Have you ever been to a Spanish-style home in the city, specifically, Pasay City? I have lived and worked in Pasay for more than two years but I have not heard of any. Until recently, I get to discover a guesthouse that was formerly an old house build from the 1920s and is now known as the Park Avenue Guesthouse 2443.

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Guesthouse’s Short History

Park Avenue Guesthouse 2443 is situated inside a compound near Libertad, Pasay. The former house was built from the 1920s and has just recently been renovated as a guesthouse. The operations started this February of 2017 and are currently garnering attention to some local and foreign nationals looking for a cosy and unique place to stay for a night or more. It is actually more popular for foreign guests as it is the only known guesthouse in the particular area.

Marites Ang, a modern mom and owner of the guesthouse, didn’t think that she would actually venture into the hospitality business, not even thought of a guesthouse. She bought the property for the purpose that it would be a gift when his son is about to be wed and make his own family. But not for long as the idea had grown into her mind. She is also a resourceful woman. She would make a good stuff out of old junk materials and that kind of skill was evident in the guesthouse.
From old and trashed parts of a sofa set, the headboard of a trashed bed, old dividers, even old photographs have been put to good use. She made it look brand new even when these things are actually older than her sons. These old and antique items were treated as treasures. She even had antique photographs with government seals that she didn’t know was even unique. Those photographs are displayed on the ground floor and are actually the first few photographs of Pasay City, telling about the city’s history. You’d even think of the guesthouse as a little museum.


Park Avenue Guesthouse 2443

The Park Avenue Guesthouse 2443 houses dorm rooms and private rooms. Dorm rooms are located on the ground floor while private rooms are on the second floor. We stayed in Room 826, the Imperial King Room.

At the ground floor, you would find the lounge and the business area (if you need to use a computer) next to the reception, the dorm rooms, the shared bathrooms, and the little museum (as I call it) showcasing old photographs of Pasay City with the government seals. I find the design for the shared bathroom so amusing as there were murals on the wall that makes it a friendly guesthouse.
At the second floor are the private rooms with twin, queen, or king-sized bed in each. Each room comes with their own in-room toilet and bathroom, air-conditioner, and television with cable channels. The colour coordination of the room and the ambience makes it a total relaxation area. And before you find the rooms, you’ll get to see the porch where guests are dining and or just relaxing, doing their own thing. The owner also has a collection of little birdhouses made into a display. It’s an eye-candy. You may also order food in the guesthouse and eat them either at the porch or in your room.
At night, as the lights are brightening up, the guesthouse looks more welcoming. The outside ambience plus the hush of cool winds are generally pleasing to the soul. You may sit on the front porch or in the shared lounge and enjoy the calming music while reading a book. An ideal place for people who wish for full relaxation in mind.

The Guesthouse’s Location

Park Avenue Guesthouse 2443 is located in a quiet neighbourhood in Park Avenue St., Pasay City. Quiet neighbourhood as it is situated inside a gated residential compound with a security personnel, so you are totally safe in the guesthouse. It’s a 2-minute walk away to the public market, Victory Mall, few establishments, and Libertad LRT Station from the guesthouse. Also, it’s a few minutes drive away from the major road to the SM Mall of Asia, coffee shops, supermarkets, and parks. Walking at night outside the guesthouse is not dangerous but you still have to be cautious all the time.

The Imperial King Room

The Imperial King Room is the largest among all rooms. It is equipped with a king-sized bed, flat screen TV with cable channels, air-conditioner, and a hot and cold shower. Grand as it may seem but the price is actually fair for the price point.
The lighting and the room’s ambience was made for pure relaxation. The mixture of yellow lights and fluorescent is just enough to make you feel warm and sleepy in no time which helps to a good sleep. The bed was so soft you can even jump and land on your back without getting aches or injuries (I did it a couple times, lol). The room temperature can go lower during the middle of the night so you might wanna ask for a comforter or a fleece blanket. Yes, they are available and we had the latter.
If you wanna do the deed, you might as well keep your voices down as the rooms are not that totally soundproof being the guesthouse was made of wood. We actually slept late but slept well. The cable tv shows and movies made me stay up until 3 am whilst Jane was already sleeping soundly.


The Guesthouse’s Staff

The staff can be counted by hand. They are all polite and accommodating to your needs. Marites, the owner, will most likely be at your convenience as her house is just beside the guesthouse. 🙂 She might as well tell you stories when you feel like exchanging stories with her or extend her house for you if you need something that could not be catered by guesthouse itself. She’s working hand in hand with her staff and that’s the reason their vibes are totally cool and with no pretensions as I see them.
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This guesthouse is the only Spanish-inspired guesthouse in the city. If you want to try staying in a unique and awesome place, then this is the place to be. Try the dorms and make new friends. You can even do your photoshoots and Instagram photos in the guesthouse. If you are looking for a relaxing and quiet place for sleep, Park Avenue Guesthouse 2443 is welcoming you. I assure you, outside noises are a no-no and you’d surely have a sound sleep. And just like us, we had an awesome time at the guesthouse.
Park Avenue Guesthouse 2443
2443 Park Avenue Pasay, Pasay, 1300 Manila, Philippines
(02) 772 4034 / (02) 986 9093
[email protected]
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