If you’ve always felt like you’ve got a little Picasso inside, you should know you can use apps to learn how to draw right now. At the time when people are stuck in their homes, hobbies like drawing provide an outlet for passing time and enhancing skills. 

Take your drawing hobby to the next level by downloading apps to learn the basics and some techniques in sketching, coloring, and more. What’s more fun is that some apps have Assist Mode to correct your strokes and coloring skills. 

Download the following apps if you’re interested in enhancing your drawing skills. You can use an iPad, mobile phone, or traditional pen and paper to draw. Some of these apps act as an artist community to help you discover new friends and art inspiration. 


Learn To Draw With iPad And Apple Pencil

If you have an iPad and an Apple pencil, learning how to draw is easier because you can sketch freely on the device and make a digital artwork. Many artists invest in these tools and equipment to make art and sell it to clients. 

You can try out the following apps to help you create your first visual masterpiece


One of the more useful apps you can download on your iPad is the ShadowDraw. It provides a sketch-by-sketch process needed to make artwork and not simply tracing lines or patterns. Each drawing provides information on the right strokes to mimic the original artwork. 


The processes continue until your work resembles the original artist’s work. The best part is, you can record the drawing process in a video or GIF. While the app is convenient, the downside is the limitations of the free version. 

Aside from drawing, the app also supports Japanese scriptures lessons, allowing users to learn Hiragana and Katakana. The app is free to download for iPad devices

Linea Sketch

Another drawing app with vast drawing tools is Linea Sketch. It features a simple and intuitive interface that helps users make shapes and create best drawings. Unlike the ShadowDraw, users aren’t provided with drawing assistance and can make art freely

With the Apple Pencil, you can enjoy drawing on an iPad. Linea Sketch does layers, split-screen, and more. The projects are also exported as PSD, JPG or PNG, making it easier to share in different platforms. 


Sketch Club

Amateur artists can download the Sketch Club app and enjoy nice features for a low subscription cost. The free version provides a limited number of brush and vector tools. If you want to be familiarized with some tools, this app has a lot including smudging, procedurals, text, and filling. 

Sketch Club has a community of creators to help users be motivated and inspired. The community has daily challenges, weekly competitions, and events to showcase the skills of app users. Finally, the app also has tutorials to help you improve your drawing skills. 

Let’s Learn How to Draw!

This app is rated as the top educational iPad app in the United States. It offers interactive drawing lessons, from basic to intermediate and pro. Users can choose what to draw from the collection and get a detailed guide on how to create the artwork. 

This app is free to download but is only available for iOS devices

Drawing Apps For Pen And Paper

If you don’t have an Apple Pencil or iPad, you can also download other drawing apps that provide tutorials or step-by-step lessons


More than just an educational app, the PaigeeWorld app is also a social network for artists and art lovers. It features hundreds of tutorials to help users master different drawing techniques. Users have a gallery to post artworks and get feedback from fellow members. 

PaigeeWorld is available for free on iOS and Android devices

Sketch a Day

Download this app to access easy-to-follow drawing tutorials and lessons. Sketch a Day encourages artists to make art daily and improve their skills. Making a sketch greatly helps to improve your drawing and coloring skills

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. It is free but contains in-app purchases. 


Learning how to draw is possible with the help of your everyday mobile devices. All you’ve got to is download the apps, practice a lot and you’ll end up with a new skill and your very own artistic style over time.