The phenomenon of Street art in Penang has blossomed only quite recently. It was in 2012 that the municipal council here decided to add some character into the shops and houses. They were looking for some creative ways of making use of the public spaces. Today, the street art here has turned into a major tourist attraction and if you want to enjoy the art, just book flights to Penang online right away!
George Town, Penang’s capital, was a living museum as people here were living the same way as they did hundreds of years ago. The houses and properties still retained their original form.
Ernest Zacharevic, the London-trained Lithuanian artist, made those streets of Georgetown even more exciting. He was asked to breathe new life into the atmospheric shop-houses around the inner city and enrich the history of the streets. Book Firefly airline tickets for Penang and enjoy a seamless booking experience. Get ready to explore the thriving tourist destination that is much-talked about today because of the street art. The lanes of Penang are marked by iron rod sculptures that depict the long-forgotten anecdotes.

Ernest Zacharevic’s wall murals

Ernest captures the spirit of the city through his interactive and quirky scenes that bring out the distinct identity and multiculturalism of Penang. One can enjoy his tactful artistry along roads like Muntri Street, Armenian Street, Ah Quee Street, Weld Quay, Lebuh Leith and more. Explore and enjoy the creative ingenuity in Penang’s wall art that is a significant lure for the locals as well as the tourists. Hundreds and thousands of tourists’ flock to the city just to look at the wall art.

Here are some street artworks that should not be missed out.

The Boy with Pet Monster along Ahh Quee Street

The Boy With Pet Monster is a favorite piece of street art among locals. Ernest Zacharevic created this artwork and is indeed one of the most creative and awe-inspiring paintings you will come across. Street Art in Penang


Little Children On a Bicycle on Armenian Street

Another of the most famous murals in Penang, street art shows children on the bicycle. The back seat is empty, and you can sit down here and take your picture

The girl in blue along Muntri Street

street-arts-that-can-be-found-in-penangPhoto via World Travel Connector
Created by Ernest Zacharevic, you will find the little girl look innocent and yet powerful as she heaves herself over these two windows.

The Indian Boatman

Street artist Julia Volchkova did the larger-than-life painting. The Russian artist inspired by the multicultural society of Penang.


Boy on Motorcycle

This is a clever piece of work and shows a boy riding a full-size motorcycle. It is as if the boy is escaping some trouble and one can see how real life meets art in here.

Peeping Tom Cat along Cannon Street

Enjoy gazing at the orange ball of fluff, who is ready to pounce at any moment and perhaps spying on you as a prey.
You are sure to get stunned by all the details and those colorful figures. You are reminded of Gulliver’s adventure in the land of Lilliputians.

Brother and Sister on Swing

Louis Gan is behind the wall art that shows a sister with her brother. The wall art is touching and impressive and reminds you of your childhood days.

Ah Mah & Ah Soon at the entrance of Chew Jetty

The wall art is painted by a local famous street artist, Simon Tan. It shows a grandmother having some good times with her grandson.


Jimmy Choo’s Humble Beginnings on Leith Street

The wrought iron caricature was made by Baba Chuah and is placed on the wall of the corner shop. The site reminds one of the humble beginning of the great designer Jimmy Choo, who makes shows for the rich and famous. Street Art in Penang

Girl Walking on Numbers

Photo via Penang Insider

Look at the playful little girl in a traditional cheongsam as she walks on those numbers and watches out where she places her next step on the shaky ground.

Tiny World

This is an exciting work that represents a tiny town marks between the airport and fishing villages. Ernest Zacharevic and Julia Volchkova painted the huge wall a few years ago.



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