We had a blast! We are fully entertained the whole night. But first, this was all made possible by The Jerny – Travel and Inspirations. Because of their two giveaway tickets where you will simply state your reason why you should have it. And alas! here we are. We always include our 3 y.o. son in our travel goals, so we purchased one more ticket from Metrodeal which was on sale at 50% off that time. What a great getaway for our family!

Zoobic Safari: Night Safari

Zoobic Safari: Night Safari is the first Night Safari of its kind in the Philippines and has 10 attractions. We will show you some of those attractions we particularly loved. Here’s a little walkthrough of our adventure:
We arrive there a bit early so we had time to take pictures with their 3D walls for free after we validated our tickets.
Zoobic Safari - https://twobudgettravelers.comZoobic Safari -
And oh! I love the ambiance of the comfort room. It is open air so there’s no foul odor that welcomes you.
Zoobic Safari -
Knowing that the tour will start by 6 pm, we went to the entrance by 5:50 pm. Only to realize that everyone was already listed their names or groups before making any strolls and so we ended second to the last of the batch in the tour. Though it’s fine, first or last, you’ll both have the same experiences after all.
While waiting for our names to be called, we took a photo with Titan, the tiger. He’s a white tiger so we didn’t let the chance slip away. It was thrilling to touch Titan and feed him. It’s my dream to hug a tiger (and polar bears) though I didn’t really hug him cause it scared me. Well, at least I touched him, right? so it was counted. XD

Titan, the Tiger

Price vary depends on the count of people in the picture. Starts with 240php for two persons and our baby was free. This was taken from our camera. They will allow you to take photos with your camera too.
Zoobic Safari -
They have an attraction where you’ll see different kinds of egg. They even recreated a fossilized egg of a dinosaur.
Zoobic Safari -
Zoobic Safari has this Tram Car, as they call it, that will take you to the other attractions that are a bit far. The land is 24 hectares and Tram car is the efficient way to roam it all. We even enjoyed the ride because our son was pretending that he is driving for us. Every moment was fun.
When it’s almost 8:00 pm, we returned near the entrance where their performing area is located to witness the spectacle show. They also informed us about their motto: REUSE. REDUCE. RECYCLE. REFUSE. RESPECT.
While preparing they have a raffle for everyone and a Q&A for those who want to win a bird flute and a t-shirt for the grand prize.
Zoobic Safari -

The show started with the Aeta’s performance, a story of the natives that was disturbed by the outsiders. There was a fight scene, a story of destruction, and eventually, harmony and recreation.
Then the animals were introduced. From our local ducks, wild boars, different bird species, albino buffalo,
camels, and many more. Of course, the main attraction is Titan the Tiger. He is so handsome.
Zoobic Safari -
Our little one can’t stop clapping and appreciate each animal in the parade. An animal lover indeed.
Zoobic Safari -
After the animals, we thought that was it but then they keep on introducing performers after each one. There were dancers with led lights effect, entertainers dancing with fire, human beatbox, a girl playing drums with water on it and many more. zoobic safari review
Zoobic Safari -
A little firework to spark the night. zoobic safari
Zoobic Safari -
A lot of things happened on the show but we haven’t got the time to take all of them some pictures because we were too busy enjoying especially when they involved the crowd in their performance. Everyone was just participating!


Tiger Safari: Close Encounter

After the presentations, we continued our tour to Tiger Safari, where we are inside a jeep, fully covered with grills while driving into their den. The tour guide offered chicken meat for 200php in small pail if we would like to attract the tiger in our jeep for a close encounter, though the meat will be fed by their trained personnel and not by you. For safety precautions.
The other attraction we also loved was The Enchanted Forest. Upon arriving at the place, we are welcomed by the greyhound dogs. They were supposed to guide us all throughout the forest but the trainer said the dogs were already tired (maybe because we were the last batch) so they just let us take a picture with the greyhound before entering the Enchanted Forest.
Using the strobe lights, it gave a fascinating effect to the forest. Our son was so amazed that even its dark and the trail were rough he enjoyed walking. It’s hard to capture in photos the mesmerizing effect of the forest unless you experience it on your own.
Then we ended the tour in Croco Loco’s Lair. Walking on a steel bridge passing a lot of huge crocodiles below us is exciting.
We left the park 10:30 pm a bit tired and hungry but we were all smiles. We even still talked about it on the road cause the happiness was still there.
For our little one Zoobic Safari: Night Safari was a wow, amazing, and awesome tour. That’s what we’ve been hearing the whole time. So overall, it was worth it! For a family bonding, best friends moment or with your loved one, it’s an experience that will awaken the kid inside you.
Zoobic Safari: Night Safari is open every Saturdays but not all months so grab the chance while they are still available.
Zoobic Safari -
Zoobic Safari: Night Safari exceeded our expectations. And I’m glad that the animals there were really taken care of. Hope we get you enthusiastic to add Zoobic Night Safari on your bucket list.
Thank you again, The Jerny – Travel and Inspirations for the wonderful opportunity you gave our family.
God bless us all!
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How to go to Zoobic Safari

By Bus
via Victory Liner (Pasay, Cubao, Sampaloc, Caloocan) – hourly service from 4 am to 6 pm. Olongapo Terminal is located at the APO Monument. Take yellow jeep up to SBMA main gate. Walk to the taxi stand and take a taxi inside SBMA. The fare to Zoobic Safari is P400/taxi one way.
By Car
Take the North Luzon Expressway and exit in San Fernando. Follow the signs going to Olongapo. Take the Tipo-Subic Expressway to go to Subic Bay Freeport Zone.

Watch our video on Zoobic Safari!

Day Tour Entrance Rate

Php 695         Adult
Php 595         Kids 4 ft. and below
Free          –     Kids 3 ft. and below
Note:  Purchase tickets online to avail 10% discount.

  • 11 attractions (Zoobic Park, Rodent World, Serpentarium, Forbidden/Zoobic Cave, Tiger Safari Ride, Close Encounter, Savannah, Animal MuZOOeum, Aetas’ Trail, Hip-Hop-Bay-a-Wak, Croco Loco) for approximately 2 1/2 hours
  • Zoo Guide
Other amenities to make your tour more exciting (optional)!

Zooper Train

  • P50 / person

Animal Food Basket

  • P100 (Zoobic Park)


  • P200 (Tiger Safari Ride), P50 (Croco Loco)

Sky Safari (Zipline)

  • P199 / person

5D Movie (15 mins)

  • P100 / person

Photo w/ the Tiger* (Schedule: 9 am- 3:30 pm (exemption when the Tigers are full or not in good condition)

  • P240 – good for two persons (4 x 6)
  • P390 – good for 3-4 persons (6 x 9)
  • P540 – maximum of 6 persons (A4)                                                                                 
    * May also use own camera for personal copy

Zoobic Safari
Group I Ilanin Forest
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Philippines
Telefax: (+6347) 252-2272; (+63) 929-7072222

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