There are quite a few things you can do while on your visit to Coron. One of which is island hopping to see the beautiful and mesmerizing islands in Coron that will surely take your breath away. When God poured paradise islands from above, Coron definitely got the most of it. This island is blessed with many gifts, many pretty sights, and much underwater marine beauty. Coron Island Ultimate Tour
When you head to Coron, there are quite a few offerings for island tours. To get the most of the highlight beauties in one day, they had made an option called Coron Ultimate Island Tour. This includes the Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Siete Pecados, Banol Beach, Coral Garden, and CYC Beach. These are 6 beauties in one day. Our Coron Town Tour and Coron Island Ultimate Tour were provided by Coron Blue Lagoon Adventure Travel & Tours. Book with them as they have provided the best experience for us on our days in Coron.

Best Service from Coron Blue Lagoon Adventure Travel & Tours

Coron Blue Lagoon Adventure provided us van transfers from our hotel to the port and back to our hotel after the tour. Our guide was Kuya Gel. We were also joined with two other travellers, a couple, Met and Pros. Even though we’re just four travellers in the boat, Coron Blue Lagoon Adventure still pushed thru the tour and kudos to them for that. Unlike with other tour providers who would require a minimum number of pax to operate. Coron Island Ultimate Tour

Siete Pecados

Siete Pecados or “Seven Sins” is the first highlight of the tour.  Recommended most for snorkelling. It’s a marine sanctuary composed of seven islands serving as a sanctuary for marine life. Siete Pecados is a tale of 7 brothers who decided to attend a party in a nearby island but unknown to many, brought a dark plan for creating a riot. On their way to the island, they met a storm which caused their boat to sink. The 7 brothers were lost and nowhere to be found. The following day, 7 islands of different sizes suddenly appeared and believed to be the 7 brothers who were punished by the supreme being.


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Kayangan Lake

One of the two lakes in Coron Island that is open to the public, Baraccuda Lake being the other. It’s a steep 10 to 15 minutes climb and steps towards the inward lake. Midway to the climb is a view deck overlooking the lagoon, a famous spot for taking a mandatory photo.
Kayangan Lake is also known as the “cleanest lake in the Philippines” surrounded by limestone cliffs and guarded by the Tagbanua tribesmen. It has 30% saltwater and 70% freshwater.

Banol Beach

A place where lunch is mostly served. Banol Beach is an island covered in powdery white sands surrounded by crystal clear waters of Coron. A place best for relaxing, swimming, taking photos, and just enjoying the view of the land area and the waters surrounding it. There also is a small shop where you can purchase drinks and snacks and beer with a chained monkey nearby. The monkey in this beach is chained as it could cause torment to people having their lunch. Coron Island Ultimate Tour


Twin Lagoon

This is best enjoyed when low-tide as you could swim beneath the crevice to the bigger lagoon. One of the must-see destinations in Coron. The lagoon has changing temperatures due to freshwater and saltwater content meeting together that makes the water blurry. The first lagoon is mostly where the boats dock and the second lagoon is where the people are heading to, to enjoy swimming, floating, and picture taking. The depth of the waters is not known so it’ll be safer with your lifevests around you.

Coral Garden

Known for its name, Coral Garden is a home to thousand marine species and probably the most colourful marine life you’d ever see in Coron. Just by snorkelling with your life vest on, you’d be able to witness huge clams, colourful weeds and corals, and fishes with different sizes and colours. Beware of sea urchins though, I called a few spots of it Sea Urchin Garden as there are too much sea urchins for me in the area.

CYC Beach

CYC Beach Coron -
CYC means “Coron Youth Club.” One interesting fact about this place is that this is the only beach with no entrance fee. It has a longer stretch compared to Banol Beach. CYC beach is a place for swimming and snorkelling adventures. The shallow parts of the water tend to be rocky, so it will be better to wear aqua shoes if you plan to swim just a little bit far from the shore. Coron Island Ultimate Tour
For our lunch, we had these delectable meal shared by us four. The food was also served generously and they are guaranteed fresh. We never did expect that the food will be more than enough for four people. That’s how great the service of Coron Blue Lagoon Adventure Travel and Tours is to their clients.

Kuya Gel, our tour guide, has been very nice and friendly. He made sure that all of us were alright and in good condition. He also became our photographer in a few of our shots. The day after our town tour, we had them invited to our hotel for drinks but unfortunately, Pros and Met caught diarrhoea. Kuya Gel had to check them out and made sure that the two are okay. He accompanied them to the hospital for a check-up even though it’s getting late for the night. For us, that is a great plus because he cares for the clients!
Thank you, Coron Blue Lagoon Adventure Travel & Tours for an awesome adventure!

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