Do you know that you can take a day tour in Indonesia from Singapore?

Indonesia Day Tour -
Yes, you read it right! A day tour to Indonesia is possible if you’re coming from Singapore! On our 9 days backpacking, we had included Indonesia and spent a day there. But obviously this itinerary here is only a part of Indonesia, there’s no way we could do a day tour covering the country.
You might be asking, “How did you do it? Did you fly from Singapore to Indonesia?”
The answer is, “It was easy and we didn’t have to book flight tickets to get to Indonesia. We went there via the ferry.” Read this guide: Backpacking and Crossing Borders: Singapore to Indonesia

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First, you would need to book your ferry tickets online from Bintan Resort Ferries website. They only accept credit and debit card payments (with VISA/MasterCard logo). You can catch fares as low as S$6 (!!!) per way (taxes and others excluded).
There will still be the immigration process. Check this guide for the whole process.
Note: For Philippine passport holders, Indonesia is a visa-free country.
To get a map of Bintan, ask the ticket counter on Bandar Bentan Talani port. You may also check some off-beat destinations when you head to this country.
For the things you could do on a day tour in Bintan, Indonesia, here you go! This is what we did too, basically.


Bintan, Indonesia on a Day Tour

1. Take photos outside BBT port (Bandar Bentan Talani)

Indonesia Day Tour -

  • The ferry station offers a picturesque view outside. You may stay outside for a picnic or playground. A park is also located in the vicinity.
  • The location feels romantic at night but there are a lot of mosquitos.

2. Go to Crystal Lagoon and swim all day (or do fun activities)

  • Treasure Bay Bintan’s Crystal Lagoon in Indonesia is the first largest lagoon in South-East Asia with over 6.3 hectares of land. This is equivalent to 50 Olympic pools and is also a haven for watersports and land activities.
  • A saltwater manmade lagoon – feels like a real ocean.
  • Offers a wide range of water sports and other activities like Kayak, Paddle Boat, Water ZOVB, Inflatable play area, e-motorbiking, Jetovator, water tricycle, unlimited slide, ATV, and a lot more for a separate price.
  • To get there, you may walk about 10mins from BBT port to the Crystal Lagoon or hire a taxi.
  • Entrance Fee: 100,000 Indonesian Rupiah each.

3. Book a room at The Canopi

Indonesia Day Tour -

  • If you feel like spending a night in Bintan, I highly suggest The Canopi in Treasure Bay. It is located beside the Crystal Lagoon.
  • The Canopi offers luxurious safari tent (more like glamping) designs inspired from the 18th century.
  • Complete with modern luxuries such as air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, spa, meeting rooms and all day dining facilities.
  • The staffs here were very polite!
  • More information on their website – The Canopi.

4. Spend a few hours in Plaza Lagoi

Indonesia Day Tour -

  • Plaza Lagoi is the newly opened mall (opened 2015) situated near the Lagoi Bay. Built in a modern contemporary design with generous Indonesian touches.
  • You can go shopping or dine in here.
  • Other amenities here also include tourist information and tour booking center, a baggage drop-off facility for those departing for Singapore on Bintan Resort Ferries as well as shower and changing facilities for those heading for the beaches fronting the mall.
  • To get there, you may hire a taxi or wait for the roaming (free) shuttle bus at a fixed schedule.

5. Swim and enjoy the Lagoi Bay

  • Lagoi Bay or Lagoi Beach is located just in front of the Lagoi Plaza.
  • It’s a white beach fronting the mall. You may opt to take a photo or enjoy swimming in its waters. There’s a shower area inside Lagoi Plaza so you won’t have to worry about getting clean after heading to the beach.
  • To get there, a taxi will do or wait for the free shuttle bus at fixed schedule.
  • Check Raja Ampat, it’s an uncrowded white beach with rich marine life and awesome people.

6. [Alternative] Head to Nirwana Gardens

  • Nirwana Gardens is a five-star luxury hotel in the northern part of Bintan.
  • This hotel and resort offer a wide range of water and land activities for solo travelers, couples, and families alike.
  • Nirwana accommodations are rustic design and beachfront.
  • Most people whom we asked for a good place to stay and relax suggested us this place, but since we are budget travelers, we opted to stay at Crystal Lagoon, Plaza Lagoi, and Lagoi Beach.

That’s it!

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For our day tour itinerary in Indonesia, we had been to Crystal Lagoon – spent a few hours here enjoying the greatness of the facilities and the heat of the sun! Plaza Lagoi, where we had our lunch and afternoon snack. Lagoi Beach (Lagoi Bay), where the sands are extra white when hit by the sand and grayish in color when wet and a few more.
Here’s the free shuttle schedule.
Indonesia Day Tour -
And I think we had spent less than S$40 on this day trip (without the tickets). Isn’t that cool?!
If you need to spend a night there, you may check out the hotels on this page.

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