As the Kneeling Carabao Festival is on-going, we also got the chance to drop by the Pulilan town’s must-visit places.

The Town of Pulilan, Bulacan

Bulacan is rich in history and culture. While most of the older residents were farmers, the recent town mayors are doing their best to cultivate a new life for the new generation while still outlining back to the roots of the old Pulilan. They do not forget the help and the life of the farmers and are looking into more opportunities where agriculture could be incorporated into daily living.
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Since the town of Pulilan is full of history, they have also preserved some of the heritage houses dating back from the early 1800s to 1900s, relieving the Spanish colonization in the Philippines. If you’ll roam around Pulilan, you’ll see plenty of them. Some of those houses are still private, some of them were opened to the public. places to visit in Pulilan

Here are the places to visit in Pulilan.

1. Museo de Pulilan

This museum has opened on May 23, 2013, and is a Gabaldon building which was restored for the preservation of culture and heritage. It tells not only about the history of a prosperous agricultural town but also of her eminent sons and daughters. It also represents an inspirational success narrative of young people and their dedication to cultural heritage.

In 2010, the local council acknowledged obliterating a public-school building in Pulilan. It turned out the building had been established in 1908 upon the implementation of Act No. 1801 of the First Philippine Legislature, also known as the Gabaldon Act, after its sponsor Isauro Gabaldon of Nueva Ecija.
When you get there, do not forget to read the exciting history and of course take a photo at the colorfully painted Mandala Carabao heads displayed on the wall.  places to visit in Pulilan


2. North Polo Club

North Polo Club (NPC) is befitting as a major venue for polo and equestrian sports enthusiasts. Located at the Big Ben Farm in Pulilan, Bulacan, it is a haven for businessmen, politicians, expats, and personalities.
When we get there, there were not anything like a match happening or something. There are about a hundred horses in the stables looking fit and healthy.
I’m not sure if the farm is open for anyone to visit but maybe call them first before dropping by.

3. Casa San Francisco

Places to Visit in Pulilan + Kneeling Carabao Festival -

This is one of the best cultural heritage development in town. Casa San Francisco is a heritage house renovated to preserve the structure and keep the history within (the Spanish colonial era).
I could say that is one is a must-visit. The casa, I think, is open to the public and or anyone who’d like to pay a visit. By the time we went, there was a special gathering happening on the ground floor. We proceeded to the 2nd floor and looked at the heritage items inside.
Each room had a special thing to present, old paintings and photographs, paintings of the famous painters, antique items, and a lot more. places to visit in Pulilan

4. Casanova-Aguirre Mansion

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We personally haven’t been in this place but this is also a heritage house. It was closed by the time we were at the town. It is Dr. Francisco R. Casanova & Dra. Felicidad D. Aguirre (parents of Court of Tax Appeals Associate Justice Cesar A. Casanova) ancestral house and was built in 1927.

5. San Isidro Labrador Church

Of course, who would miss the San Isidro Labrador church? Visit here to say your prayer, talk to God, and make a wish. I’ve been told that in every church you first step into, you have to pray and make a wish, it shall come true. Nothing is impossible, right? The government is currently making developments on the church’s structure.

These were all the places we have visited during our short tour in the town of Pulilan. There still are more notable sites to visit in Pulilan!
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Kneeling Carabao Festival Dance Competition

It was 2 pm when the participants started to march and dance from the administrator’s house to the town plaza near the municipal hall and the church. Good thing that the weather cooperated. It wasn’t too hot that day unlike the yesterday when there a parade of the carabaos who will kneel in front of San Isidro Labrador Churchplaces to visit in Pulilan
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The parade was headed and directed by the same person who managed Bambanti Festival and of course, there were notable similarities in the steps, music, and presentation. The participants (dancers, festival kings, and queens) keep on dancing until reaching the plaza.

There were 9 elementary level participants and 4 high school participants to chase the grand prize of P60,000, P40,000, and P30,000 for each level. With over a thousand audiences in the small plaza, the crowd was overwhelming. In each and every school that’s dancing, there are also quite a number of supporters. Kudos to the teachers and students who went up for the challenge even when this time should be a vacation time for them, that’s an undeniable dedication.
It was a whole lot of fun day for the Pulileños.

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