Traveling is, undeniably, one of the most beautiful and longing activities you do. But, ultimately, you have to come back to settle down in your home town,  even if you can travel all around the world.
This is a pain-giving and thoroughly worth searching must-do process before you decide to buy your house.  Don’t you think it is a big decision to buy a house? No doubt, it’s big; because you have to consider certain things while buying a house for yourself.

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Right Time

Generally, time channelizes and decides almost every task of ours; still, you have to look into the right time for buying a house. For instance, if it is a time of high demand for real estate, you should halt for the time when its supply rises. Your financial condition is another factor which you should deliberate, for it would be the right time to buy a house if you are money-wise sound.

Features of  Your Choice

While making an offer, you as a buyer should consider certain qualities of your choice which a house has. You will be required to consider what you are looking for because each buyer has his/her taste and choice.
The following enlisted features of a house are common to consider before deciding to make an offer.


Age of the building

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In my perspective, renovation is equal to half or at least one-third of building a new house. If you buy a two-decades-old house, its cost will rise with the makeover. So it will be wise to choose a new house with your desired features.

Size and structure

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You must consider the house’s size and structure before buying it because it will impact various aspects of the uses of a house.  Your privacy depends on the shape of the house.

Location and neighborhood

Location is one of the most considered factors of a house before its purchasing. The houses with easy access to the workplace and markets are preferred.


Maintainance, Mortgage, & Purchasing Price

Your decision of whether to buy a house or not is triggered by its price. You will no doubt come up with the budget that suits you. Estimating mortgage affordability based on income will help you determine the one that fits your budget.

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You should not forget that the cost of maintenance is included in your budget as well. Its age and condition will impact the wear tear cost and hence your budget to purchase the house.


Look for such a house seller who rushes for its sale. He must require finance collection and so will offer incentives while buying his house.

Bedrooms, Kitchen, and Bathrooms

The number of both bedrooms and bathrooms varies from house to house depending on the size of the family. If you have a large family or you are planning to expand your family in the future, you must consider the required number of bedrooms and bathrooms in the house you are willing to buy.

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The choice of kitchen layout depends on the time you or your spouse spends in the kitchen. The more time you spend in the kitchen, the more space for your kitchen is required.

Water availability and sanitation

Water is one of the most needed facilities in any house. Besides clean and sweet drinking water, you need it for certain other things like laundry, cooking, and garden.  Parallel to its availability, the sanitary condition of the house matters a lot. If water gathers in your ground or in front of your gate in the rainy season, it will devalue your property.


Summing up

Don’t rush to buy a house even if you are ready to buy it. First, do thorough research considering all the qualities of your choice. Look into market situation and demand and supply conditions before buying a house. Traveling is a great thing, but owning a home, is one of the greatest things a traveler could experience.