Family-friendly Ski Holiday Destinations

What do families look for when they go on a skiing holiday together? They are of course looking for good quality of snow, supervised ski schools for kids, family-friendly resorts and kid-friendly menu and facilities.  They do not want any hassles when vacationing in cold weather and introduce the children to winter sports very early on in life. Apart from that, they look for an affordable ski holiday.
There are a large number of ski holiday destinations out there that are world famous but might not be family friendly.  There are a few resorts that offer the complete facilities and features that every family is looking for.  The lodging should be close to the slopes, and the ski school is imperative as children listen to professionals more attentively than their parents. There should be plenty of lessons for beginners and advanced for both adults and kids. Ski holiday can be expensive which is why proper planning is a must.  Look for late-season deals and if the resort offers kids ski free programs.  Go ahead and book discounted half-term ski holidays at these family-friendly resorts that offer a wide range of activities.
Here are a couple of handpicked resorts that are just perfect for adventurous outings on the snow-covered mountains. Apart from skiing, you can enjoy many other activities like sleigh riding, tubing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, horseback riding, and snowshoeing.

Steamboat Springs in Colorado, North America

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Steamboat located at about 7,000ft up in the Colorado Rockies is one of the largest ski mountains in North America. Get ready for never-ending fun on those snowy slopes and they provide loads of other activities. Similarly,  There are indoor and outdoor programs to keep young ones busy when they are not skiing.
Enjoy the kids-only ski terrain, and kids-only lifts based on fun teems. They can participate in ski and snowboarding based on their appropriate skill level. Do not forget to take advantage of the Old Town Hot Springs near the city center and well equipped with soaking pools, swimming pools, and water slides.

Night sledding in Avoriaz, France

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Kids are sure going to get excited on their vacation in Avoriaz, and it is indeed one of the top ski resorts of France. The adults can cool off their nerves in the spa located next to the ski school. The snow quality is really good, and there are excellent local slopes as well as good facilities for children.


The Canyons Resort in Utah, USA

The Canyons located in Utah are just perfect for any family. There are appropriate ski lessons for teens and adults and plenty of indoor and outdoor activities. Perfect Kids Ski School offers the right skiing lessons while there is an indoor and outdoor childcare for the younger kids. The resort covers several mountain peaks and a vast terrain with bowls and parks. Utah is already famous for fabulous snow and what makes it even more impressive is the variety of advanced terrain. Because of its excellent ski school and quality childcare, Canyons Resort is very popular with families.

Levi ski resort in Lapland, Finland

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Kids are sure going to get excited by the thought of going to Lapland; after all, this is where Santa lives! The largest ski resort of Finland, Levi has a lot more to offer. Apart from spotting Santa on the slopes, children can join the kids’ club and enjoy winter sports like snowshoeing and sledding. The adults can relax in a sauna and enjoy the experience. There are miles and miles of slopes and ski routes available as well as plenty of lifts for transport. You will find yourself in the middle of pure nature and wilderness.

Smugglers’ Notch in Vermont, United States

Located in the middle of Green Mountains in Vermont, Smugglers’ Notch indeed ranks high when it comes to the top ski resorts for families. Boasting of a number of indoor and outdoor activities for all ages, there is plenty that can keep the whole family busy. There are special ski and snowboard camps and lessons based on certain age brackets. Teens and adults can enjoy outdoor ice skating. One can leave their kids at the certified childcare center and enjoy indoor activities such as swimming and hot tubbing.


Madrisa Land in Davos Klosters, Switzerland

Switzerland boasts of Madrisa Land, which is like the biggest adventure park for children. There are fun ways to enjoy and explore those ultra-safe slopes, and you can find smiling faces bouncing over the giant slalom or on huge inner tubes. Get ready to enjoy family-friendly service and some great views. The winter sports area with plenty of slopes and routes is just perfect for skiing and snowboarding. What adds to the fun is a gondola lift for the little guests in the Davos.

Jackson Hole in Wyoming, USA

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Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is indeed a paradise for the kids. Located at the base of the mountain, the resort serves as an all-inclusive children’s facility. There are specific activities for kids based on their age groups. You can be sure to spend some quality time on the slopes with your family and keep the kids occupied in skiing or any other fun outdoor program. Watch your kids skiing through on those protected slopes of a western playground adjacent to the ranch.

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Some tips when skiing on mountain slopes

Whether you’re skiing for the first time with your family or are regular, you are sure to need a refresher, even if you are away from the snow for a few months. Here are some tips to get the best value for money and a specialized experience every time you return from your skiing holiday with children.

  • Take a ski lesson if you have not skied before as those expert instructors can teach you and your kids more quickly and safely as well as to get familiar with the mountain.
  • Go with the flow and be predictable when skiing. Do not change directions suddenly and if you happen to pass most skiers on the trail, then check yourself as you are probably skiing too fast. Avoid fast or reckless skiing that can result in injury.
  • Always have the loading and lift information and be sure about how to load or unload. If unsure, ask for instructions or help.
  • When with your family, set a meeting place and time as you are probably going to get separated from your skiing companions. Do not bring any electric devices or gadgets when skiing, loading, unloading, and riding.
  • Come well prepared for the ski vacation and with good gear. Carry plenty of water to prevent altitude sickness and wear loads of sunscreen to shield from the sign sun rays that reflect off the snow.



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