Pansol: Private Resort Capital of Laguna

If you are living in the region of CALABARZON, I bet you know or have already heard about how famous Pansol (in Calamba, Laguna) is in terms of resorts, hot springs, private pool, and barkada trips. Almost every people living in Manila knows that Pansol is a go-to place when they are looking for a quick out of town getaway that includes a private pool for swimming, karaoke, and unlimited fun with friends. Me? I sure know of it, especially that I am living in Cavite.
Having lived in Cavite all my life, Pansol is just a quick 1 or 2-hour trip from our place. My aunts and uncles would always give us a good overnight trip whenever there is something to be celebrated or somebody from our family just got back from overseas work.
I know for a fact that even if it should be a hot spring town, there are businesses out there that don’t offer the same level of warm water to their pools, some even don’t. If you have been to Pansol previously, you’d know what I am talking about. For those who have not yet been to Pansol, make sure to book what you think is the best place to spend your time to — meaning with authentic warm water coming from a natural hot spring, facilities that look fancy similar to a hotel, with comfortable beds and sheets, and the outstanding hospitality you can experience like no other.
Bearing those things in mind, I highly recommend you to book at Casa Primera Hot Springs Resort. This resort in Pansol is by far the best private pool hot spring resort I have ever stayed in.

Casa Primera Hot Springs Resort: Villa 4

Casa Primera Hot Springs Resorts currently operates four (4) villas with two more upcoming villas that are being constructed now in hopes to be opened before the summer of 2019 start. In this particular weekend trip, we stayed at Casa Primera Hot Springs Resort: Villa 4.
Casa Primera Hot Springs Resort: Villa 4 is almost like a hotel because of their facilities. However, though it may look like one, it’s still a private resort where you and your group can have your own exclusive stay at your own convenience.

What to Expect at the Villa 4

1. Aesthetics that are picture perfect, making every corner Instagram-worthy.

One of the best selling points of the villas by Casa Primera Hot Springs Resort is their ability to turn boring structures into Instagrammable spots. You won’t see this kind of aesthetics in other resorts. Believe me, I’ve been in a few resorts in Pansol and Casa Primera is by far the only one with the pleasing touch just like a hotel.


2. The Villa 4 has 5 fully-airconditioned rooms with a capacity of at least forty five (45) pax where everyone can comfortably sleep at their own favorite sleeping positions.

Each room has several bunk beds with comfy pillows, sheets, and blankets. Also, each has its own television, digital tv channels, and an option for a movie via USB.

3. An adult and kiddie private pools with lukewarm water temperature perfect for swimming even through the night.

This experience just feels great. You can swim or just stay in the water without feeling cold. I think I have stayed for like three (3) hours in the pool chatting with friends even when our fingers have already wrinkled from being in the water for hours.

4. Since the villa is good for large groups, six (6) toilet and bath areas are ideally placed in the resort.

One of the six toilets and bathroom of the villa

You can comfortably pee and poo without having to wait. Having six (6) toilets and bath in one resort is totally efficient and health-saving. Where would you see such a design in toilets and bath in other resorts? None!


5. Use of kitchen is included in the rental and there’s no corkage fee for bringing your own food.

Food setup during our stay

One thing that I don’t understand is how resorts would like their guests to pay-up for bringing their own food to enjoy, that’s just absurd. Good thing at Casa Primera, they don’t ask for corkage fees so even if you bring a lot of food and bottled drinks, it’s no big deal to them. You can also use their kitchen at no cost!

6. Unlimited entertainment for guests.

This comes with an unlimited use of the karaoke / videoke machine, Table Tennis, Billiards, Darts, and other titos and titas games like Mahjong and Poker. Plus, the videoke machine has the latest songs that definitely would help you sing your heart out!

7. Safe and Secured Facility with WiFi Connection

The villa has 24/7 CCTV in public places that help in surveillance of the area, adding to your peace of mind. The gates are also closed making sure nobody else can take a peak of whatever is happening inside the villa. The walls are made higher for the same exact purpose. WiFi connection is also readily available where passwords are displayed in almost every corner. All you need to do is read.

8. Exclusive and private experience guaranteed.

Unlike most resorts in Pansol, Casa Primera Hot Springs Resort doesn’t allow sharing of guests. During your rental, you will have the exclusive use of all amenities and facilities in the resort.
Should you need to know more about what is being offered at Casa Primera Hot Springs Resorts, go visit their website.


Experience at Casa Primera: Villa 4

As I keep on mentioning earlier, Casa Primera is the best hot spring resort I have stayed in. In my opinion, if this were the first time I visited Pansol, this resort would be the standard and I would definitely be disappointed with the facilities of other resorts at the same price range but does not offer the same quality of experience that this resort gives. You will not anymore settle for less.
We stayed in here together with Reese and Carlo, the owners of the resort; Rem and Claire, who invited us over to also experience Casa Primera; Lana and Jherson, Josiah and Lisa Marie, Milet, Joane, Allandale, Ruel, and his daughter.

Upon entry, you would easily notice the design of the resort. It’s not just painted walls but comes with ornaments and green leafy things that provides an overall great catch to the eye. There’s also a small playground for the kids to enjoy so it’s definitely family-friendly. A long table is set at the center to serve as a gathering place for anyone.
If you are going to rent the place, the kitchen is absolutely yours that comes with a grill and stove, pans and other kitchen utensils for cooking. A water dispenser and refrigerator are also included.
You also get to use their sports amenities apparent to other resorts such as billiards table, table tennis, darts, and of course, the videoke system that has the latest songs in it. The remote is surprisingly large so you can type in a specific song or artist you want if you don’t know the song number.
Lukewarm water is what the pool serves. I definitely splurged in it as I didn’t feel any cold during the time I swim and stayed in the water. It’s kind of pain relieving as well because it’s warm. You will definitely love the pool for its regulated water temperature.
The best part about this weekend getaway was that we got to know each other even with just a short span of time. We had games to know a thing or two about each other and bonding sessions as if we have known each other for years already even though some of us just met for the first time. We sang our hearts out even when our voices aren’t that great with no judgment, lol. The experience was just full of fun and laughter and meaningful conversations.
We also got to visit the Casa Tropica villas that are being constructed now. It’s a high-ceiling modern type villa with a great backdrop of Mt. Makiling on the third floor. Based on what we see, this is going to be the next big thing in Pansol! Can’t wait to visit Casa Tropica when it’s done!


To book for Casa Primera Villa 4 exclusively, visit their website and check out their rates Casa Primera Villa 4.

Casa Primera Hot Springs Resort

Address: Daang Pag-ibig St. Nayong Maharlika Village, Barangay Pansol (15.24 mi)
Calamba, Laguna 4027
Phone: 0917 538 9849 / (0925) 798-3002 / (02) 998-3002
Email: [email protected]
Facebook Page :
Casa Primera


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