Hong Kong Disneyland [Getting There, Getting Tickets, Experience]

When you think about Hong Kong, what comes to mind first? Is it food? the culture? the people? Probably yes, but for many, it’s Hong Kong Disneyland.
Since childhood days, Disneyland is one of the most sought after attractions in Hong Kong. It was commonly known as the happiest place on Earth because almost all of us have grown with Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and others.
Jane and I were particularly looking forward to experiencing most Hong Kong Disneyland has to offer as well. But the weather on the day of our visit wasn’t in favor.

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Getting your Tickets for Hong Kong Disneyland

We highly recommend booking your tickets online to avoid the hassle of falling in line just to buy tickets. When you book tickets online, you only need to present your ticket at the entrance and that’s all of the processes you would experience. Once they have scanned your ticket’s QR code, you have already then entered Hong Kong Disneyland grounds.
Our tickets were booked online via Musement. That’s where we also booked our tickets for the Hop on Hop on Bus Tour and Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car.


Getting to Hong Kong Disneyland

via MTR

  1. Take the MTR train towards Tung Chung.
  2. Alight at Sunny Bay Station.
  3. Transfer to Disneyland Resort Line.

Via MTR / train is the best way to get to Hong Kong Disneyland fast and comfortable. It will just take a few transfers. The Disneyland Resort Line couches are different and will make you feel more excited to go to your destination.
hong-kong-disneyland-getting-there-getting-tickets-experience hong-kong-disneyland-getting-there-getting-tickets-experience

Hong Kong Disneyland Experience

I can tell you we were excited to go to Disneyland Resort, however, before we went there, we went first to Ngong Ping 360, so the time we had at Hong Kong Disneyland wasn’t really long, wasn’t even a full day, and it was drizzling. As mentioned earlier, the weather wasn’t really cooperative that day of our visit.

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We also could not move the date of our visit even when it’s allowed because we will be heading to Shenzhen, China the day after that. So really, timing is everything. When you go to Hong Kong Disneyland, make sure to check the weather, that the sun is shining brightly for you to take good photos and have a more fun-filled experience.
If you are planning on visiting Hong Kong Disneyland, you can make use of a full day to check on all attractions especially the Lion King.
There also are other types of tickets, by the way, one day pass and a two-day pass.
In case you wanted to really go explore all attractions and activities in HK Disneyland, you must get the two-day pass because one day is not enough in the park.
A one-day pass is recommended if you are not going to get through all the rides and attractions offered by the park, and when you just wanted to take photos of the location.

From the iconic entrance, we started going in the right direction to the Iron Man Experience, Ant-Man Experience, and Space Mountain.

We went inside Iron Man Experience first. It’s a 4D experience like you will be inside of an Iron Wing – a technological masterpiece from Stark Industries.
Ant-Man Experience was a different one. You will be on a ride where you’ll have laser guns and targets to point to. Your score will depend on how many reactors you have disabled. It’s an interactive and competitive experience for everyone.
Space Mountain gives you a simple but still thrilling roller coaster ride. Jane doesn’t like to go on roller coaster rides so she opted out of that, but I love roller coaster rides so I gave Space Mountain a try. It was still fun!
Next up, we visited “It’s a Small World” attraction. You will be hailed on a boat and going into different destinations around the world with dolls as the main attraction while the song “It’s a small world” is playing on a loop. If you are afraid of dolls or if you have Pediophobia (fear of dolls), this place is not for you. Once you hear that the song is on different languages, then it marks the near finishing of the ride.

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We have visited many other attractions, but as mentioned earlier, we lacked the time. We weren’t able to visit each and every attraction possible plus with the rain and bad weather, even the night parade was canceled – so there’s really nothing much we could do about that.
hong-kong-disneyland-getting-there-getting-tickets-experience hong-kong-disneyland-getting-there-getting-tickets-experience hong-kong-disneyland-getting-there-getting-tickets-experience
The Night Parade has to be the most anticipated event in Hong Kong Disneyland, but even mascots were not allowed to go outside because of the rain, we didn’t even see a single mascot of well-known Disney characters.
The Disney Castle is also under construction so, yep, timing is really of importance.
hong-kong-disneyland-getting-there-getting-tickets-experience hong-kong-disneyland-getting-there-getting-tickets-experience
Our visit to Hong Kong Disneyland was really out of timing due to the weather, but nevertheless, we still felt like we enjoyed our time even though it was very short.


WiFi for Hong Kong Disneyland visit

Disneyland Resort has its own WiFi but not the whole of the resort is not totally covered by it so it’s still better when you have your own. With this, Jane and I recommend getting the service of Big Sky Nation Travel WiFi. It’s the most reliable travel partner we had since 2018 and until now, we still prefer them to be our travel wifi provider.
You may book with them and their services with a 15% discount using our voucher code: THEJERNY and enjoy seamless wireless coverage.

Where to stay near Hong Kong Disneyland

If you want to get the most out of your experience in Hong Kong Disneyland, we advise you to book at their own hotel, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.
If you think that’s kind of too pricey for you, then here are your other options in this link
Best bet is also when you go look for a room near Sunny Bay or Tung Chung Station.