We’re all going to need a vacation when the craziness and uncertainty brought on by this pandemic passes. And you don’t have to wait for that time to come before you can plan out your next vacation.
Experts say that even the very act of planning your future outing can do wonders in easing your anxiety and calming your soul.
So while you can browse through the Internet for places to visit the next time you travel, we propose something a bit more nuanced; something you can enjoy while helping out your country’s domestic tourism. Why not embark on “The Great Surf and Turf Adventure?”

The “Surf” Portion

If you plan your adventure right, the “surf” portion would be just as majestic as your road trip.

Rent a Boat and Go Deep-Sea Fishing

Why lounge around by the shore when you can easily rent a boat and venture out into the ocean? Take it one step further and book a spot on a deep-sea fishing charter. After a long road trip, just sitting out in the middle of the ocean and trying to catch a fish sounds like a welcome respite. Most of these charters are also catch-and-release anglers so you needn’t worry about taking home any fishes that you catch.


Try Deep-Sea Diving

Your adventure on the water would not be complete if you don’t spend time with ocean creatures in their natural habitat. Anybody who’s ever gone deep-sea diving will tell you that there’s nothing quite like the thrill of being underwater and surrounded by beautiful scenery you don’t see every day. If that doesn’t convince you, scuba diving has health benefits as well. It’s said to do wonders for your breathing, circulation and strength.

The “Turf” Portion

There are several ways you can choose to do your road trip, but these are the most ideal:

Rent a Camper

You can call it whatever you want, a camper, an RV or a mobile home, but this is probably the most comfortable way to travel great distances since you get practically the same amenities as you would at home. It’s also rather versatile. You can choose to rent a towable camper that you can easily attach to your car or truck, or you can spring for a full-sized motor home complete with a bedroom, a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen.


Take Your Motorbike and Go Glamping

If you’re not keen on traveling in a motor home, you can take your motorbike and go glamping instead. Why glamping and not camping? The latter would mean you’d still have to lug around heavy equipment, such as tents, cooking utensils and sleeping bags. Not ideal if you’re planning on bringing your motorbike. Glamping sites allow you to enjoy the great outdoors but with all the amenities of a hotel.
If there’s one thing that the global health crisis has taught us, it’s that life is precious. Think of all the things you had wanted to do pre-pandemic. Travelling was surely on that list. Going on a surf-and-turf adventure is just one way you can let go of all the anxiety you felt when the world was in lockdown.