With the holidays coming up and people searching, wondering what to do with vacation time, there are a few destinations that continuously pop up. People want to go to Bali. People want to go to Mexico. People want to visit Scandinavia. But there are places here at home, Within the continental United States, that are absolutely gorgeous. One such place that might not be on your radar is Vermont. You might be asking yourself: “why would I want to go to Vermont?“ Well, the answers may surprise you. Vermont is one of the most fascinating, fun, freewheeling, and picturesque states you will ever visit. If you haven’t gone already, you’re going to want to go now. Here are some of the top reasons why Vermont should be next on your list of places to spend your holiday.

Undeniable Charm

Everybody that visits Vermont has the same initial reaction: “whoa.” That’s because people are not prepared for the magnificent picturesque beauty of the entire state. Once you’re in it, you can very well convince yourself that you’re in the middle of Iceland. The only difference is that everybody is speaking English, and you’re paying in dollars. But that kind of beauty is a testament to how well the state of Vermont is.
It has a booming economy that rests primarily on the shoulders of wonderful small businesses. You go around, and you can feel that the region is completely different from all the others. Even the vacation rentals in Vermont are absolutely gorgeous. You go to Los Angeles, and you can expect massive freeways and beautiful people waiting to be discovered. You go to New York, and you can expect every class of human hustling to get ahead in whatever game that they’re playing. But nothing quite prepares you for Vermont.
Nobody really has an idea of what to expect. Because of this, the wonderment factor is enormous. You can stand at any point, look around, and not believe that you’re still in America.


Photo by Eric Chen on Unsplash

If you’re a fan of nature, Vermont is for you. You’ve probably been in the high desert. You’ve probably been to Yosemite. You’re probably soaked in all of the main points of US wildlife. But just like the entire state itself, the natural and beautiful resources of Vermont is just on another level. There’s a reason why Vermont is called the green mountain state. There are more green mountains there than you can count. And in between, they are large stretches of Emerald flats. It looks like something out of Lord of the rings. You get your Walkingstick, you let somebody know where you are, you keep a trusty cell phone, and you can walk forward into the beautiful landscape like you’re living in an Emerson poem.


Winter Sports

If you are a fan of snow sports, Vermont has plenty of that. There is fantastic skiing out in Vermont. In fact, if you’re big and the sport, you’ve probably heard of some of the spots. But like the rest of the coastal dwellers, you probably never went. Now is the time to see it. The big recommendation is in Stowe. This is for a good reason.
So is the not so secret of the northeast. It has breathtaking views, a wide range of slopes, and enough power to satisfy the deepest of skiing addicts. The only downside to Stowe is that it is the most expensive ski resort on the East Coast. It also gets crowded with Wall Street people and their guests. If Stowe is not your cup of tea, then Killington will definitely be it. In Killington, not only do you have skiing, you have snowmobile tours and wild nightlife. If you know anything about ski culture and winter sports in general, the parties really are epic.

Photo by Getaway Vacations on Unsplash

So choosing between the two really is depending on what you like—their other ones like Jay Peak, which doesn’t have much nightlife but has excellent slopes. There are also places like OKEMO. It has a decent life, but it’s in the same price range as Stowe. The choice is really yours.

True Farm To Table

Vermont’s dining experience is unlike any other. We talk about dining in New York or Los Angeles, there is a massive emphasis on “farm to table.“ Yes, where are the farms in LA? Are you talking about going up the five towards Santa Barbara? That’s not “LA farm to table”, that’s outsourcing. In Vermont, you can have a steak from a restaurant that has its own cows. You can eat veggies that were growing in the back. People in Vermont pride themselves and keep the traditions of food alive. Of course, you’re going to have your fast-food chains and corporate steakhouses. But the real bread and butter in Vermont in the Met homemade bread and butter that somebody’s grandma bakes fresh every single morning. It’s in the freshly caught fish fresh off The grill, stuffed with local herbs that I’ve been growing wildly in that region for a century. That’s what Vermont gets an offer in terms of food.


One of the best parts about visiting our is the breweries. Vermont has the best breweries in the United States. If you disagree, yeah, you might want to spend a few more days exploring. The coolest craft beer scene in the world is situated in Vermont. They are sitting on the backdrops of beautiful rolling hills. They’re taking that principle of “farm to table“ and applying some of the very same principles to their craft beer.
It almost feels like going to a super laid-back Vineyard in Spain. There is an outdoorsy feel when the sun is out people of the sun. When the seasonal berries spring, they are fresh for the picking. This is exactly how the Vermont beer scene feels like. Generally, you have to schedule a tasting. You really should, out of common courtesy. But if you walk in, and you talk to the people there, they might just let you chill and have a few sips.
Everybody is willing to hang out and talk. People are not standoffish or weird. Generally, there isn’t even a complex about “tourists.” The rule is, if you’re cool, they are cool, and the kind of cool you feel in Vermont Is down-home and warm. That’s exactly what you want out of a gorgeous getaway.