China is the most populous country in the world located in East Asia. Approximately, 1,4 billion people live within the territory of that sovereign state. The communist party holds key political positions in the government institutions and the country has no official religion.
China is a place with rapid economic growth. The country lagged behind the developed nations when it comes to industry progress, however, the situation has been quickly changing in the recent decades.
Many firms, companies, corporations, big brands, and factories have their headquarters in China. They produce all sorts of goods there and then distribute the products all over the world.

Popular Destination

China is also very popular when it comes to jobs and tourism. There are many interesting places in different corners of the country and these attract the attention of a large number of potential tourists. The Chinese tourist industry has also progressively grown with other industries, and many firms from that category are now present in the country’s market.

Various Possibilities

These include various hotels, clubs, restaurants, pubs, bars, and other businesses that serve foreign visitors. These are typically great when it comes to enjoyment or tasting traditional Chinese cuisine. You can find many unique sorts of food made of quite interesting ingredients. It is pretty different from the cuisine of Western countries so it is a little positive cultural shock you should not miss while in China.

Pubs, bars, and clubs are excellent when you want to explore the nightlife in the country. Many cities are very large and populous so they indeed have a lot to offer regarding this aspect of the tourism industry. It is particularly interesting for young tourists, and they indeed have numerous nightlife options in China. These include all sorts of parties and shows with different sorts of music that last until the morning hours. It is definitely nice to explore such opportunities, however, it is just the beginning of the Chinese tourist offer.
There are many localities, places, and destinations in the country that provide an exceptional experience to the visitors. Some of those have a great historical value, and you cannot see anything similar anywhere else in the world.


The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China is probably the best-known attraction of that type in China. It is the largest human-made structure in the entire world, and it is even possible to see it from space. It stretches over the hills and mountains across the Chinese territory for 21, 196 kilometers. The height of the wall is average 6 to 7 meters with some distinctions at particular parts. The wall is extremely old. It was built 2,700 years ago, and over 100,000 workers were working on the project.
Despite the long life, the structure is still in good shape, and it is possible to use it for walking. Some enthusiasts had even managed to cross it from the beginning to the end. However, it was definitely a time-consuming activity, and they needed weeks in order to achieve the goal. Visiting the Great Wall of China is indeed a remarkable experience because there is nothing similar at any other location in the world. That’s why it is a top travel destination in the country with millions of visits per year.

Other Amazing Tourist Attractions and Locations

Despite the greatness of this attraction, China has much more to offer. The Forbidden City and Imperial Palace, Terracotta Army, the Bund in Shanghai, the Mogao Caves, and the Potala Palace in Tibet are some of these. Each of the locations is unique in its own way. Interesting stories are behind them, and the buildings are developed by following the rules of traditional Chinese architecture.
It is hard to explain the experience in words, and the best you can do is to come to China and explore the destination in person. Foreign travelers typically need a tourist visa for the purpose (and travel wifi), but it is usually easy to obtain one of such documents. You just have to visit the nearest embassy or consulate in your country to start the procedure. It is typically necessary to meet a few requirements, fill appropriate forms, and provide your passport together with two photos of yourself. Those are some basic things all should be able to perform, and you will receive your visa for China soon.