It comes with tickets to the National Palace Museumand entrance tickets to Taipei 101 Observation Deck. See Taipei’s history and the whole city in a bird’s eye view. Our comprehensive review and experience to be posted soon. Book here.

WESTGATE Hotel Taipei -
Taipei Provincial City God Temple

KKday discounted offerings you got to experience:

• Private Day Tour from Taipei: Northern Taiwan
• Discounted Taiwan High-Speed Rail Ticket from Taipei
• Leofoo Village Theme Park Admission Ticket
• KKday Express Shuttle Bus: Taipei 101 Observation Deck – National Palace Museum
• Day Tour from Taichung: Sun Moon Lake Adventure
Klook discounted offerings to experience: 
Klook: Best things to do in Taipei
Klook: National Palace Museum E-Ticket
Klook: Taipei 101 Observatory Priority Pass Ticket
Klook: National Palace & Shung Ye Museum
Klook: Taipei Double Decker Bus Tour
Klook: Jiufen, Shifen and Keelung Miaokow Night Market Shuttle Bus from Ximen
Klook: Shifen Half-Day Guided Tour with Pingxi Sky Lantern Experience
Klook: Yehliu Geopark Shuttle Bus from Ximen
Klook: 3 Day THSR Tourist Pass

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Stay connected while in Taiwan

We availed the 5 Days Unlimited Data SIM Card for Taiwan via the Pinoy Traveler’s Unlimited Sim Card. Read our review and why we love this particular product sold in the Philippines. As a digital nomad, being connected all the time is my number one priority. REVIEW and HOW TO AVAIL.
Alternatively, you may opt to choose a WiFi device rental via Klook or KKday.

KKday: Taiwan Unlimited 4G Portable Wi-Fi Rental (₱ 139/day)

Klook: 4G WiFi (TW Airport Pick Up) for Taiwan (₱ 138/day)


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