During our time in Sapporo, we managed to go to Niseko even though it’s almost the over for the winter season because we really wanted to play and see snow. In Sapporo, the snow has almost melted and we only experienced only a few snowfalls. However, in Niseko, there’s still quite a good amount of snow where you can play around on.

Here’s our 3D2N Niseko, Japan itinerary.


First: Getting to Niseko

The fastest way to go to Niseko is thru train travel. 3D2N Niseko Itinerary
If you are coming from the airport and heading to Niseko directly, you may ride the Rapid Train service bound for Otaru. From Otaru station, transfer to Hakodate Line and drop off at Niseko or Kutchan. Where we stayed is closer to Kutchan station so we dropped off from there.
From Sapporo Station, take the train bound for Otaru, rapid service or not, and get off at Otaru Station. Similar to the instructions above, from Otaru Station, transfer to Hakodate Line and drop off at the nearest station near your accommodation or hotel.

Day 1: From Sapporo to Niseko

  • Ride train from Sapporo Station to Otaru Station.
  • From Otaru Station, ride train (Hakodate Line) bound for Kutchan.
  • From Kutchan Station, pick up by shuttle to the hotel (Nest at The Trees).
  • Check-in at Nest at the Trees
  • Explore area 3D2N Niseko Itinerary
  • Walk around the area at night time
  • Dinner & Rest
  • [Read our Nest at The Trees experience here]

Day 2: Niseko

  • Breakfast at Black Wood Grill (Nest at The Trees)
  • Prepare for departure to Hanazono Niseko
  • Departure from hotel to Hanazono Niseko for Skiing Lessons
  • Start of Skiing Lessons (9 am to 3pm)
  • Start of another activity, Snow Tubing (3:30 – 4:00 pm)
  • Departure from Hanazono Niseko
  • Arrival at Hotel
  • Rest & take photos
  • Dinner
  • [Read our Hanazono Niseko experience here]

Day 3: Niseko to Otaru

  • Breakfast at Black Wood Grill
  • Prepare for departure to Grand Hirafu
  • Depart from hotel to Grand Hirafu
  • Arrival Grand Hirafu Mountain Center
  • Exchange One-day Mountain Pass for Key Card (lift pass)
  • Ride Gondola to Grand Hirafu
  • Take photos, Play in the snow
  • Back to Grand Hirafu Mountain Center
  • Departure from Grand Hirafu back to the hotel
  • Prepare for check-out 3D2N Niseko Itinerary
  • Check-out at Nest at the Trees
  • Departure from Nest at The Trees via shuttle to Kutchan Station
  • Departure from Kutchan Station to Otaru Station
  • Arrival to Otaru Station
  • [Read our experience at Grand Hirafu here]

Even though we had a short time in Niseko, it’s the place where we really enjoyed the winter in Japan not only because of the snow and snowfalls but also because of the activities and the people we got to encounter along the journey. People at Niseko are very welcoming and also knows how to speak good English so communication wasn’t hard.
Read through our blogs and experience while we are in Niseko thru the links at the itinerary.



While it’s okay to stay at your hotel and connect to their wifi, it’s still better if you have your own during the trip. Here’s our recommended WiFi service that works great even in the outdoors! 3D2N Niseko Itinerary

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Niseko Guide App 3D2N Niseko Itinerary

For updates and best experience while in Niseko, we highly recommend that you download the Niseko App so you can get the latest guides and makes the best times in Niseko. Make sure to also check out Niseko Tourism website and social media channels for on-going promotions, weather updates, and everything you need to know about Niseko. 3D2N Niseko Itinerary


1. Nest at The Trees

2. Always Niseko



4. Hilton Niseko Village

5. Niseko Northern Resort Annupuri

6. AYA Niseko

7. Ki Niseko Hotel

8. Niseko Grand Hotel 

9. The Green Leaf Niseko Village

10. Petit Cottage Route66 Niseko


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