French is undoubtedly one of the most romantic languages in the world, which is partly the reason why people associate it with Paris, the city of lights and love. Because of its popularity and reach, you’ll find that this language is also widely spoken around the globe. 

With French as one of the fastest-growing languages in the world, visiting French speaking countries will no longer have to limited to France itself. As a matter of fact, with French being the official language in 29 countries, you can safely take your pick from various destinations of your choosing. 

If you are interested in traveling anytime soon, make sure to include these French speaking countries as part of your destination guide. Take a look at some of these locations and enjoy not just speaking in this romantic language, but also revel in their local culture and traditions. 


Travel Guide: French-Speaking Country Edition

  • Canada

French was hailed as one of the two official languages of Canada next to English, with Quebec as the largest French-speaking area in the whole of the nation. However, this language is also widely spoken in the provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick. 

If you do find yourself in this town, you can visit the charming and ancient streets of Old Quebec. Here, you can immerse yourself in its cobblestone streets as well as the walled city which has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site

Among the most famed attractions are the Notre-Dame Basilica, the Citadel, and the beautiful and nostalgic Terrasse Dufferin which offer scenic sights as well as a rich history in the province. 

  • Senegal

Looking for a warmer and more tropical climate? You might enjoy Senegal with its great beaches as well as its bustling nightlife. Not to mention, its delectable food alone makes it worth a visit. 

Though its native indigenous language is primarily spoken throughout West Africa, French is also recogized as an official language in Senegal, with most places in bearing traces of its once French leadership. 

For an immersion towards the Senegalese way of life, you might want to visit Musee Theodore Monod to see over 9,000 objects of art and culture on display. Up for a spectacular view of the coastline? A quick trip to Petite Côte will give you access to stunning seaside villages as well as the freshest catch of the day. 

  • Madagascar

Although famous for the movie filled with talking animals, Madagascar is definitely more than its expansive wildlife and animals. While you can certainly visit the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park to see its famous lemurs, you can venture out of your comfort zone to see more sight-seeing. 


The Avenue of Baobabs is surely worth seeing, especially as it is a vital part of the country, with the tree even being called the ‘tree of life.’ Aside from taking photogenic views of this stretch, you can also drop by to see the architectural wonder that is Tana. 

Its capital, Antananarivo, boasts of French-style architecture built on hills, especially in Haute-Ville. Of course, a refreshing dip in the Les Trois Baies (The Three Bays) is in order. The area is perfect for water-based activities such as swimming, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and even hiking. 

  • Belgium

Last but certainly not least in this destination guide is Belgium, with a little under half of its population speaking the romantic language as their native tongue. As a matter of fact, this bilingual country even posts its ads and street signs with French alongside Flemish. 

While Belgian chocolate may be part of your itinerary, this magnificent country may be able to lure you in with other destinations such as its storybook town of Durbuy. Dubbed as the “smallest city in the world,” this is perfect for individuals who love picturesque strolls along cobblestone streets. 

For a more historical and architectural approach, however, you should include The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken for a heady mix of Art Nouveau and green-based architecture. 

The Grand Palace which boasts of a bustling market square right smack in the nation’s capital marked with grandiose baroque and medieval guild houses is also worth visiting. 

Brussels, Belgium

The Bottom Line

Your love and fascination with the French language do not automatically entail you have to visit France alone. With these French speaking countries, you can immerse yourself in the French language while seeing more of the world