Moving to a foreign land to work abroad is an incredible way to learn about the real world, yourself, and what it means to be an international citizen. As the world becomes more of a global village, people are weighing their work alternatives outside of their home country for various reasons.
From nice sunny weather to a fantastic location to greater incentives, there are various valid reasons why one considers relocating and working abroad. However, the biggest driving factor is the chance to significantly increase one’s earning potential. Receiving a higher wage is a big reason to consider working abroad alongside greater career aspirations.
To assist you in the decision of working abroad here’s an overview of 5 countries based on average earnings, cost of living, and job opportunities. Who knows, you may just find yourself working in one of these countries in the near future.

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Live In Luxembourg

As one of the smallest countries in the European Union, Luxembourg prides itself on having one of the world’s highest GDPs because of its advanced economy.
The citizens of Luxembourg enjoy a low unemployment rate, high wages, and a very low crime rate, plus an elevated wage per hour. One can land a good-paying job at hotels, in the financial or banking sector, in wholesale and retail trade, and at transporting companies. Therefore, this is a great country to work abroad in.
Minimum Wage per Hour: $13.38
Average Working Hour per Week: $29.19
Vacation: At least 25 days
Average Annual Income: $65,939

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Shift To Switzerland

Switzerland, also known as the United States of Europe, is the confederation of 26
cantons or states.
Internationally recognized for its breathtaking mountainous scenery of
the Alps, chocolates, and elegant watches, The Swiss Confederation is also home to
large tourist and multinational establishments like Nestle, Novartis, Credit Suisse,
Tetra pack, and many more.
Therefore, moving to Switzerland to work abroad could mean an extremely high earning potential, especially if you get started in finance or tourism.
Minimum Wage per Hour: N/A
Average Working Hour per Week: $30.19
Vacation: At least 20 days
Average Annual Income: $66,283

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Transpose To Iceland

Iceland is the least populated country in Europe and holds 6th rank out of 189 countries in the Human Development Index’s ranking.
Despite being a secluded and environmentally unfriendly isle right in the middle of North Atlantic, this country has successfully established a challenging economic position in the past few years and at present.
However, in Iceland, the traditional export of the fisheries marketplace has been replaced by the diversification into several manufacturing corporations, software, and finance sectors. Moreover, with the widespread use in films and TV shows like Game of
Thrones, this country has also witnessed a major elevation in the tourism sector.
Minimum Wage per Hour: N/A
Average Working Hour per Week: 37.5
Vacation: 24 days
Average Annual Income: $61,787
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Relocate To The United States Of America

The United States of America has lured visionary entrepreneurs, imaginative innovators, and accomplished individuals because of its exceedingly diversified, world-leading, high-technology advancements in petroleum, steel, motor-vehicle, telecommunications, etc.
The States takes immense pride in being one of the countries in the world for go-getters and brilliant people to work in.
What’s more, you may ask? The opportunities and monetary accolades will be well worth all your persistent efforts to work abroad for US companies. If you position yourself as a professional ex-pat in the United States of America you will undoubtedly receive a jaw-dropping benefit package.
Minimum Wage per Hour: $7.25
Average Working Hour per Week: $34.23
Vacation: No guaranteed minimum
Average Annual Income: $60,558

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Service In The Netherlands

Repetitively categorized greatly among ex-pats for its working environments and work-
life equilibrium, Netherlands is another renowned destination to work in. Ranked as
the sixth happiest country in the world, the Dutch complement their well-paid jobs with a famously comfortable lifestyle.
There are always vacancies available for international workers in the fields of IT, finance, and engineering. However, a Master’s Degree is helpful, as it accelerates your employability considerably.
Minimum Wage per Hour: $13.38
Average Working Hour per Week: $29.19
Vacation: At least 25 days
Average Annual Income: $65,939


Bottom Line

If you are thinking about trying to work abroad, you may want to consider one of these countries first. However, you will need to check on work visa requirements before you get too excited. In any case, all of these countries are excellent places to travel to.