Scoot Airlines has you covered this travel season. If you were to ask every traveler who has been in the Southeast Asian region, there is a huge chance that half of them would cite Singapore as one of the best places to visit. From its world-class museums to its thrilling amusement parks, breathtaking sceneries, and many more, there come a lot of things that are sure to make your visit extremely memorable.
However, despite this list of attractions, it is no denying that flying to foreign countries, such as Singapore, can be awfully costly. Fortunately, with the help of budget airlines, such as Scoot, you can now fly straight to Singapore without the need to exhaust your savings.

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So, to help you cross this famed island city-state off your bucket list, we have prepared a list of tips that will help you get to Singapore via Scoot with up to a 50% discount. Check them out.

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Become a Scoot Insider

Want to enjoy even cheaper flights to Singapore via Scoot? By becoming a Scoot Insider, you can now have access to a broad range of perks and privileges. This includes having access to exclusive insider-only promotions and birthday discounts, enjoying faster bookings, and getting the latest information on deals and new destinations – which will help keep you updated on the airline’s sudden flight sales.
To start, you’ll only need to visit Scoot’s official site, choose the “Scoot Insider” category, and click on the “Become an Insider” button. The registration comes at no extra cost and only requires your email address. Once you’re done, you can now enjoy all the mentioned perks and privileges – with some even offering up to 50% off your next flight to Singapore. How cool is that?!

Know the Different Fare Bundles with Scoot

Familiarizing yourself with the different fare bundles of Scoot will provide you with an extensive set of advantages. Not only will this help you easily identify the right bundle that properly suits your individual needs, but it will also allow you to enjoy discounts rather than select the extras individually.

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Generally, Scoot customers can choose between two fare bundles, namely the Economy Class and the ScootPlus option. 
Under the Economy Class, you can choose whether to get the bundle called Fly, which covers your flight; the FlyBag, which covers your flight, plus 20kg checked baggage; and FlyBagEat, which includes your flight, 20kg checked baggage, and a hot meal with a beverage. 
Meanwhile, the ScootPlus option, which costs more than the Economy Class option, covers a more extensive set of services, including complimentary meals and in-flight entertainment.
Since baggage, meals, and other ‘extras’ come with extra costs, taking them in a bundle instead of picking them individually will help you save enough money for your tour journey once your plane finally lands.

Compare Prices of Two One-Way Tickets to Round Trips

Conventionally, having one-way tickets is believed to be the better deal when it comes to domestic flights, while overseas travels call for round trip services. However, this is always not the case. In fact, in some cases, round trips may score higher prices compared to a pair of one-way tickets when going on an international journey.
When purchasing tickets from Scoot, for instance, there are times where buying two one-way tickets when going to Singapore promises cheaper rates than getting round trip offers.
Although this happens rarely, it is certainly worth trying. In order to ensure that you’re getting the better deal, it’s best to check and calculate the site for their one-way pricing and round trip deals.

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Go Incognito

This might seem absurd at first, but keeping your searches in secret can benefit you financially. This is because the cookies in your browser are allowing travel agents to monitor which flights are being repeatedly searched. With this, they could potentially increase the price of your flight to compel you to buy it right away.
By going incognito, you will be directed to a new browser window that is isolated from the browser’s main session and user data, thereby not inflating prices as you search. Although this promises only little price changes, this still saves you from the risk of having to pay additional fees that could significantly affect your budget plan.




When it comes to traveling on a budget, turning to low-cost airlines, such as Scoot, remains to be an effective way to save while on tour. If you want to experience even cheaper flight rates that could give you up to 50% off, be sure to follow these tips and tricks before riding any Scoot plane to Singapore. For more budget flight tips, click here.