It was my first time visiting a zoo. I’ve always wanted to experience the kid feeling of asking questions like “What is this animal called?” Zoocobia Fun Zoo gave me the feeling of being a kid once more and experience a fun thrilled event – “Love is in the air”. Be amazed and see the attractions that it offers.

Zoocobia Fun Zoo

Zoocobia is part of the Zoomanity Group that includes ZooRI (Zoo at Residence Inn) and Zoobic Safari.

Bird Thrill

Zoocobia is a home of beautiful colorful parakeets. We wanted to feed the parakeets but I think it’s their siesta time as some of them are sleeping. They are such wonderful birds that it seems every bird enthusiast has owned at least one.

Two parakeets adoring the same parakeets. Cute. <3

Sleepy birds.. Zzz

Birds of Paradise

When you enter this section, you will be amazed by different kind of birds. This includes Hawk-Eagle, Serpent Eagle, Brahminy Kite, Philippine Eagle Owl, Serpent Eagle.


I was startled seeing an owl upclose for the first time. See his eyes wide awake. This is the Philippine Eagle Owl and considered as one of the endangered species.

The Brahminy Kite also known as the red-backed sea-eagle which can be mostly found in South East Asia and Australia is one of the fascinating bird that I have seen here. I love how her eyes marvelously captured on my camera.

The Philippine Hawk Eagle commonly known as Lawin is one of the main attractions here.

Philippines Pride

This section is where you can find various animals like bear cat, porcupine, iguana, squirrel and python. Below are few pics.

first time to see a bearcat

Porcupine, please roll over.

Ostrich Viewing and Feeding

Though they cannot fly, ostriches are fleet, strong runners and considered the largest bird.

The Barn

Farm animals such as horses, goat, deer, and wagyu can be found here.

Ride the Gravity Car

We weren’t able to ride the gravity car as it starts to get dark. Experience the Zooc ride.

Source: Zoomanity Website

Camel Ride


Other Attractions


Ticket Prices

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There was an event during night the night wherein some animals parade and some employees also showcase their talents. I wasn’t able to capture some photos that night. Balloon led lights with our wishes fly up the sky during Zoocobia 7th Anniversary themed “Love is in the air”. 
Photo grabbed: Ms. Lothy Real
Overall, Zoocobia is a fun way to discover the habitat of animals. It’s mission is to be the best nature theme park in the country and eventually in the world focusing on four pillars: Education, Environmental, Exhibit and Entertainment.


Zoocbia, Thank you for having us! 

Zoocobia Fun Zoo Theme Park

Phone: (045) 599-3956 ; (02) 847-0413
Operating hours: 8:00 am – 5pm ; Open daily from Monday-Sunday
Entrance Fee: P295/ adult | P295 / child 3ft-4ft | Free of Charge 3 ft below


Birds of Paradise | Philippines Pride | Maze | Barn | Menagerie | Mango Camp

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