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51. White Beach, Boracay in the Philippines

According to Paul of BoracayCompass
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It’s no secret that Boracay’s White beach is one of the best beaches in the world, and it’s my favorite by a long stretch. Not just because of its beauty, its shallow still water, or its super-fine white sand that never gets hot… But also because it’s a vibrant and lively place with many restaurants and bars alongside it. You never get bored in Boracay, well at least I don’t. 🙂
In addition to that, there are 11 more beautiful beaches to explore, which is quite extraordinary for such a small island (7 by 1.5 kilometers). So when you visit Boracay you are spoiled for choice when it comes to beautiful beaches to visit. White Beach is just the tip of the iceberg.

52. Beach in Kenting, Taiwan

According to Pashmina of The Gone Goat


Taiwan is a secret haven for beaches which hasn’t developed a strong tide in tourism, making it the best places for explorers to discover white sandy beaches free from crowds along with their East Coast. Kenting National Park is located on the Southern tip of Taiwan and the breezy balmy bays combined with the tropical climate makes it one of the best-kept beaches in the world. best beaches in the world

The waters are remarkably blue and this is a prime destination for snorkeling, wildlife spotting, and even surfing. The best time to visit Taiwan’s beaches in late summer and early fall, although you’ll find plenty of local beach lovers that enjoy the scorching hot summer months of June and July.

To get to Kenting, you could go to the nearest city in Kaohsiung and take an express bus directly to Kenting or if you’re slightly more adventurous, you can cycle Taiwan’s East Coast roads just like what I did.


53. Dungeness Spit (Beach) in Washington, USA

According to Cynthia Graham of Blue Bag Nomads
Check out her adventures via Twitter: @lovetravelingto


Arriving at the Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge, near Sequim, Washington you will be surrounded by a beautiful forest. A short winding walk later you will come to viewing platforms that will amaze you. The view of the Strait of Jane de Fuca, with the Dungeness Spit going out into the water for over six miles is a beach to explore.

The spit (sand spit/bar) is perfect for walking, but be sure to check the tide tables. Low tide is the best time to visit. Otherwise, you may be climbing over large driftwood (I call it a driftwood forest) to get back to your car. best beaches in the world

This is a fantastic place for long, long walks, bird watching and every once in a while you may even see a whale. At the end of the spit is the New Dungeness Lighthouse, but don’t let the name fool you, it is not new. It is one of the oldest in the state of Washington. It is five and a half miles each way to get there, so only a few ever make it. A great challenge for those who are very fit.


Come visit the longest natural sandpit in the United States.

54. Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

According to Kevin Wagar of Wandering Wagars
Follow their adventures via Instagram:@wanderingwagars
The small north Atlantic island of Bermuda offers dramatic scenery combining raw rocky coastlines with lush, pillow-soft beaches. The country wears its deep pirate history on its sleeve, but the rough history paved by pirates such as William Phipps have softened. The tales of a Spanish galleon and battling ships are passed to legend. But part of what drew so many ruffians to this stunningly beautiful country still remains. The miles of pillow-soft beaches draw thousands of tourists each year. And although there are countless incredible beaches worth exploring in Bermuda, there is one that stands above them all.
Horseshoe Bay Beach, which is situated at the midway point between the old capital of St. Georges and the historic Dockyards was rated by Conde Nast Traveler as one of the top 20 beaches in the world. The beach got its name from it’s arcing shape. But there is one other feature that makes Horseshoe Bay so popular. It has pink sand! Yes, that’s right. Pink! This is due to tiny, red organisms that grow under coral reefs and are then washed up on shore. These little bits of coral and shell mix with the sand and give the beach a pink hue. How cool is that?! best beaches in the world

55. Copacabana Beach in Brazil

According to Bradley Williams of Dream Big, Travel Far

Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro is easily one of the most famous beaches anywhere in the world! It is known far and wide for its long, golden sandy beaches, in front of crystal blue ocean waves. It has inspired numerous songs over the years and played a key role in the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics, which were underway when we visited.

If you’ve ever seen images of Copacabana Beach, then you’ve probably seen the layout I’ve just described above, of a calm peaceful beach to relax on. However, what makes it all the more special is that it is located literally right next to the hustling bustling city life right behind it! But don’t worry, your thoughts are not drowned out by noisy cars and buses. best beaches in the world

Instead, it serves as a wonderful way to escape the city around you. Also, what helps to make this the best city in the world for me, is that it is here that we discovered Caipirinha cocktails! These are made from Brazil’s very own national spirit called Cachaca. It is made from sugar cane and you can purchase large Caipirinhas for next to nothing anywhere on the beach. Bliss!

