To the people who loves cuddling and playing with adorable pets, this place is purrrr-fect for you!

The Pet Cafe by Velvet Friends is located at 2nd Floor, Bluebay Walk, Macapagal Avenue, cor EDSA Libertad, Pasay City. The place is nearby SM Mall of Asia.

The Pet Cafe -

How to get to the Pet Cafe?

Any point from EDSA, ride a bus going to SM Mall of Asia and ask the driver to drop you off at McDonalds Bluebay/Macapagal. From the McDonalds, walk your way to Bluebay / Bluebay Walk at the back of Conti’s. The Cat Cafe is located on the 2nd Floor.


The cafe is open from 11 AM to 11 PM.

My girlfriend, Jane, and I went to Pet Cafe at around 8 in the evening. She loves cats. They have a pet cat named Peemak back at home. Knowing she loves adorable cats, I took her to Pet Cafe by Velvet Friends.

Entrance Fee with a complimentary drink as follows.
•Entrance with complimentary Iced Tea = 220 per 1 hour.
•Entrance with complimentary Milk Shake = 270 per 1 hour.


They also have an ongoing promo.
Group of 5 or more gets to have 10 discount.
Birthday celebrant gets to have 20% discount.
If you’re going to visit both Cats Haven and Dogs Haven, you get to have 10% discount.

In this cafe, you can only choose to select one pet haven. Since Jane loves cats, we selected the Cat Haven.

You also have the option to choose if you’re going to drink inside or outside of the pet haven. We opted to have our drinks consumed inside with the cats. You may also add up anything from the counter, drinks, pastries, cake. Anything you want.

Before you can enter, you must wear socks (required). If you have one, you can use that. If you don’t, you have to buy one from the counter, it’ll cost you 45 pesos per pair. Jane was only wearing sandals so we had to buy her socks. Once you bought it, it’s yours.


The Cat Haven

Entering the cat haven is like a dream come true. Adorable cats are everywhere. They are either playing with other guests, or sleeping, or eating. After all, that’s all what they usually do, right? At least for me.

You can play with them, pet them, feed them, sleep with them, hug them, kiss them, and take pictures with these adorable cats. I promise you, you’d enjoy it. These are no ordinary cats (in the Philippines). They’re well bred. They are furry and has this big, lovely eyeballs.

Here’s a funny experience, this cute gray cat (not sure about the name) who was sleeping at the hanging bridge for cats was kinda grumpy by its looks. We want to play with him but he refuses. He doesn’t want to be touched and if we insist, he’ll use his claws to let him go. Not sure but maybe he was already stressed. However, this German guy that just walked in tried to get the gray cat’s attention, and he succeeded. Wow! He lets him touch him. I speak to myself, “what a racist cat!” (or maybe I just don’t know how to properly handle grumpy cats, lol).

Anyway, if you’re on the cat haven, you still could see the dog’s area. There was just a little fence for both cuties. But as I have mentioned, you are only allowed for one haven an hour. The dogs are beautiful as well! I’ll play with them soon.

The staffs here are friendly too. They are open to answering all your questions regarding the pets, how they do it, who is the owner, etc. If you have your own dogs, find out what’s the best for dog itchy skin treatment.

We have truly enjoyed being with these awesome creatures and we wish to experience it more. We only had 1 hour to play with these adorable beings.

If you wish to extend your happiness, pay another 220 or 270 pesos ($5-6).

Take a look at their menu here.

The Pet Cafe -

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