56. Moonstone Beach in California

According to Jessica Norah of Independent Travel Cats
Moonstone beach Cambria California
My beach choice is called Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California, a coastal town located in Central California. Moonstone Beach is so named because of the colorful pebbles that are all over the beach here. However, we were surprised to learn that few of these rocks are actually moonstones, but are actually a variety of other types of rocks. Despite the lack of moonstones, it is a beautiful sandy beach offering scenic views, tide pools, and a mile-long boardwalk. A great place for some afternoon beach time or for an evening moonlit stroll along the boardwalk. You can also often see wildlife from the beach, including otters and dolphins. It is often named one of the most beautiful beaches in California. best beaches in the world
But Moonstone Beach isn’t the only reason to visit. There are loads of other things to do in Cambria California, including historical sites, antique shopping, wine tasting, and hiking. It is also near the popular Hearst Castle.

57. Siargao Island in the Philippines

According to Liz Villaseñor of Little Holidays
The Philippines has more than 7,000 islands, so it’s understandably difficult to decide where to start exploring. My suggestion: start in Siargao. This small island is the perfect first dip into the Philippines’ island culture. best beaches in the world

Siargao is most popularly known as the Philippines’ surfing capital. While the waves are, indeed, epic, there’s a lot more to Siargao that even non-surfers would enjoy.

First, Siargao has a great mix of tropical landscapes – white sand beaches, lagoons, and hills all within a compact space, giving you a great glimpse of the Philippines’ natural landscapes. Couple this with a homegrown artsy/indie culture, and you’re guaranteed Instagrammable spots for days.

Second, the island serves up great food. You’ll find a mix of foreign and local dishes, all of which are delicious and healthy.

Last and most importantly, Siargao has the perfect mix of island chill. It’s exactly the kind of place where you’d love to spend days lying on a hammock, looking up at blue skies and palm trees, and falling asleep to the sound of waves lapping at the coast. best beaches in the world

If you’re heading to the Philippines soon, make sure to check out Siargao!

58. Clearwater Beach in the USA

According to Catherine D’Cruz of We Go With Kids
Follow their adventures via Instagram: @wegowithkids
It’s no surprise that Clearwater Beach is consistently named as one of the best beaches in the U.S because it is so idyllic.  It has pristine white sand beaches and the clear Gulf water lined with resorts.  We visited as part of a long weekend escape from the February snow and enjoyed a delicious lunch at French’s Rockaway Grill, a Clearwater staple since 1981 with a breathtaking ocean view. best beaches in the world
After lunch, we sunk into the rented beach chairs and relaxed in the shade of the umbrella while our three kids built sand castles and played with a beach ball.  The Gulf waters were still a bit chilly, but we all dipped our toes in, and some of us braved the cold to explore a bit farther.  Ice & Cream provided the perfect afternoon treat – hand-spun milkshakes.  The Sunsets at Pier 60 Festival offers music, artisans and street performance every evening.
We really enjoyed visiting Clearwater Beach with kids and can’t wait to go back.

59. Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

According to Nitha Thomas of The Trailing Mom
Check out her adventures via Pinterest

Bondi beach is one of the world famous beaches with white sand, blue water and amazing views. This gorgeous beach offers stunning coastal walking trails and lively ocean pools where the beach visitors can get unique experiences. It’s a perfect destination for a day trip from Sydney.
Go for a hike along the coastal walking trail and take in stunning views of the ocean, rocky pools and cliffs. The famous Bondi to Coogee walk extends to around six km and features some of the picturesque spots for an Instagram story. best beaches in the world
Bondi beach is good for swimming, snorkeling and diving as well. You can find a lot of picnic and relaxation spots along the long stretch of white sand. The beachfront is lined up by a variety of cafes and eateries serving various cuisines. best beaches in the world
Bondi pavilion runs plenty of activities, festivals, exhibitions and theatre productions for the public. Apart from that the pavilion also offers locker facilities, restrooms and changing rooms which are quite convenient for the visitors.

60. Aitutaki Lagoon in Cook Islands

According to Halef and Michael of The Round The World Guys
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It is probably not hard to guess that some of the nicest beaches in the world are located in the Southern Polynesian islands. One of my favorite beaches is in Aitutaki, a small island paradise in the Cook Islands.

While Aitutaki is a popular day trip activity that involves a one-hour flight from the main island of Rarotonga, it is worth it to come and stay here instead. From Aitutaki, you can join the famous Aitutaki Lagoon Vaka Cruise, where you will island hop to several gorgeous destinations around this turquois lagoon. In this beautiful setting, you will also learn about the Cook Island Maori culture, as well as sample some traditional Cook Island food and dishes, freshly prepared on board!

The highlight of these destinations is One Foot Island beach – with perfectly swaying palm trees, a white sand shallow beach, and turquoise water. Anything you do here will feel just perfect: sunbathing, swimming, wading, and even snorkeling. best beaches in the world

If you wish, don’t forget to get a passport stamp from the post office on One Foot Island’s only hut.

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